Published On:05 February 2020
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Pakistan: Women Freedom March to be held at Sukkur on March 8

By Abbas Kassar

Hyderabad, Sindh: Joint action committee of Aurat Azadi March has decided to organize Women Freedom March this year at Sukkur on 8th March 2020. The decision was taken during a meeting at Khana Badosh here February 4 night.

The meeting was chaired by Professor Arfana Mallah and participated by members of civil society including leaders of NGOs, journalists, women activists and others including Haseen Musrat Shah of Women Action Forum, Professor Imdad Chandio of HRCP, Iqbal Mallah of HUJ, Punhal Sario of Rawadari Tehrik, Rafia Bangash, Razaq Umrani, Kashif Siddiqui, Musstafa Baloch, Shaukat Srewal, and journalists Mahesh Kumar, Farooq Soomro and Abbas Kassar.
Arfana Mallah while addressing the meeting said that one day before 8th March participants from Hyderabad would be proceeding to Sukkur via buses and trains. A rally would be taken out at Sukkur Bridge where Sindhi traditional song HO JAMALO (WAF style) would be sung. She said that women are facing atrocities and are being kidnapped, raped and slaughtered like animals on daily basis. She said that girl students from Sukkur, Larkahan, Jaccobabad, Khairpur and other cites and towns would take part in freedom march. In this regard she said meetings with colleges, schools and universities students, women teachers and village women will continue as they will all be joining the freedom march at Sukkur. She said a committee for this purpose has been formed. Participants have assured to take part in this campaign for Women Freedom March at Sukkur.

It may be mentioned here that upper Sindh region of Sukkur is notorious for being a slaughter-house for women as being semi-tribal area the region is under the hold of tribal chiefs, feudal lords and  Jagirdars having psyche about women being kept under veil in homes and considered as slaves and domestic servants. In many areas women cannot go out of homes without escorts of men and not even to hospitals during acute illness.

In the prevailing situation in upper Sindh taking out Women Freedom March by Women Action Forum led by women activists Amar Sindhu, Arfana Mallah, Haseen Musrat Shah is being seen as a bold step towards freedom of women in Pakistan, especially in Sindh.

[Abbas Kassar is a Senior Journalist based in Hyderabad, Sindh (Pakistan). He can be reached at kassarabbas@gmail.com]

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