Is Davinder Singh being made a Sacrificial Lamb?

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By Syed Ali Mujtaba

The story that is fed through media that a Sikh officer was caught ferrying three terrorists out of the Kashmir valley, with alleged intention to disturb the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi has something deeper into it than the arrest of a DSP Davinder Singh from Union Teritory of Jammu & Kashmir.

Let’s read the story once again: “Davinder Singh, posted as the deputy superintendent of police, was arrested along with Naveed Babu, self-styled district commander of banned Hizbul Mujahideen, a new recruit Atif and an advocate Irfan Mir. The four were caught with arms and ammunition while they were travelling in a car near Qazigund, on the national highway in South Kashmir.”

This childish story when read in cold print or coming from the mouth of news anchors on Television evokes grin on the face and laughter of the lips because it cannot without a pinch of salt.

How come, overnight a mid-ranking police officer who played a high profile in the conflict zone in J&K can become a black sheep and so childishly get arrested.

The first reaction is it is a story being deliberately planted by the security agencies as ‘cover-up’ to some goof up in the conflict zone of J&K and whose antecedents cannot be independently verified.

Since Davinder Singh arrest is hogging the lime light in the media, it is essential to go into the merits of this case and come out with some conjectures that our mind can digest?

Essentially, there are five theories that are making rounds in Davinder Singh’s arrest case. The first is Davinder Singh was the cop who had links with terrorists and the state police intercepted his car on the national highway and arrested him red handed along with three terrorists.

This story instead of appealing to human senses raises many questions and triggers our mind like busy bees to probe deeper varsity of this planted scoop.

How come such a high profile cop who a few days ago was seen near the aircraft that disembarked foreign diplomats to Srinagar to assess the situation in valley, can be arrested a few days later that too caught red handed in an antinational act.

This story wants to convey that Davinder Singh was a double agent who was working in J&K police but was hand in gloves with the terrorists.

Now in a conflict zone like Kashmir, where even every civilian’s activity is marked by security sleuths, how come a uniformed police officer be allowed to operate without any surveillance?

Certainly this baloney story deserves to be archived for journalism students to cite as examples in their term papers of concocted and peddled stories.

The second theory is Davinder Singh was a corrupt police officer who can do anything for money. He was double and triple agent and he worked for money, irrespective of the source of funding.

This theory by default makes Davinder Singh an entrepreneur cop who was making best use of the conflict situation and in the process making money.

This story looks blatantly untrue when some facts are issued by the source to support the entrepreneur cop theory. This entrepreneur theory fails the test of logic as it raises few fundamental questions; how a police officer with dubious credentials is allowed to function in such a high profile way that too in an extremely sensitive zone of conflict.

The third theory that is making rounds is that Davinder Singh was working for some intelligence agency and has become victim of inter services rivalries between different intelligence agencies operating in the Union Territory.

This looks more plausible theory. Remember, the words of Davinder Singh when he was questioned by the sleuths. He said, ‘this is a game and asked them do not spoil this game.’  

This means that he was on a mission for some intelligence agency maybe secret police, administrative agencies, RAW, IB, bureaucracy etc. that was not coordinated well and therefore he was taken as suspect.

Such situation is common in a conflict situation where many state actors are work not in tandem with each other but at cross purposes, with an intention to score some brownie points.

This theory looks more palatable theory than the first two because it satisfies the logic of human mind. But then besides it there are two other theories that looks equally enticing.   

The fourth theory is that Davinder Singh was a pawn in government’s deep state operations. A deep state is a form of clandestine government’s operation made up of hidden or covert networks of power operations independently working in pursuit of some hidden agenda and goal.

The deep state actors are parallel operatives who can operate in opposition to the publicaly stated agenda of the government that may involve, obstructing, resisting, and subverting stated government policies and directives.

The government uses its agents in the pursuit of its hidden objectives or goals. The agents get into such acts for job security, enhanced power and authority and gain favors from the government.

In Davinder Singh case, the hidden objective was to bring some militants to the national capital through state channel and then plant a story of government foiling a terrorist attack on eve of Republic day parade.

The deep state theory looks palatable and it appears that lack of coordination has led to this goof up and Davinder Singh was sacrificed on the altar of deep state theory.

The last theory has religious overtones and is much sensitive because it sets cat against the pigeon. Davinder Singh was picked up because he was a Sikh by faith. As we know that Sikh community in J&K has sided with the overwhelming Kashmiri sentiments against the abrogation of Article 370.

And, this has irked the Central government that hatched up a conspiracy to trap Davinder Singh to set an example if Sikhs indulge in acts of defiance against the ruling government policies, a similar fate may await them.  

The latest news about Davinder Singh’s story is that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has received orders from the Union Home Ministry to re-register a case against Davinder Singh and alleged terrorists and has started the investigation.

Well such probes are just like this story, which will always be one sided and never bring the real truth to the public domain. This is more some when there is some tacit involvement of the intelligence agencies or the central government in such cases.

The conclusion is Davinder Singh has become the sacrificial lamb put behind bars to cover up someone’s faults.     

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba2007@gmail.com

Narendra Modi and Ram Leela

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By Syed Ali Mujtaba

The RSS has created a new Ram for the Indians to worship. His hanuman is Amit Shah. The duo had staged one Ram Leela or rasleea, the skeletons of which is tumbling out of the cupboard, which they are finding it hard to keep back and shut the doors.

Those who are not familiar with this story, let me put this in perspective. A young lady called Mansi Soni, befriended Gujarat Chief Minister and she was snooped by his acquaintance, the reasons of it is shrouded in mystery.

Ms. Soni hails from Bangalore and was selected as the landscape architect for the development of Bhuj city in the Kutch district of Gujarat. It’s since then she came in proximity with the Gujarat Chief Minister and the story begins.

It appears that one Pradeep Sharma who was once collector of Kutch district and now victimized by the Gujarat Government has filed a petition in the court alleging that Ms Soni had developed intimate relations with Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The fact of the intimacy is confirmed by the petitioner who saw them in close proximity and overheard their conversation during one of the official functions.

Subsequently, according to Pradeep Sharma, Ms. Soni confide to him that when she called Modi in his office, he would freely interrupt scheduled meetings, walking out of his office in order to speak to her privately……

One may believe this story or not but the fact remains that it has been submitted to the court and let it cast it judgement on it.

How does this connected with the surveillance issue that is hogging limelight now? Well the lady in question is none other but Ms Soni, mentioned in Pradeep Sharma’s petition. The stalking incident actually took place in August-September 2009, when Amit Shah was holding junior Home Minster’s portfolio of Gujarat.

A sting operation jointly conducted by two media outlet has produced audio tapes that reveal that the illegal surveillance of Ms Soni was ordered by Amit Shah at the behest of his ‘Saheb’ Narendra Modi.

The Anti-Terrorist Squad of Gujarat carried out month long minute to minute tracking, surveillance, stalking and phone tapping of this young lady.

The orders given by Amit Shah clearly come out from recorded conversations captured in the audio tapes that are submitted to the court handling Ishrat Jhan encounter case.

Prima facie facts that emerge out is that Narendra Modi through Amit Shah did order and carry out the most brazen, unauthorized and illegal stalking activity in the country.

Why did he do so? What was the motive behind it? The nation is seeking answers to it ever since this story broke out. This is more so because the common man want to know the motive before making choice for the Prime Minister of the country.

The BJP line of defence is this was done to ‘give protection to the girl,’ but this argument needs scrutiny. First of all why protection was need at all, from whom the girl felt threats? Even if we buy the protection argument, then a police jeep could have been sufficient for security, what was the need for stalking and that too for more than a month?

The father of the girl has come out with a statement that his daughter does not wish for an investigation into the politically charged controversy and has claimed that the surveillance was mounted on her with her consent.

There are two threads to this argument, one desisting from an investigation, and other to take on the blame. Both arguments seems to be of dubious and do not live up to the test of reasons.

The third argument is built by Madhu Kishwar, one time feminist writer, now doing public relations for Narendra Modi, calling Ms Soni a terrorist. She justifies the stalking that was done to check her credentials.

Well can terrorist be a landscape architect, who goes through the rigmarole of competing through open tender and wins the contract of Bhuj city’s beautification. Suppose, if she was not selected for the project, then was she still stalked?

This brings us to the last motive and that is Ram Leela or Rasleela of Narendra Modi. The 63 year old bachelor has gained notoriety for making livid comments on women. He had called Sonia Gandhi ‘Burhia’ (old lady) and Shashi Tharoor's wife, a 'Rs 50 cr girlfriend.' Even though unrelated, these comments point figures and his character. The Prime Minister in waiting has to come clean on the “character dhela hai” apprehension of the people of this country.

This episode also reflects the style of functioning of Narendra Modi. He is known for taking decisions that has resulted in post Godhara riots and fake encounters. Can India be handed over to someone who goes by his whims and fancies to run the administration of his state?

There is more than what the eyes can read in this story. The truth about this chilling instance of state-sponsored stalking must be known. The audio tapes clearly prove that illegal state sponsored surveillance of a young female had taken place. If that’s the case, then the stalkers, who are now equated with the rapist, in this case would find its place in the same category? If proven guilty what would be the quantum of their punishment?

It’s high time that the conspiracy of silence in this case should be broken. The patriarchal defence do not hold ground in such a case. The adult woman or the man in the dock should make the motives clear and bring the real truth in public domain. If they cannot do so, then an independent inquiry should be ordered to unravel the mysteries surrounding it.

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a Journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba@yahoo.com]

Poisoning the Hindu Mind

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By Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam

The single specialisation of RSS since 1920s has been sowing hatred and hostility in the Hindu mind against religious minorities, particularly Muslims and, to a lesser degree, Christians.

One of the themes of the anti-Muslim propaganda: the Muslim birth rate is so high that by 2035, Muslims will become the absolute majority in India.

The latest round of demographic propaganda began recently with the exhortation of RSS joint general secretary Dattareya Hosable to Hindus to produce more children to “maintain the demographic balance”.

Up to here it was ok. But soon the RSS website came up with the following canard: “… In 2035, Muslims will become absolute majority in India (total population: 197.7 crore). Conversion, threatening, rioting, slaughtering, terrorism, intrusion, polygamy, avoiding birth control are major tools for Muslims to reach that figure within the said period”.

This is nothing but hate propaganda based on falsehoods. How does threatening, rioting, slaughtering, terrorism and intrusion increase the Muslim population? Where are Muslims threatening, rioting and slaughtering?

Every few years the RSS comes up with this and people regularly explain that this is not the case. According to some extreme scenarios, Muslims may overtake (which is not possible keeping other factors in mind) Hindus in 250 years if one goes by RSS standards. That is 2263, not 2035.

That is not going to happen as the new global trends show. Worldwide Muslim population growth rate is falling and other, formerly stagnant declining populations like Russian, Japanese, French and Israelis are growing steadily. India is no different.

There is a general falling trend in population growth across communities over the last six and a half decades in India. In the earlier years of freedom every woman had seven children, which over the decades became six, five, four, three and two and a half. Muslims have not been different, except marginally. The size of the Muslim family has shrunk drastically, like any other.

The small, virtually insignificant, margin is explained by greater poverty and illiteracy among Muslims. The poor and the illiterate always have more children. In the years ahead Muslim poverty and illiteracy will decrease. So will their population. Their relative population will shrink, not outgrow others.

[Dr. Mohammad Manzoor Alam is Chairman of Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi. He can be contacted at manzoor@ndf.vsnl.net.in]

Narendra Modi: Long Siege At Pataliputra

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How Narendra Modi got both his facts and his strategy wrong in making the Patna speech

By Arun Sinha

His Story Lessons

Separating the fiction from the Gujarat CM’s ‘facts’

Fiction: “Nehru did not attend Sardar Patel’s funeral”
Fact: PM Nehru and President Rajendra Prasad attended the funeral in Bombay on December 15, 1950

Fiction: “Alexander was defeated by brave Biharis on the banks of the Ganges.”
Fact: Alexander was turned back from Punjab

Fiction: Taxila was in Bihar
Fact: Taxila or Takshashila is in Pakistan

Fiction: India grew at 8.4 per cent during NDA rule
Fact: India grew at less than 6 per cent during NDA rule

Fiction: “Gujarat attracts the highest FDI inflow in the country.”
Fact: Gujarat received $7.2 billion FDI between 2000-2011; Maharashtra received $45.8 billion, Delhi $26 billion in the same period

Fiction: “China spends 20 per cent of its GDP on education but India doesn’t.”
Fact: China spends 3.93 per cent on education, NDA spent 1.6, UPA 4.04

Fiction: “People will get free electricity once Narmada dam is built.”
Fact: People of course will have to pay for the electricity

For months (rather years), both the supporters and opponents of Narendra Modi had waited to hear his first speech in Patna. But the speech that everybody expected to devastate Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and sweep Biharis away from his hold turned out to be a poor speech. It was as if he had walked into his most-awaited performance relying on tricks, not study or practice.

His ‘historic’ address proved clownishly unhistoric. His references to Bihar’s history included glories—such as thwarting the march of Alexander’s army and about Taxila university—that rightfully belonged to other peoples and parts of early India. And he picked Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Mauryan dynasty and grandfather of Ashoka, out of his dynasty and placed him in the Gupta dynasty of a few hundred years later.

Not long ago, he told a gathering of teachers and students of Fergusson College, Pune, that the first mention of a university convocation was in “our Taittirya Upanishad”. He cited this as an evidence of Hindus being the original source of all knowledge and creators of educational institutions which the world was to adopt later. “I am proud to say,” he went on, that of the 2,600 years of university education in the world, “1,800 years were centrally led by us.” It showed his total ignorance of history. First of all, there were no universities in the Vedic or Upanishadic period. Sec­ondly, the universities we are so proud of—Nalanda, Taxila, Vikramshila, Oda­ntapuri and Vallabhi (in Gujarat)—were not universities in the sense of universities that developed in medieval Europe, such as Oxford, but were centres of high learning. Thirdly, they didn’t exist for 1,800 years, but each for a few hundred years. Fourthly, most of them, including Vallabhi, were centres of Buddhist religious learning and not of secular education for arts and sciences.

Modi’s speech at the Patna rally, much like his speeches elsewhere, was very weak in study and facts: he mainly concentrated on wordplay, innuendo and hyperbole. He obviously ran a great risk of being found out, especially by the youth, whom he is going out of the way to court, for they are an iconoclastic tribe. Bihar’s youth might recognise his shallowness even more quickly, for this is a land of revolutions that has seen great visionaries and leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan in recent history.

Modi’s competition here was with Nitish, and people were looking for a speech in form and content that could beat the latter, but he disappointed them, reminding them more of Laloo Prasad Yadav. Much like Laloo, he has developed an oratorical language and style that would appeal to John Does. An evidence of this is the wordplay he flings about—“The one who betrayed JP, couldn’t mind deserting the BJP”, for instance, or “Gujarat offers no red tape, only the red carpet, to investors.”

He flaunted his humble origins, just as Laloo used to do; only we have a teaboy instead of a cowboy. His target obviously was the constituencies of the backward castes Nitish and Laloo share. (The great Hindu nationalist even appealed dir­ect­ly to the Yadavs, invoking their emotional connection with Krishna, who made Dwarka in Gujarat his home).

Nitish’s main base is among the ext­remely backward castes, whose population is over 40 per cent of the total, the Mahadalits, and of course Kurmis and Koeris. But flaunting the teaboy image might not help Modi gain the sympathy of the underdog in Bihar for three reasons: one, the poor in the state might find it difficult to relate to him in terms of caste rankings that are specific to the Gujarat context; two, he does not come from a socialist or communist background, whose leaders and workers are oriented towards the poor; and three, he is more famous for keeping company with rich investors than for communing with people of the huts.

However, Modi could see the rally as a ‘success’ for some reasons. For example, the serial bomb explosions at the Gandhi Maidan. Muslim fanatics, and the ‘secularists’ who defend them indiscriminately, have helped him tremendously in achieving the titanic status he enjoys today. Had Godhra not happened, Modi would not have emerged as a pol­itical giant. Already, Muslim partisans and secularists have jumped in to say the suspects taken into custody after the rally blasts are “innocent children”.

Modi’s camp too has gone into overdrive. They have declared those who died in the blasts as “martyrs”, paid their families Rs 5 lakh each as compensation (matching Nitish’s grant) and are going to instal their statues in the villages they came from. They are propagating the idea that the target was Modi. They are going to milk as much Hindu sympathy from the blasts as possible in the run-up to the 2014 elections.

The second thing for Modi to be happy about was that the rally was very huge. Much of it was RSS-BJP mobilisation, but the thing to worry for Modi’s rivals could be the presence in the crowd of those from outside the Sangh parivar. The challenge for Nitish is posed not only by the loss of the committed Hindu vote on account of the split with the BJP but also a possible, incremental enlargement of that vote from non-traditional sources.

This potential enlargement owes to the situation across the country, the economic circumstances especially, that are today in Modi’s favour. In a crisis, people look for a ‘strong’ leader. Two sections have already endorsed Modi as a strong leader: the business class and old Sangh loyalists, both for different reasons, of course. Busin­ess­men admire him for downsizing government to one; Hindu nationalists love him for putting the ‘pampered’ minorities in place. Whether they are the effect of one and the same instinct or not is a moot point—in the current situation of economic crisis, they are threatening to fuse into a cumulative notion of ‘strength’. What may make this fusion lethal is the addition of a large number of rural and urban middle-class voters.
Today’s situation has some parallels to the economic crisis of the mid-1960s, caused by growth-stunting Nehruvian policies. Then also a boom—in economic opportunities in the first flush of growth after Indep­endence—was followed by a bust. Job and business opportunities shrank, and for the first time major communal riots took place, especially in cities where Hindus and Muslims competed for scarce openings. Towards 2014, Hindu consolidation might happen more distinctly in such towns in Bihar and other states.

Modi has harnessed two horses, the development horse and the Hindu nat­ionalist horse, to his electoral chariot. He has become quite adept at using a seemingly odd, dichotomous pair after successfully driving them in three ass­embly elections in Gujarat. The question is whether he can repeat the feat in Bihar. His inherent qualities and the favourable context would help him cover some distance, but it doesn’t seem possible for him to go the full length.

In India, one can safely venture that an overwhelming majority of sufferers of the economic crisis are Hindus. In times of economic stagnation, hostility and rivalry grows among social groups for scarce jobs, subsidies and shrunk markets. Hindu aspirants under such circumstances, one could assume, would tend to support a man who has a proven record of favouring Hindus. Modi brings them hope of a double benefit: one, he holds out the alluring promise of developing Bihar and the rest of India as he has developed Gujarat, thus creating many more opportunities than the Congress could provide; and two, unlike the Congress, he would not be seen dead ‘appeasing’ the minorities in the distribution of the spoils of development.

The RSS’s strong, if grudging, endorsement of Modi suggests they see him as their champion missionary on the basis of his heroic deeds in Gujarat, and have high expectations from him in carrying out their project of enforcing uniculturalism and making India a Hindu nation. Recently, when Modi proudly described himself as a ‘Hindu nationalist’ to a media interviewer, the danger bells of the liberals began to peal out, but the RSS was elated. It reflected, an RSS leader said, the “ideological commitment of a person who is likely to reach the highest office of the country”.

Modi has taken political, administrative and legislative measures to fulfil the mission in Gujarat. He has denied scholarships to Muslim school students; he has placed impossible conditions for inter-religious marriage; he lent administrative support to RSS campaigns against Christian conversions in the Dangs district; and he introduced a law making it compulsory for anyone making or seeking religious conversion to obtain prior government permission.

These measures were intended to con­vey an overt message to the followers of other faiths that being Hindu was being privileged and not being Hindu was not. Modi wouldn’t make a policy of positive discrimination to benefit disadvantaged Mus­lims and Christians. This tendency could work to his disadvantage in Bihar where Nitish has crafted several policies and programmes for social and economic development of backward (Pasmanda) Muslims. Modi’s claim at the rally that he believed in inclusive development had therefore no grain of truth. But from the rest of his speech, it didn’t appear that he was much worried even if it didn’t work.

The JD(U) and UPA are going to accelerate the incipient Hindu consolidation behind Modi by announcing measures for protection and welfare of Muslims—skill development, employment, subsidies, special helplines, warning to police not to implicate ‘innocent’ Muslims in terror cases et al. The Congress dalliance with demagogic puritans from the Mus­lim clergy has long supplied raw material to the Hindu communal factory.

However, that is not going to stop Nitish, who has been competing for Muslims’ votes with Laloo ever since he separated from him. Despite his all­iance with the BJP, the share of Muslim vote for the combine increased in the last assembly elections, largely owing to their faith in Nitish. Ground reports suggest support for him among Muslims has tremendously increased after his break with the BJP.

That much about Modi’s Hindu nationalist plank. Could his development plank possibly fill up the gap?

Modi is working to entice as much subaltern vote away from Nitish (and Laloo) as possible in order to compensate for the loss of that vote owing to the break of alliance. He is hoping his ‘vikas purush’ image will work among the poor, who are looking for employment opportunities. And here the clash of two development ehtusiasts might become very engaging. Who will the Bihar youth bet on for generating opportunities­—Modi or Nitish? So far they have believed in Nitish and despite a thousand complaints, credited him for creating emp­loyment opportunities, so much so that labour out-migration has reduced.

Bihar has been a labour-supplying state. It needs labour-intensive industries, whereas Modi is known for encouraging investments in cap­i­tal-intensive industries, such as petrochemicals. No wonder, total employment in Gujarat during 2007-12 remained stagnant. In the absence of employment, poverty reduction didn’t take place, increasing income disparity between the rich and the poor. The percentage of STs in organised sector employment was seven per cent in 1993-94 and it remained the same in 2009-10. For whom, therefore, is high growth in Gujarat?

The reality about high growth in Gujarat might or might not be known to the poor in Bihar, but the influence of Modi’s development propaganda notwithstanding, they would have to weigh great risks in voting for him. Development depends on capable and effective state governments, and 2014 is about central governance, not state governance. Will it be wise to vote for someone who might destabilise the government and development process in the state to settle his scores with the incumbent?

Nationally, Modi enjoys some distinct advantages: he has no strong challenger. Nitish is concentrating his att­ention on Bihar, and Rahul Gandhi sparkles on occasion but mostly offers damp squibs. Nitish will do everything possible to defeat Modi in Bihar. But across the country, it can only be Modi who might defeat Modi­—Modi the rea­lity submerging Modi the illusion.

The illusion has it that he alone has the secret mantra to beat all the global odds and bring India back on a high growth trajectory; he alone can take the country’s youth to El Dorado; he alone can put Pakistan and China in place; and he alone can liquidate Muslim separatism and drive them to such a condition that they will have no option but to join as members of this Hindu nation. What can beat an illusion but disillusionment?

[Arun Sinha, a senior journalist, is the author of Nitish Kumar and the Rise of Bihar, a Penguin book.]

(Courtesy: Outlook)

Open Letter to RSS PM-nominee Narendra Modi from a Bihari, Indian and Muslim

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Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji,

HAPPY DIWALI to YOU and ALL MY COUNTRYMEN!! I decided to write this letter to you on this Special Day of Diwali. There's a specific purpose of writing this letter as I believe and hope that just like this festival spreads light and dispels the darkness of ignorance and acrimony, my appeal through this letter would enlighten millions of countrymen and bring sanity to your mother organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), sister organization Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and wisdom to You and all your actions.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am writing to you as a concerned and aggrieved Bihari, Indian and a Muslim. Modi ji, first of all accept my congratulations over being anointed as Prime Ministerial nominee of RSS. I don't consider you a nominee of BJP as the party didn't play active role in selecting you, but it is the RSS which played the important role in anointing you the Prime Ministerial candidate. To my knowledge this has happened for the first time in BJP's history that party patriarch Lal Krishna Advani and other senior leaders were completely sidelined and humiliated at the insistence of RSS with its direct and active participation in the electoral politics. To me and scores of Indians as well, BJP as a political party has ceased to exist as it has been completely usurped by RSS. This goes contrary to the very foundations and principles of RSS because it came into being as a cultural organization, and not a political one. The RSS has shunned direct participation in politics so far, but to utter dismay it has now decided to take in the plunge itself in 2014 parliamentary elections considering it a Do or Die battle knowing fully well that if it is not Now then it will be Never. The RSS fully acknowledges the fact that its political affiliate BJP has been out of power continuously for 10 years and can't afford to any further.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am not against you personally nor I am against the RSS or BJP for that matter. But I am completely against the communal politics that you, RSS and BJP have been continuously practicing creating strife and disharmony between the country's largest majority Hindus and the largest minority Muslims. I adore you for your administrative capabilities and the way in which you continue to bind Gujarati Hindus remarkably.

Modi ji, for You it's GUJARAT First and INDIA last!!

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am addressing you as a BIHARI first. I have been closely observing You and your actions for the past several days now. After being dumped by your former ally Janata Dal (U) from the Bihar government after being together in power for 17 years, it's simply great that you finally succeeded in entering the state with a bang with your Hunkaar Rally. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was completely wrong in not letting you enter Bihar even though your BJP was a partner in the state government. But, entering Bihar at what cost?? Your presence in Bihar on October 27 was ominous and a bad omen for the state. The way in which BJP leaders continued to assure people from Hunkaar Rally podium that fire crackers and tyre bursts were taking place in the rally venue at Patna's Gandhi Maidan, while the fact being that low-intensity crude bomb blasts were actually taking place, spoke much about the (ill) intentions of your party's leaders. The bomb blasts at the Hunkaar Rally venue was highly condemnable, and the culprits whosoever they are be apprehended, tormented, brutalised and killed without any trial. Such attempts to disturb peace must be dealt with sternly. Having said this, I must also in the same breath say that the organizers of the rally chose to put the lives of lakhs of people at stake by not calling off the rally even though people were becoming victims of the blasts before their own eyes. One would simply say that the action of rally organizers was equally condemnable and questionable. It seemed that the organizers were of the firm belief and knew beforehand that the bombs had been planted only for the people and they were not going to be targeted or harmed in any way whatsoever. The onus of the security of the people also lies on the organizers of the Hunkaar Rally. What were the organizers and private security guards doing when bombs were planted across the rally venue? Did they turn blind eye towards all this or were they also complicit in the dastardly crime? Modi ji, You also need to investigate the matter at your end, while the NIA and state intelligence agencies should also probe the matter and question the organizers of the rally.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, it is rather sad and painful to see you acting as a typical, stone-hearted politician, who believes in dividing people and shedding crocodile tears. Modi ji, You seemed to have encouraged your partymen to hold Asthi Kalash Yatra of the seven people killed in bomb blasts at your Hunkaar Rally and chose to visit Bihar only after a few days to meet the kins of the deceased at their respective homes. I don't know whether You also visited the injured battling for their lives in the hospitals as this has not been reported by the media. Modi ji, being a leader who has now developed concerns for 1.27 billion Indians after being anointed RSS PM-nominee, you should have condemned the blasts from the Hunkaar Rally podium itself. Your visit to Bihar was simply classic and bore ominous portends. This is for the first time in the history of India that rightwing Hindu leaders continued to address a political-cum-election rally while bomb blasts were taking place at the rally venue and people were falling victims and rushed to the hospitals before the eyes of these very leaders. This has never happened in India so far.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you have little or no love for the people of Bihar, or of Uttar Pradesh for that matter. Modi ji, you chose to announce Rs. 5 lakh compensation for the kins of the deceased. But is this enough? You should have offered jobs to the dependants of the deceased in your state Gujarat. But, we Biharis know you won't ever dare to do so. It seems you consider Biharis fool and better left to die or fend for themselves. Modi ji, it seems you also have enmity with the people of Bihar just like your allies Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray of MNS in Maharashtra have. We, Biharis, were waiting to hear words of condemnation against Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray for brutalizing and harassing Biharis and people of Uttar Pradesh in Maharashtra from the podium of Hunkaar Rally. But, you have let us down, and we are deeply saddened at this. Modi ji, this shows your enmity with the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and your true love for Gujarat and Maharastra (for your history knowledge Gujarat was carved out of Maharshtra) as interests of both states are interlinked.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you came to Bihar with an intention of dividing Biharis and seeking votes. You chose to briefly speak in Bhojpuri as if all Biharis speak in Bhojpuri. There are several dialects spoken in Bihar, and Bhojpuri is only one of them. Here's another classic case of how you attempted to divide Biharis. Modi ji, finding Lalu Prasad Yadav in jail you pounced on the opportunity to cajole Lalu Prasad's castemen Yadavs and assuring to take care of Yaduvanshis, the followers of Lord Krishna, if they voted you to power. However, even I believe that you just might succeed in this attempt with a large section of Yadav votes coming to your party in the forthcoming 2014 parliamentary elections. And, I have reasons to believe so. Lalu Prasad Yadav is miffed with the fact that Congress Party and Muslims have betrayed him. The Muslims are strongly backing Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and a majority of votes are likely to go in favor of Janata Dal (U). To settle scores with both Congress Party and Nitish Kumar, there are strong possibilities that a large number of Yadavs might choose to vote BJP during the general elections. Also, Lalu Prasad Yadav's party RJD's tacit understanding with BJP has been exposed. The RJD was seen aligning with the BJP during the bandh called by BJP to protest the Bodh-Gaya serial blasts in the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. Lalu Prasad Yadav during his chief ministership is known to have ditched Buddhists in their struggle to free Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee from Hindu domination and bringing it under complete control of Buddhists only. 

Shri Narendra Modi ji, it was quite ridiculous to see you asking poor Hindus and poor Muslims not to fight against each other from the podium of Hunkaar Rally. Modi ji, it's a great journey indeed for you -- from "Kutte ka Pilla" in Gujarat (dog's puppy, acronym given to 2002 Gujarat riot victims) to "Poor Muslims" in Bihar. Modi ji, it seems that you have accepted the fact that rich Hindus are behind all the communal conflict between poor Hindus and poor Muslims, and might even be spending money to broaden and intensify the conflict. A true statesman should have addressed all Hindus and Muslims, and not only poor Hindus and poor Muslims. But, habits die hard. For you the interests of six (6) crore Gujaratis is dear to your heart, and you merely remain a regional satrap, nothing more.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you rightly remember your days of poverty and how you rose to dizzy heights from being a poor tea vendor at a railway station in your native place in Gujarat. But, it seems that even after rising to such great heights and adorning the chief ministerial chair of Gujarat for the third consecutive term (15 years) you are still lagging behind in your education and knowledge of history. Modi ji, you have got the history of Bihar all wrong. See, how poorly informed you are about the history of Bihar. Lauding Bihar's gem Chandragupta Maurya, you said that he belonged to Gupta Dynasty, while he belonged to Maurya Dynasty. Regarding Bihar's achievement in the field of education in yesteryears, you also cited the examples of Nalanda and Takshila. Everybody knows that Nalanda is in Bihar (it's native place of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar). But, Modi ji Takshila is in Pakistan. Does RSS still harbor the dreams of Akhand Bharat? Do you want to capture Pakistan again and assimilate it into India? You also said that Alexander (Sikandar) was defeated by brave Biharis on the banks of the Ganges, but the fact is that he was turned back from the banks of River Sutlej in Punjab. Modi ji, you need to learn history and get your lessons right. India cannot afford to have a Prime Minister like you, who doesn't know India's history properly. And, just see how the biased Indian media also chose to side with you and preferred not to debate your lack of knowledge of history on TV channels. In fact, the knowledge and education of leaders is a big issue which should be debated by the media. But, I know an important section of the biased, communal mainstream media won't do as paid journalism is currently at work. 

Modi ji, what is RSS and BJP up to??

Shri Narendra Modi ji, now I am addressing you as an Indian. Modi ji, see what You are up to in the run up to the 2014 parliamentary elections. You used to constantly harp on the development of Gujarat under your tenure. But, ever since you have been anointed as RSS PM-nominee, you have stopped talking about Gujarat's development and continuously focusing on implementing your pet communal agenda to polarise votes. It seems You, RSS and BJP are completely bereft of any development ideas for the people or country. For your mother organization RSS and your party BJP, the only issues are dress code, Vande Mataram, Surya Namaskar, Muslim population control, Hindu population growth, Uniform Civil Code, Abolition of Article 370 etc. These issues might have earlier won you elections, but I seriously doubt that with these core issues now at play You or your party is going to gain power at the Centre.

Modi ji, in your state a decision has recently been taken to regulate dress codes for teachers in Gujarat. The decision has evoked strong reactions from Muslims and is being seen as yet another RSS conspiracy to marginalize Muslims in the state. By the way, this decision is being exclusively forced on women teachers as if all the rules are meant to have been made for women alone. The teachers have been asked to wear Saris. I don't know whether the dress code is also applicable for male teachers and whether all the male teachers have been asked to wear 'Dhotis' or not. 

Modi ji, my colleague and Indian Muslim Observer Gujarat Bureau Chief Abdul Hafiz Lakhani recently sent a report saying that a communal profiling of Muslims is taking place in Gujarat. In one incident a Muslim teacher wearing a Salwar Kameez was stopped from attending the school and sent back home asking her to wear a Sari according to the recently promulgated dress code. The teacher however said that her parents wanted her to wear Salwar Kameez. This is only one instance of targeting and marginalising Muslims. Our colleague Abdul Hafiz Lakhani reported that one Ms. Zahira Momin went to R.H. Kapadia New High School in the satellite township of Ahmedabad to get her child admitted in pre-primary. The school however refused to give her admission saying that she was a Muslim. In fact, Ms. Zahira Momin had gone to the school only after seeing the advertisement placed in a local daily. In yet another instance of Muslim discrimination, the Himalaya Mall, one of the five biggest malls in Ahmedabad, charged a fee of Rs. 20 from Muslim visitors on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr saying that the amount would be returned to them only if they bought anything from the mall, and retained if they didn't. This shameful incident was also reported in the local newspapers. Modi ji, these are only few instances of Muslim discrimination. Many similar incidents can be cited as these abound in your state under your watch and ward.

Modi ji, why rules are only made for women. Why are males exempted from such rules and allowed to do as they wish? If female teachers are asked to wear Saris, then male teachers should also be asked to wear Dhotis. This is necessary to protect the Hindu identity as You and RSS have always wanted. After all, why do You always wear Kurta and churidaar Pyjama. This is essentially a Muslim dress mostly worn by Muslims. Your actions are hollow and you are only befooling Hindus in the name of protecting them from imaginary Muslim onslaught, which never exists after all. You should stop wearing the Muslim dress of Kurta and Pyjama and wear Dhoti to set an example amongst Hindus.

Modi ji, even RSS in its dress code seems to be Westernised. The Khaki shorts worn by RSS leaders and followers is Western and looks vulgar. Several RSS and BJP leaders have been more often giving sermons to young girls to stop exposing their bodies or wearing western dresses as this invites rape. But, what about RSS leaders and its followers wearing Khaki shorts and exposing their legs. Why most RSS leaders and followers shy away from asserting their Hindu identity by not wearing Dhotis? Does Bhartiyata (Indianness) means Ardh-Naganta (semi-nakedness)? Modi ji, please don't preach before practicing yourself, or else your actions would seem absurd, idiotic and fascist.

Modi ji, Your claims of being Hindu Nationalist questionable

Shri Narendra Modi ji, your claims of being a Hindu Nationalist is hollow and questionable. You have been abusing the UPA government of being weak and ineffective in tackling Pakistani LoC ceasefire violations and repeated Chinese incursions. Modi ji, I and most Muslims of India are ready to vote for you and bring the RSS-headed government to power at the Centre, but it is only on the condition that you dare to announce that within six (6) months in power your government is going to declare wars simultaneously on both Pakistan and China to reclaim the captured Indian territory. We, Indian Muslims, are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our great and beloved motherland India. If you are a true Nationalist you should not shirk from this responsibility and fight full-fledged wars with both Pakistan and China and restore India's prestige and sovereignty. But, we know you are only a Paper Tiger whose roars are feeble, fake and manufactured.

Modi ji, Your attitude against Muslims have all along been hostile and full of enmity. Modi ji, when you come to power at the Centre (the chances though are quite slim and like 'Mungeri Lal ke haseen sapney'), we Muslims hope that you will stop importing oil from Muslim nations. After all, why should you import oil from Muslim nations whom you consider to be your adversary. We are ready to bear the brunt of even more inflation. A self-respecting, arrogant man like you should not bow or cower down before Muslim nations to get oil. If you do so, you will be considered as a leader who has no self-respect at all. Modi ji, you and your ally Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray have more to answer for befooling the Indians. When India is in the midst of Onion crisis and onions are being imported from enemy nation of Pakistan and another Muslim nation Afghanistan, why didn't Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray protest against this move and allowed onions to be imported to India. Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray are both seen opposing Pakistan even at the slightest opportunity. Modi ji, after all whom are You and Your allies befooling??

Modi ji, The New York Times Editorial on your prospects is right

Shri Narendra Modi ji, the recent Editorial in The New York Times has rightly analysed your personality and what is expected of you when RSS comes to power. The New York Times rightly said: " His (Narendra Modi) rise to power is deeply troubling to many Indians, especially the country’s 138 million Muslims and its many other minorities. They worry he would exacerbate sectarian tensions that have subsided somewhat in the last decade." The editorial says that your strident Hindu nationalism has fueled public outrage. The New York Times editorial quoting Reuters said: "When Reuters asked him earlier this year if he regretted the killings in 2002, he said, if “someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is.” That incendiary response created a political uproar and demands for an apology."

Modi ji, The New York Times said many other things about you. Modi ji, see how a foreign publication is casting aspersions and doubts over your ability to lead the Indian nation. And, just look at the timidity and biased attitude of Indian mainstream media who wanted to shield you and never debated the issue.

Modi ji, I and many others like me consider the United States of America a champion of human rights and flag bearer of human values worldwide. The U.S. government has been instrumental in ridding a number of Middle East nations from brutal dictators like Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi. The U.S. government is equally right in depriving you a visa for the past several years for the human rights violations that took place during 2002 Gujarat riots under your stewardship. The U.S. rightly acknowledges your leadership as a blot on human values and affirms your communal and divisive role. 

Modi ji, in the United States, UK and other European countries there are several instances of Muslims offering prayers in churches. There is a strong interfaith bond between Muslims and Christians in these countries. Modi ji, but see how You and Your party believe in demolishing Muslim and Christian places of worship in India. In fact, you deputed your colleague Amit Shah (himself an accused in Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter case) to Uttar Pradesh to build up campaign for 2014 parliamentary elections, which he did so by announcing to build a grand Ram Temple at the Babri Masjid demolition site, even though the matter is sub judice. Doesn't this expose your communal, extra-constitutional and divisive attitude?

Modi ji, You are not inclusive and unfit to lead India

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I greatly admire your partyman and colleague Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, whose state will be shortly going for assembly polls. It would not be surprising to see Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji returning to power for the consecutive third time with a landslide victory. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who is known for his links with RSS, is loved by Hindus and Muslims alike. He has administered Madhya Pradesh well and Muslims are satisfied with his leadership, and prepared to return him to power once again with even bigger majority. Modi ji, but in your Gujarat Muslims voted for you only out of fear, and not love. There is a stark difference in the inclusive leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan and chauvinist, exclusivist, arrogant, dispassionate leadership of Narrendra Modi. In fact, Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji should have been chosen as the Prime Ministerial nominee. He is surely the best candidate to lead India at the moment on behalf of BJP.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, a person like you dreaming day in and day out of becoming Prime Minister of India should first of all know the country's history, which you are ignorant of as in the case of Bihar. Modi ji, you should first give more time to yourself, understand the people, make friends with India's minorities, change your entire persona and make it acceptable before the world, and then think of leading the country. Modi ji, let me assure you We Muslims are not your enemy. Our forefathers have chosen to live in India of their own accord and serve our great motherland devotedly. The enemy within you needs to die down. The moment we see a remarkable change in you, we will wholeheartedly accept you as our leader. Modi ji, you will have to take the initiative first and give the right message.

Respected Modi ji, I hope you won't mind, but seriously introspect on what all I felt and had to say. Let this Festival of Lights - Diwali - illuminate our hearts and minds and enlighten all Indians. Let this Festival of Light dispel the darkness of ignorance and vicious feelings amongst all of us. The Idea of India must be given a chance. Let us together build a prosperous, progressive and peaceful India, which becomes Superpower soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Danish Ahmad Khan

[Danish Ahmad Khan, a Journalist, is native of Gaya, Bihar and currently based in New Delhi. He is a keen political observer. As a social activist, he is passionately associated with The Gaya Muslim Orphanage, Cherki, a 96-year-old institution founded by his paternal grandfather Enayeth Khan in October 1917. He is presently Founder-Editor of India's First Online Muslim Newspaper IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at danishkhan@indianmuslimobserver.com]

RSS and Politics: Conspiracy is the Mantra

Posted by Indian Muslim Observer | 25 October 2013 | Posted in , , , ,

By Shamsul Islam

RSS specializes in double-speak and triple speak. In fact, the situation is so critical that it may be an understatement regarding RSS behavior. No other organization which claims to be committed to moral regeneration of India can compete with RSS in manufacturing lies. The current public manifestations of RSS for active participation in Indian politics, specially, forcing BJP to adopt Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate for 2014 elections is continuation of the same conspiratorial mind-set. In the aftermath of brutal killing of Father of the Nation, Gandhiji by committed and trained cadres of Hindutva camp, RSS was forced by Jawaharlal Nehru & Sardar Patel to write a constitution declaring that RSS would be "devoted purely to cultural work" and would not indulge in "political" activities. But the fact is not that cat is out of the bag now recently. Despite its assurances that it would not participate in politics to the Nation (on the basis of which ban imposed on it for being responsible for killing of Gandhiji was lifted), it is not first time that it has violated this cardinal pledge.

The most prominent ideologue of the RSS, MS Golwalkar, openly declared that it had political ambitions and wanted to control politics directly. It was in total violation of the pledge to the Government of India that RSS would not indulge in political activities. While addressing a gathering of top ranking RSS on March 16, 1954, at Sindi, Wardha, he said:

"If we say that we are part of the organization and accept its discipline then selectiveness has no place in life. Do what is told. If told to play kabaddi, play kabaddi; told to hold meeting then meeting….For instance some of our friends were told to go and work for politics that does not mean that they have great interest or inspiration for it. They don't die for politics like fish without water. If they are told to withdraw from politics then also there is no objection. Their discretion is just not required." [Shri Guruji Samagar Darshan, (collected works of Golwalkar in Hindi), Volume III, Bharatiya Vichar Sadhana, Nagpur, nd, p. 32]

He continued to relish RSS ambition to control politics of a democratic-Secular India clandestinely and did not mind sharing this ambition publically. While addressing top level cadres of the RSS at Indore on March 5, 1960, this Hindutva ideologue, went on to declare:

"We know this also that some of our Swayamsevaks work in politics. There they have to organize according to the needs of work public meetings, processions etc., have to raise slogans. All these things have no place in our work. However, like the character in a play whatever role has been assigned should be portrayed with best of capability. But sometimes Swayamsevaks go beyond the role assigned to a performer (nat) as they develop over-zealousness in their hearts, to the extent that they become useless for this work. This is not good." [Ibid, Volume IV, pp. 4-5.]

We find here Golwalkar referring to the Swayamsevaks loaned to political offshoot as 'nat' or performers who are meant to dance to the tunes of the RSS. This fact should not be missed here that Golwalkar's above design of controlling the political arm was elaborated in March 1960 almost nine years after the establishment of Jansangh (the forerunner of the BJP) in 1951.

The RSS cadres who control the BJP keep on harping that BJP is an independent political organization and does not work under the dictates of the RSS. It is pertinent that one compares this claim with the facts available in the official publications of the RSS to know the whole nexus. The central publication house of the RSS, Suruchi Prakashan, Delhi, published a book in 1997, titled Param Vaibhav Ke Path Par (ON THE ROAD TO GREAT GLORY) penned by Sadanand Damodar Sapre, a senior RSS functionary. This book contains details of more than 40 organizations created by the RSS for different tasks. The preface of the book itself declares that,

"Without the knowledge of the different kinds of activities of the Sawyamsevaks (the volunteers of the RSS) the introduction of the RSS is incomplete. Keeping this in mind it has been attempted in this book to produce the brief information about the diverse activities of the Sawyamsevaks. This book covers the organizational status till 1996.We believe that this book will prove to be of use for those who want to understand the RSS along with the Swyamsevaks."

The BJP as a political organization figures prominently in it at number 3 out of 37 major outfits. The chapter on Jana Sangh/BJP describes in details how and why RSS created them.

This publication of the RSS also shows how the organization is run in a clandestine manner. It runs like a well-organized mafia through its subsidiaries and pocket organizations. There has always been a conscious attempt to create confusion about its different fronts which provide RSS with the opportunity to dissociate with any of these as per its convenience. For instance it used Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) for attacking Christians in late 1990s and when public opinion, media, judiciary and Parliament seemed to turn against it, RSS denied any relation with HJM. Moreover, when nefarious designs of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and Dharam Sansad were exposed before the Nation, RSS announced that these were independent organizations. Interestingly, it was often seen mediating between the BJP lead government (1998-2004) and these outfits.

It will be interesting to know that many of these organizations have been organized on a true fascist and clandestine manner. For instance while giving the details of Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM), the book says,

"From the point of view of Hindu awakening this kind of forums (HJM) at present are active in 17 states with different names like 'Hindu Manch' in Delhi, 'Hindu Munani' in Tamilnadu, 'Hinduekjut' in Maharashtra. These are forums, not associations or organizations, that's why it is not required to have membership, registration and elections."

It is clear that such RSS organizations, "not required to have membership, registration and elections" are purposely created to avoid scrutiny by law and government. Such an organizational mode provides an opportunity to RSS to disown any individual or organization any time.

RSS resorts to underhand methods also to accomplish to execute its nefarious designs. Self-confession appears in clear words through a disclosure in Param Vaibhav Ke Path Par about a case in Delhi immediately after Partition: "Swayamsevaks had posed to have adopted Mussalman religion in order to gain the confidence of Delhi Muslim League for knowing their conspiracies." [Sadanand D. Sapre, Param Vaibhav Ke Path Per (Hindi), Suruchi, Delhi, 1997, p. 86.]

What these Swayamsevaks, impersonating as Muslims, on the eve of Independence were doing was made clear by none other than Dr. Rajendra Prasad who later became first President of the Indian Republic. In a letter to the first Home Minister of India, Sardar Patel, he wrote on March 14, 1948,

"I am told that RSS people have a plan of creating trouble. They have got a number of men dressed as Muslims and looking like Muslims who are to create trouble with the Hindus by attacking them and thus inciting the Hindus. Similarly there will be some Hindus among them who will attack Muslims and thus incite Muslims. The result of this kind of trouble amongst the Hindus and Muslims will be to create a conflagration." [Rajendra Prasad to Sardar Patel (March 14, 1948) cited in Neerja Singh (ed.), Nehru Patel: Agreement Within Difference: Select Documents & Correspondences 1933-1950, NBT, Delhi, p. 43]

If our democratic-secular India is to be saved from anti-national conspiracies of RSS and its overt and covert outfits, it is high time that immediate measures are taken to investigate the activities of RSS. The Indian State must put in public domain the constitution of RSS and force the latter to adhere to it. RSS as a non-state organization is the biggest colonizer of estates and largest recipient of funds from abroad and India. Vast resources in its kitty and nefarious designs in its ideology make a deadly cocktail capable of undoing a democratic-secular India to the joy and amusement to the forces inimical to India. The Nation needs to move fast so that India does not turn into a Hindu Pakistan.

[Shamsul Islam is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Satyawati College, University of Delhi. He can be contacted at notoinjustice@gmail.com]

A response to Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan's invincibility questionable, pragmatic approach for permanent invincibility needed

Posted by Indian Muslim Observer | | Posted in , , ,

By Teresa Studzinski and Dr. David Leffler

An article published in Business Standard ("Pakistan's aerial defence impregnable: Nawaz Sharif," 11 Oct 2013) reports that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif asserted that "...our enemy must know that Pakistan's aerial defense is impregnable." Regrettably, Sharif is not alone in thinking this way. Other prominent Pakistani leaders have also held identical opinions regarding Pakistan's alleged invincibility.

Invincibility of a nation is a laudable goal. Throughout time, scientists have applied new technologies to achieve it, and as history shows, with no success. Adversaries inevitably devise methods to counter any defense system, and no doubt they could do the same in Pakistan, as well as in any territory. As demonstrated by numerous terrorist attacks not only in Pakistan, but worldwide, conventional approaches cannot provide an effective defense against sudden acts of violence, or remove suicide terrorists willing to die for their cause.

This weakness above refers to all current approaches, with no exception. However, for the leaders who seek it, there is a solution to achieve the goal of true unquestioned invincibility. The method comes from the field of social sciences and modern statistics -- not from conventional approaches utilizing weaponry, and not from the field of politics.

The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military (GAPWM) requests that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his military leaders seriously consider, investigate, and deploy a scientifically-verified and field-tested approach for permanent invincibility. It has been validated by 23 studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Based on 25 years of research, it has been endorsed by independent scientists and scholars.

Where deployed by foreign military circles, it is known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). This preventive defense system works on the level of the unified field, where all the forces of nature are united. This human resource-based defense technology supersedes all others based on weaker electronic, chemical, and nuclear forces. As objective tool of modern statistics and research data show, the outcome is what we define as invincibility.

IDT involves creating Preventive Wings of the Military. Their warrior's daily routine includes two hours twice a day practice of a human resource-based technology, also known and researched as the Transcendental Meditation and its advanced TM-Sidhi program. As a military societal coherence-creating unit, they quietly practice these programs for about two hours, twice a day, seven days a week, preferably in a secure location. Their presence and operation does not need to be disclosed to achieve the effect of violence removal and conflict resolution.

Such coherence-creating groups have achieved positive benefits to society, shown statistically, in even just 48 hours. Modern statistical methods used in this research preclude chance or coincidence. The 23 studies carried out in developed and developing nations in all continents, including the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, constitute the largest and the most successful experiment in social sciences of the 20th century.

Teresa Studzinski
The IDT approach was used during wartime (leading to a reduction in fighting, number of deaths, and casualties, and progress toward resolving the conflict), and in peace (resulting in a drop in crime rate, drop in violent death index, decrease of misery index, drop in unemployment, and rise in a quality of life index). Societies using it perform extremely well in a very short time. This approach decreased the intensity of war in Lebanon in 1984 in a dramatic way in 48 hours, to name only one of the successful experiments.

In 1992, President Joaquim Chissano, Lt. Gen. Tobias Dai, and the Chiefs of Staff of the Mozambique military carefully analyzed the IDT research. They made a unanimous decision to adopt it for their country by training about 3,000 soldiers and 16,000 police. As predicted, violence dropped dramatically by 1993. Societies using these groups also become more self-sufficient. For instance, in Mozambique the economic growth reached 19%. Once the poorest world country in 1992, by 2000 it had moved up to be the world's fastest-growing economy.

Dr. David Leffler
If we are seriously considering national invincibility, we have to make sure that two factors are in place: Firstly, violence has to be effectively removed domestically and in the neighboring regions; secondly, prevention of its recurrence has to be scientifically controlled without infringing on any nation's freedom. All the approaches and strategies used currently fail to provide even one of these prerequisites of invincibility.

We live in the modern scientific world. Statistical methods and approaches have been used broadly on a daily basis in many fields. If there is a statistically validated solution available for violence removal and prevention, it should be utilized -- especially if previously used approaches have not been backed by rigorous research regarding their effectiveness to resolve conflict and bring stability. Therefore, they lack even a remote statistical guarantee of success.

If Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif really believes that Pakistan is "a peace-loving country" that "always strived for peace," then his "country would continue to play a responsible role in the comity of nations" if he and the commander-in-chief of the armed forces order the Pakistani military to use the unified field approach -- IDT method. If Sharif quickly acts, Pakistan could make history and gain international prestige by creating lasting peace.

[Teresa Studzinski, is the President of The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military, USA. Dr. David Leffler is Executive Director, Center for Advanced Military Science, Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, USA. He is the author of "A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising -- Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace." He is on Twitter. Dr. David Leffler can be reached at drleffler@hotmail.com]

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