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Media has gradually grown into a formidable force affecting all walks of life including politics, business activities, social change, interfaith relations, development of science and technology, promotion of art and culture, and the like. Any community can ignore media at its own peril. However, weaker and marginalized sections of society feel in general that media has become a powerful instrument in the hands of dominant class of the globalized world and their voice is either completely ignored or given quite inadequate space in the mainstream media. Therefore, there remains a challenging scope for an alternative media in every nook and corner of the world. IndianMuslimObserver.com aligns itself with alternative voices around the world and feels natural affinity towards those who consider themselves as voiceless. Our effort is aimed at building an informed world.

The IMO News Portal

The website ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ or the IMO was launched from New Delhi by Danish Ahmad Khan, its Founder-Editor, in March 2009. This news portal initially started as a Blog and primarily as news content aggregation platform sourcing news, articles/opinions, analysis, events and other related activities pertaining Indian Muslims and those around the world. The news portal collate useful and informative content from diverse sources on the Internet and publish them in good faith and purely for information purposes. The basic premise of ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ shall continue to be a News Content Aggregation platform sourcing content from the Internet as well as generating in-house content. Through this news portal, the ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ will regularly bring news, views, interest promotion, talent exposure, networking, activism, pressure building etc on one platform.

Growth Projections

The ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ website is being regularly visited by hundreds of information seekers from all parts of the world. Approximately, 60% visitors are from India and the rest from the USA, Europe, Middle East and other countries. From the present trends and according to the plans in store, it can be projected that this news portal will continue to attract visitors in a big way. The ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ has already started making impact on peoples’ lives and is being constantly monitored by mainstream media and the government. The ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ has been acknowledged as among the foremost community publication in India by popular Indian daily newspaper ‘The Indian Express’. Another popular Indian newsmagazine ‘Outlook’ also picked up a story from ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ and published it as Exclusive Story.

The ‘Indian Muslim Observer’ is closely competing with the established news portals and publications on Indian Muslims. This makes the IMO website a suitable source of business promotion and client enhancement.

Client Segments

There is no doubt that the IMO provides wide range of opportunities for advertisement. Business groups, broadcasters, NGOs, event organizers, placement outfits, scholarship awarding set ups, and community organizations and those having business stakes in the Indian Muslim community can utilize the fast increasing reach of the website to a versatile segment of the community.

Although Internet advertisement or online marketing is a new field of business promotion in India, but this segment is a fast growing one and is catching the fancy of business concerns day-by-day. More and more people are now relying on it especially those who cannot afford high financial investment for this purpose. INTERNET Ads are quite economical and suits everyone’s budget.

How to Advertise on IMO

The IMO website offers very attractive tariff for advertisers and assures a global showcasing of the contents to a wide range of viewers, especially the Indian Muslim community, both within and outside the country.

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