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Modesty Islamic Superstores launches new scarf collections for Muslim women in Australia

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IMO News Service

Modesty Islamic Superstores has announced the launch of a new collection of scarfs that complements Islamic dressing and promote Muslim virtues. The move is aimed at bringing relief to Dandenong Muslims and its suburbs.

Modesty Islamic Superstores is an Australia based Islamic fashion products store that manufactures and sell modest fashion labels, and also into the design of modern stylish scarfs.

When asked about the motivation behind the establishment of Modesty Islamic Superstores, its founder and head of operations said, "The creation of Modesty Islamic Superstores was inspired by the Islamic ideology and teachings of Quran and Sunnah. Since its establishment in 2013 by Tamuryani family, Modesty Islamic Superstores had maintained its commitment to serving the need of Muslims in Australia and the global Muslim community by providing them with reliable, authentic, and fashionable Islamic dressing products".

Modesty Islamic Superstores is also into the design and production of modern Men and Boys' thobes and accessories. Modesty Islamic Superstores operates a wide collection of scarfs among which includes Chiffon Scarfs, Cotton Scarfs, Niqab, and Plain Cotton Scarfs all which comes in different colours and designs that best complement the ideal Muslim matching outfit desire. Materials used in the making of the Modesty Islamic Superstores garment collections are scientifically selected to ensure proper quality and suitability for each application. Modesty Islamic Superstores is also into the sale of other Islamic materials like Books, Zam Zam Water, Home Decoration, Perfume, Herbal products and many others. Products purchased from the Modesty Collections does not only guarantee quality that properly complement money spent but as well enhance proper fashion in a modest and presentable manner.

For more information, the company's website can be visited at Purchase can also be made offline at Modesty Islamic Superstores in Dandenong city, Victoria province.
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