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Open Letter to RSS PM-nominee Narendra Modi from a Bihari, Indian and Muslim

Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji,

HAPPY DIWALI to YOU and ALL MY COUNTRYMEN!! I decided to write this letter to you on this Special Day of Diwali. There's a specific purpose of writing this letter as I believe and hope that just like this festival spreads light and dispels the darkness of ignorance and acrimony, my appeal through this letter would enlighten millions of countrymen and bring sanity to your mother organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), sister organization Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and wisdom to You and all your actions.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am writing to you as a concerned and aggrieved Bihari, Indian and a Muslim. Modi ji, first of all accept my congratulations over being anointed as Prime Ministerial nominee of RSS. I don't consider you a nominee of BJP as the party didn't play active role in selecting you, but it is the RSS which played the important role in anointing you the Prime Ministerial candidate. To my knowledge this has happened for the first time in BJP's history that party patriarch Lal Krishna Advani and other senior leaders were completely sidelined and humiliated at the insistence of RSS with its direct and active participation in the electoral politics. To me and scores of Indians as well, BJP as a political party has ceased to exist as it has been completely usurped by RSS. This goes contrary to the very foundations and principles of RSS because it came into being as a cultural organization, and not a political one. The RSS has shunned direct participation in politics so far, but to utter dismay it has now decided to take in the plunge itself in 2014 parliamentary elections considering it a Do or Die battle knowing fully well that if it is not Now then it will be Never. The RSS fully acknowledges the fact that its political affiliate BJP has been out of power continuously for 10 years and can't afford to any further.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am not against you personally nor I am against the RSS or BJP for that matter. But I am completely against the communal politics that you, RSS and BJP have been continuously practicing creating strife and disharmony between the country's largest majority Hindus and the largest minority Muslims. I adore you for your administrative capabilities and the way in which you continue to bind Gujarati Hindus remarkably.

Modi ji, for You it's GUJARAT First and INDIA last!!

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I am addressing you as a BIHARI first. I have been closely observing You and your actions for the past several days now. After being dumped by your former ally Janata Dal (U) from the Bihar government after being together in power for 17 years, it's simply great that you finally succeeded in entering the state with a bang with your Hunkaar Rally. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was completely wrong in not letting you enter Bihar even though your BJP was a partner in the state government. But, entering Bihar at what cost?? Your presence in Bihar on October 27 was ominous and a bad omen for the state. The way in which BJP leaders continued to assure people from Hunkaar Rally podium that fire crackers and tyre bursts were taking place in the rally venue at Patna's Gandhi Maidan, while the fact being that low-intensity crude bomb blasts were actually taking place, spoke much about the (ill) intentions of your party's leaders. The bomb blasts at the Hunkaar Rally venue was highly condemnable, and the culprits whosoever they are be apprehended, tormented, brutalised and killed without any trial. Such attempts to disturb peace must be dealt with sternly. Having said this, I must also in the same breath say that the organizers of the rally chose to put the lives of lakhs of people at stake by not calling off the rally even though people were becoming victims of the blasts before their own eyes. One would simply say that the action of rally organizers was equally condemnable and questionable. It seemed that the organizers were of the firm belief and knew beforehand that the bombs had been planted only for the people and they were not going to be targeted or harmed in any way whatsoever. The onus of the security of the people also lies on the organizers of the Hunkaar Rally. What were the organizers and private security guards doing when bombs were planted across the rally venue? Did they turn blind eye towards all this or were they also complicit in the dastardly crime? Modi ji, You also need to investigate the matter at your end, while the NIA and state intelligence agencies should also probe the matter and question the organizers of the rally.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, it is rather sad and painful to see you acting as a typical, stone-hearted politician, who believes in dividing people and shedding crocodile tears. Modi ji, You seemed to have encouraged your partymen to hold Asthi Kalash Yatra of the seven people killed in bomb blasts at your Hunkaar Rally and chose to visit Bihar only after a few days to meet the kins of the deceased at their respective homes. I don't know whether You also visited the injured battling for their lives in the hospitals as this has not been reported by the media. Modi ji, being a leader who has now developed concerns for 1.27 billion Indians after being anointed RSS PM-nominee, you should have condemned the blasts from the Hunkaar Rally podium itself. Your visit to Bihar was simply classic and bore ominous portends. This is for the first time in the history of India that rightwing Hindu leaders continued to address a political-cum-election rally while bomb blasts were taking place at the rally venue and people were falling victims and rushed to the hospitals before the eyes of these very leaders. This has never happened in India so far.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you have little or no love for the people of Bihar, or of Uttar Pradesh for that matter. Modi ji, you chose to announce Rs. 5 lakh compensation for the kins of the deceased. But is this enough? You should have offered jobs to the dependants of the deceased in your state Gujarat. But, we Biharis know you won't ever dare to do so. It seems you consider Biharis fool and better left to die or fend for themselves. Modi ji, it seems you also have enmity with the people of Bihar just like your allies Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray of MNS in Maharashtra have. We, Biharis, were waiting to hear words of condemnation against Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray for brutalizing and harassing Biharis and people of Uttar Pradesh in Maharashtra from the podium of Hunkaar Rally. But, you have let us down, and we are deeply saddened at this. Modi ji, this shows your enmity with the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, and your true love for Gujarat and Maharastra (for your history knowledge Gujarat was carved out of Maharshtra) as interests of both states are interlinked.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you came to Bihar with an intention of dividing Biharis and seeking votes. You chose to briefly speak in Bhojpuri as if all Biharis speak in Bhojpuri. There are several dialects spoken in Bihar, and Bhojpuri is only one of them. Here's another classic case of how you attempted to divide Biharis. Modi ji, finding Lalu Prasad Yadav in jail you pounced on the opportunity to cajole Lalu Prasad's castemen Yadavs and assuring to take care of Yaduvanshis, the followers of Lord Krishna, if they voted you to power. However, even I believe that you just might succeed in this attempt with a large section of Yadav votes coming to your party in the forthcoming 2014 parliamentary elections. And, I have reasons to believe so. Lalu Prasad Yadav is miffed with the fact that Congress Party and Muslims have betrayed him. The Muslims are strongly backing Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and a majority of votes are likely to go in favor of Janata Dal (U). To settle scores with both Congress Party and Nitish Kumar, there are strong possibilities that a large number of Yadavs might choose to vote BJP during the general elections. Also, Lalu Prasad Yadav's party RJD's tacit understanding with BJP has been exposed. The RJD was seen aligning with the BJP during the bandh called by BJP to protest the Bodh-Gaya serial blasts in the Mahabodhi Temple Complex. Lalu Prasad Yadav during his chief ministership is known to have ditched Buddhists in their struggle to free Mahabodhi Temple Management Committee from Hindu domination and bringing it under complete control of Buddhists only. 

Shri Narendra Modi ji, it was quite ridiculous to see you asking poor Hindus and poor Muslims not to fight against each other from the podium of Hunkaar Rally. Modi ji, it's a great journey indeed for you -- from "Kutte ka Pilla" in Gujarat (dog's puppy, acronym given to 2002 Gujarat riot victims) to "Poor Muslims" in Bihar. Modi ji, it seems that you have accepted the fact that rich Hindus are behind all the communal conflict between poor Hindus and poor Muslims, and might even be spending money to broaden and intensify the conflict. A true statesman should have addressed all Hindus and Muslims, and not only poor Hindus and poor Muslims. But, habits die hard. For you the interests of six (6) crore Gujaratis is dear to your heart, and you merely remain a regional satrap, nothing more.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, you rightly remember your days of poverty and how you rose to dizzy heights from being a poor tea vendor at a railway station in your native place in Gujarat. But, it seems that even after rising to such great heights and adorning the chief ministerial chair of Gujarat for the third consecutive term (15 years) you are still lagging behind in your education and knowledge of history. Modi ji, you have got the history of Bihar all wrong. See, how poorly informed you are about the history of Bihar. Lauding Bihar's gem Chandragupta Maurya, you said that he belonged to Gupta Dynasty, while he belonged to Maurya Dynasty. Regarding Bihar's achievement in the field of education in yesteryears, you also cited the examples of Nalanda and Takshila. Everybody knows that Nalanda is in Bihar (it's native place of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar). But, Modi ji Takshila is in Pakistan. Does RSS still harbor the dreams of Akhand Bharat? Do you want to capture Pakistan again and assimilate it into India? You also said that Alexander (Sikandar) was defeated by brave Biharis on the banks of the Ganges, but the fact is that he was turned back from the banks of River Sutlej in Punjab. Modi ji, you need to learn history and get your lessons right. India cannot afford to have a Prime Minister like you, who doesn't know India's history properly. And, just see how the biased Indian media also chose to side with you and preferred not to debate your lack of knowledge of history on TV channels. In fact, the knowledge and education of leaders is a big issue which should be debated by the media. But, I know an important section of the biased, communal mainstream media won't do as paid journalism is currently at work. 

Modi ji, what is RSS and BJP up to??

Shri Narendra Modi ji, now I am addressing you as an Indian. Modi ji, see what You are up to in the run up to the 2014 parliamentary elections. You used to constantly harp on the development of Gujarat under your tenure. But, ever since you have been anointed as RSS PM-nominee, you have stopped talking about Gujarat's development and continuously focusing on implementing your pet communal agenda to polarise votes. It seems You, RSS and BJP are completely bereft of any development ideas for the people or country. For your mother organization RSS and your party BJP, the only issues are dress code, Vande Mataram, Surya Namaskar, Muslim population control, Hindu population growth, Uniform Civil Code, Abolition of Article 370 etc. These issues might have earlier won you elections, but I seriously doubt that with these core issues now at play You or your party is going to gain power at the Centre.

Modi ji, in your state a decision has recently been taken to regulate dress codes for teachers in Gujarat. The decision has evoked strong reactions from Muslims and is being seen as yet another RSS conspiracy to marginalize Muslims in the state. By the way, this decision is being exclusively forced on women teachers as if all the rules are meant to have been made for women alone. The teachers have been asked to wear Saris. I don't know whether the dress code is also applicable for male teachers and whether all the male teachers have been asked to wear 'Dhotis' or not. 

Modi ji, my colleague and Indian Muslim Observer Gujarat Bureau Chief Abdul Hafiz Lakhani recently sent a report saying that a communal profiling of Muslims is taking place in Gujarat. In one incident a Muslim teacher wearing a Salwar Kameez was stopped from attending the school and sent back home asking her to wear a Sari according to the recently promulgated dress code. The teacher however said that her parents wanted her to wear Salwar Kameez. This is only one instance of targeting and marginalising Muslims. Our colleague Abdul Hafiz Lakhani reported that one Ms. Zahira Momin went to R.H. Kapadia New High School in the satellite township of Ahmedabad to get her child admitted in pre-primary. The school however refused to give her admission saying that she was a Muslim. In fact, Ms. Zahira Momin had gone to the school only after seeing the advertisement placed in a local daily. In yet another instance of Muslim discrimination, the Himalaya Mall, one of the five biggest malls in Ahmedabad, charged a fee of Rs. 20 from Muslim visitors on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr saying that the amount would be returned to them only if they bought anything from the mall, and retained if they didn't. This shameful incident was also reported in the local newspapers. Modi ji, these are only few instances of Muslim discrimination. Many similar incidents can be cited as these abound in your state under your watch and ward.

Modi ji, why rules are only made for women. Why are males exempted from such rules and allowed to do as they wish? If female teachers are asked to wear Saris, then male teachers should also be asked to wear Dhotis. This is necessary to protect the Hindu identity as You and RSS have always wanted. After all, why do You always wear Kurta and churidaar Pyjama. This is essentially a Muslim dress mostly worn by Muslims. Your actions are hollow and you are only befooling Hindus in the name of protecting them from imaginary Muslim onslaught, which never exists after all. You should stop wearing the Muslim dress of Kurta and Pyjama and wear Dhoti to set an example amongst Hindus.

Modi ji, even RSS in its dress code seems to be Westernised. The Khaki shorts worn by RSS leaders and followers is Western and looks vulgar. Several RSS and BJP leaders have been more often giving sermons to young girls to stop exposing their bodies or wearing western dresses as this invites rape. But, what about RSS leaders and its followers wearing Khaki shorts and exposing their legs. Why most RSS leaders and followers shy away from asserting their Hindu identity by not wearing Dhotis? Does Bhartiyata (Indianness) means Ardh-Naganta (semi-nakedness)? Modi ji, please don't preach before practicing yourself, or else your actions would seem absurd, idiotic and fascist.

Modi ji, Your claims of being Hindu Nationalist questionable

Shri Narendra Modi ji, your claims of being a Hindu Nationalist is hollow and questionable. You have been abusing the UPA government of being weak and ineffective in tackling Pakistani LoC ceasefire violations and repeated Chinese incursions. Modi ji, I and most Muslims of India are ready to vote for you and bring the RSS-headed government to power at the Centre, but it is only on the condition that you dare to announce that within six (6) months in power your government is going to declare wars simultaneously on both Pakistan and China to reclaim the captured Indian territory. We, Indian Muslims, are ready to sacrifice our lives for the sake of our great and beloved motherland India. If you are a true Nationalist you should not shirk from this responsibility and fight full-fledged wars with both Pakistan and China and restore India's prestige and sovereignty. But, we know you are only a Paper Tiger whose roars are feeble, fake and manufactured.

Modi ji, Your attitude against Muslims have all along been hostile and full of enmity. Modi ji, when you come to power at the Centre (the chances though are quite slim and like 'Mungeri Lal ke haseen sapney'), we Muslims hope that you will stop importing oil from Muslim nations. After all, why should you import oil from Muslim nations whom you consider to be your adversary. We are ready to bear the brunt of even more inflation. A self-respecting, arrogant man like you should not bow or cower down before Muslim nations to get oil. If you do so, you will be considered as a leader who has no self-respect at all. Modi ji, you and your ally Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray have more to answer for befooling the Indians. When India is in the midst of Onion crisis and onions are being imported from enemy nation of Pakistan and another Muslim nation Afghanistan, why didn't Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray protest against this move and allowed onions to be imported to India. Shiv Sena and Raj Thackeray are both seen opposing Pakistan even at the slightest opportunity. Modi ji, after all whom are You and Your allies befooling??

Modi ji, The New York Times Editorial on your prospects is right

Shri Narendra Modi ji, the recent Editorial in The New York Times has rightly analysed your personality and what is expected of you when RSS comes to power. The New York Times rightly said: " His (Narendra Modi) rise to power is deeply troubling to many Indians, especially the country’s 138 million Muslims and its many other minorities. They worry he would exacerbate sectarian tensions that have subsided somewhat in the last decade." The editorial says that your strident Hindu nationalism has fueled public outrage. The New York Times editorial quoting Reuters said: "When Reuters asked him earlier this year if he regretted the killings in 2002, he said, if “someone else is driving a car and we’re sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will it be painful or not? Of course it is.” That incendiary response created a political uproar and demands for an apology."

Modi ji, The New York Times said many other things about you. Modi ji, see how a foreign publication is casting aspersions and doubts over your ability to lead the Indian nation. And, just look at the timidity and biased attitude of Indian mainstream media who wanted to shield you and never debated the issue.

Modi ji, I and many others like me consider the United States of America a champion of human rights and flag bearer of human values worldwide. The U.S. government has been instrumental in ridding a number of Middle East nations from brutal dictators like Saddam Hussain and Muammar Gaddafi. The U.S. government is equally right in depriving you a visa for the past several years for the human rights violations that took place during 2002 Gujarat riots under your stewardship. The U.S. rightly acknowledges your leadership as a blot on human values and affirms your communal and divisive role. 

Modi ji, in the United States, UK and other European countries there are several instances of Muslims offering prayers in churches. There is a strong interfaith bond between Muslims and Christians in these countries. Modi ji, but see how You and Your party believe in demolishing Muslim and Christian places of worship in India. In fact, you deputed your colleague Amit Shah (himself an accused in Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter case) to Uttar Pradesh to build up campaign for 2014 parliamentary elections, which he did so by announcing to build a grand Ram Temple at the Babri Masjid demolition site, even though the matter is sub judice. Doesn't this expose your communal, extra-constitutional and divisive attitude?

Modi ji, You are not inclusive and unfit to lead India

Shri Narendra Modi ji, I greatly admire your partyman and colleague Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, whose state will be shortly going for assembly polls. It would not be surprising to see Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji returning to power for the consecutive third time with a landslide victory. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, who is known for his links with RSS, is loved by Hindus and Muslims alike. He has administered Madhya Pradesh well and Muslims are satisfied with his leadership, and prepared to return him to power once again with even bigger majority. Modi ji, but in your Gujarat Muslims voted for you only out of fear, and not love. There is a stark difference in the inclusive leadership of Shivraj Singh Chauhan and chauvinist, exclusivist, arrogant, dispassionate leadership of Narrendra Modi. In fact, Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji should have been chosen as the Prime Ministerial nominee. He is surely the best candidate to lead India at the moment on behalf of BJP.

Shri Narendra Modi ji, a person like you dreaming day in and day out of becoming Prime Minister of India should first of all know the country's history, which you are ignorant of as in the case of Bihar. Modi ji, you should first give more time to yourself, understand the people, make friends with India's minorities, change your entire persona and make it acceptable before the world, and then think of leading the country. Modi ji, let me assure you We Muslims are not your enemy. Our forefathers have chosen to live in India of their own accord and serve our great motherland devotedly. The enemy within you needs to die down. The moment we see a remarkable change in you, we will wholeheartedly accept you as our leader. Modi ji, you will have to take the initiative first and give the right message.

Respected Modi ji, I hope you won't mind, but seriously introspect on what all I felt and had to say. Let this Festival of Lights - Diwali - illuminate our hearts and minds and enlighten all Indians. Let this Festival of Light dispel the darkness of ignorance and vicious feelings amongst all of us. The Idea of India must be given a chance. Let us together build a prosperous, progressive and peaceful India, which becomes Superpower soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Danish Ahmad Khan

[Danish Ahmad Khan, a Journalist, is native of Gaya, Bihar and currently based in New Delhi. He is a keen political observer. As a social activist, he is passionately associated with The Gaya Muslim Orphanage, Cherki, a 96-year-old institution founded by his paternal grandfather Enayeth Khan in October 1917. He is presently Founder-Editor of India's First Online Muslim Newspaper IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at danishkhan@indianmuslimobserver.com]

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