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Launch of new global journal 'Dialogue' by LID Publishing and Duke Corporate Education

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London: In this time of austerity where some well-known publications have disappeared from newsstands, LID Publishing and the multi-award winning Duke Corporate Education (owned by the high-ranking and renowned Duke University) have taken the bold move to create a fresh, new international, quarterly journal called Dialogue with David Woods at the helm as editor. Dialogue will be available in newsstands in the U.K. or via subscription for the rest of the world along with a digital version and online presence. While a print edition is available, the emphasis will be on the digital version and online discussions.

Dialogue sees itself on par with the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and prides itself on original and practical journalism, focusing on a wide range of topics relevant to leaders in different management functions and geographic locations. The esteemed Duke University is regarded as the 'Harvard of the South' and part of 'Southern Ivy'; and is ranked 23 in the world. However, unlike the HBR, Dialogue will not have a peer review process. It wants to encourage strong debate and foster freedom of thought. So if ideas are interesting, relevant and properly referenced based on fact, they will be published without an 18-month review process, ensuring good ideas are fast-tracked.

The editor David Woods is a talented, award winning journalist, who is original and provocative. He joins Dialogue from the Mark Allen Group, where he held editor and deputy editor roles for some of their leading titles. Now in his latest position as editor, Woods is the driving force for sourcing and commissioning content for the journal as well as managing the editorial process. He wants a special focus on ‘dialogue’ itself, including discussion and an exchange of ideas and views. The first issue exclusively reveals the findings of a global survey ‘into the mind of the CEO’ disclosing the competencies needed for new world leaders.

The design, style and content of Dialogue is different, shaking up the use of colour, which adds to the editorial, drawing the mind of the reader in to the opinions and research from some of the world’s most prolific business writers. The journal pushes the reader to www.dialoguereview.com to add their opinions, to network with peers and to contribute ideas for editorial and the future content for Dialogue going forward. By no means is this an elite publication; it welcomes criticism and ideas. It wants its readers to feel part of an international community and hub of key conversations that will create catalysts for change in business.

Dialogue wants to pull down silos within companies, throughout business and across borders. The focus is collaboration. David Woods says, “In this age of globalization and diversity, no one individual, company or government has ‘all the answers’. There is a need for individuals, companies and governments to learn from each other to better understand and resolve leadership challenges. “Emerging” and “developing” markets are now more accurately referred to by economists as “growth” markets, and while the West remains a vital component of global business and leadership I believe that in the 21st Century there is much more of a need for East-West “dialogue”.

Ensuring that it leads on the East-West dynamics, Dialogue will be hosting its launch event in Singapore this December.

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