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Greek engineer designs special SIM card for Muslims

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A Greek engineer has invented a unique telephone SIM card designed especially to meet the needs of Muslim consumers.

Yannis Hatzopulos, an engineer from Greece, has designed a unique telephone SIM card for Muslims.

The SIM card includes applications such as a compass used to point to the direction of Mecca, a list of prayer times, a call to prayer and an Islamic calendar to name a few. The SIM card can be used on both smart phones and normal mobile devices.

The features included in the SIM applications toolkit can be activated and deactivated on demand.

Despite similar SIM cards being invented before, the fact that this one can work on normal phones as well as smart phones is set to make it a big competitor in the African and Asian markets.

Hatzopulos’ SIM card will be exhibited in the AfricaCOM fair in Cape Town, South Africa, on 12-14 November 2013.

Bluefish technologies will be promoting the SIM card in the Asian markets.

(Courtesy: World Bulletin)
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