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Special Issue of Tahzibul Akhlaq released

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Aligarh: “The repercussions of the first war of independence in 1857 were felt by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan distinctively from Ghalib, Karl Marx and Deputy Nazir Ahmad and it was his farsightedness, courage, humanity, honesty and vision. He realized the need for modern education for Muslims, who bore the blunt of the Britisher’s ire most”, said eminent novelist and Income Tax Commissioner, Mr. S. M. Ashraf at the release ceremony of a special issue of Tahzibul Akhlaq, a literary magazine published by the Aligarh Muslim University. He said that Sir Syed wanted progress of the community and it was impossible to achieve unless he supported the British rule as a tactic. He said that he has always held Aligarh on a high pedestal. To him, Aligarh is an ideal, idealist and idealism.

As an alumni of this University, Mr. Ashraf appealed to the teachers and students to lead a courageous life and uphold the great ideals of Sir Syed of discipline, righteousness, honesty, humility and traditional and cultural identity. He said these qualities would enlighten the hearts and minds and help in producing persons of eminence.

Presiding over the function, AMU Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brig. (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali threw light on different aspects of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s life. He said, “Sir Syed Ahmad was a patriot and believed that Allah and His messenger ordained love and respect for the country as a part of one’s belief.” He urged the students to contribute articles for Tehzibul Akhlaq so that the constructive work of the new generation could be manifested.

Prof. Kafeel Ahmad, Department of Arabic, said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is not the name of an individual but a movement. He left a great impression in every walk of life in the 19th century. His ideals and vision would remain to be relevant for all times.

Prof. Masood Ahmad appreciated the role of Dr. Abu Sufiyan Islahi, Editor of Tahzibul Akhlaq in bringing out a series of issues on “Mashaheer-e-Aligarh”. On this occasion, Brig. Ali unveiled the “Sir Syed Number” of Tahzibul Akhlaq. Prof. Shamim Jairajpuri released the sixth number of the series, “Mashaheer-e-Aligarh”, while the seventh number was unveiled by S. M. Ashraf, S. M. Tariq Mahmood and Ms. Saima Sajid. Prof. Masoodul Hasan released the book, “Sakinan-e-Muradabad to Marasim-e-Syed” authored by Sajid Naeem.

Earlier, Dr. Abu Sufiyan Islahi welcomed the guests. The program was conducted by Dr. Mohd. Ijlaluddin.

S. M. Ashraf donated Rs. One Lakh to Tehzibul Akhlaq.

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