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06 October 2013

WAME & Expo2015 - The New Association for World Access to Modern Energy

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Eight leading Italian and European energy companies and Expo2015 have come together to create the association ‘World Access to Modern Energy & Expo2015’, promoting access to modern energy for all

IMO News Service

Milan: WAME & EXPO2015, the new association World Access to Modern Energy & Expo 2015 is the result of an alliance between Expo 2015 S.p.A. and eight leading Italian and European energy companies – A2A, Edison, Enel, Eni, E.ON Italia, Gas Natural Italia, GDF SUEZ Energia Italia and Tenaris.

WAME & Expo2015 aims to raise world awareness about the lack of access to modern forms of energy between now and the Universal Exhibition in Milan in 2015. It will do so by launching initiatives for scientific, technological, economic and social research into how to eliminate and overcome the barriers that make modern energy inaccessible, and by contributing to the awareness and dissemination of good practices, case-studies and projects already in place.

Today, 1.3 billion people still do not have access to electricity. In addition, 40% of the world's population use biomass for cooking and heating, with serious consequences for health and domestic pollution, which each year result in more than a million premature deaths.

Increasing access to modern forms of energy can help facilitate the availability of food resources and drinking water, and significantly reduce the levels of extreme poverty in the world, making it a real factor in the development of humanity.

WAME will open up the debate and project participation to NGOs, government and international agencies and everyone involved in developing this issue. All participation will be scientifically tested and will be made available on the website www.wame2015.org.

"I think it is a duty and a responsibility also of the worldwide energy sector”, commented Professor Pippo Ranci, appointed Chairman of WAME & EXPO2015, “to be the driving force of the ambitious project announced by the United Nations to make access to energy universal by 2030. It is for this reason that WAME & EXPO2015 proposes to be a source of dissemination and information about this emergency and an analytical cornerstone of practical projects for breaking down the barriers standing in the way of access to modern energy. "

WAME & EXPO2015 is an important part of the topics being explored at Expo2015”, said Giuseppe Sala, CEO of EXPO2015 SpA. This initiative, along with other theme-related projects, will place EXPO2015 at the center of the global debate on the crucial issues of food, water and energy for sustainable human development."

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