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14 February 2020

Singapore to launch mega campaign in March to attract Muslim travelers

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IMO News Service

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has joined hands with booking platform Have Halal Will Travel (HHWT) and research company CrescentRating to launch a series of marketing collaterals and tourism products in a bid to attract Muslim travelers from around Asian countries. The STB is now focusing on the need to aggressively tap halal travel boom.

The STB is association with CrescentRating has developed a 44-page guide book providing details about halal dining offerings as well as other cultural activities in the country. 
Media reports quoted Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of CrescentRating & Halaltrip, as saying that the guide book will be released in English in March, and will later on published in Bahasa Indonesia and Bhasa Melayu as well.

HHWT has also tied up with companies like Klook and Traveloka for developing online promotions and tour products targeted at Muslim millennials and families.

A study conducted by HHWT said that though Singapore has consistently been a high-ranking destination among Muslim travelers, but it hasn’t been prominently highlighted and its authentic offerings and stories showcased to the Muslim market.

Singapore’s multicultural characteristic holds immense potential to attract even more Muslim tourists in a big way.

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