Published On:15 September 2013
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Muslim organizations hold joint press conference at Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind headquarter, seek dismissal of UP government over Muzaffarnagar riots

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New Delhi: Leaders of all leading Muslim organizations including Maulana Mahmood Madani, general Secretary Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind , Dr QRS Ilyas, Member of All Muslim Personal Law Board, Maulana Nusrat Ali general secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Dr Zafarul Islam Khan president All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Dr Taslim Rahmani president Milli Political Council of India, Maulana Mohsin Taqwi, executive secretary Masjlis Ulama-e Hind, Maulana Shees Taimi Member Jamiat Ahle Hadith Hind in their combined press conference here at JUH central office ITO New Delhi unanimously demanded forthwith dismissal of Akhilesh government and establishment of president’s rule in the state claiming that the incumbent government has failed to control the deteriorating situation in trouble region and is responsible for inciting violence and abetment.

The Muslim organizations rejected the excuse of Akhilesh Kumar that riots are fall-out of conspiracies by the oppositions and asserted that opposition political parties in any political dispensation tries to destabilize the incumbent government by vitiating communal situation, creating law and order problem etc, but it is incumbent upon the ruling party to maintain law and order situation. But Akhilesh government have reasonably failed to do so, therefore this government has lost moral high ground to remain in power. The Muslim leaders maintained that more than 105 communal flares up have taken place within 2 years of this samajwadi government which are enough proves to establish the failure of any government.

Replying the queries posed by media, Maulana Mahmood Madani JUH general secretary explained away that question is not about involvement of communal forces in the violence but the real issue is abetment of the Akhilesh government and laxity on its part that 3 days passed since the conflagrations began but instead of letting down it is spreading from one area to other. He pointed out that yesterday there was no communal tension in Hapur, but today reports are coming that two persons were killed in Hapur. Appreciating the demands of Muslim leaders Madani said Muslims were not expecting that this government would remain inactive and riots will spread to interior villages and hamlets by every passing day. “It seems that Akhilesh Government wants the riots continue.” Maulana Madani figured out that thousands of villagers are fleeing their home and taking shelter in camps. “We have sent today our team to assess the situation and myself will leave by tonight to provide food and shelter for the needy. He appealed to the people to maintain peace and exercise patience. He assured them that Jamiat Ulama e hind will not leave them alone. It is the organization for the destitute people and we are right now working in Assam and Kashmir and will do our best for the people of this area without considering their religion, said Maulana Madani.

Muslim leaders also demanded immediate suspension and stern punitive action against the offials found to be negligent of their duty and their failure to discaharge their administrative responsibility. They underscored that mere transfer holding transfer is not punishment but prize.

They demanded that besides urban areas, military personnel should be deployed in the interior villages which are more prone to violence. The organizations demanded from the central government to discharge its constitutional responsibility of maintaining peace and tranquility in the troubled region and intervene for the sake of humanity.

They also asserted on the need for establishment of peace committee and appealed to the religious leaders of the majority community to come forward and stop violence.

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