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BOOK REVIEW: Brands from Muslim world changing, influencing the world of business and branding

Book: Made With - The Emerging Alternative to Western Brands
(1. From Istanbul to Indonesia)
Author: John Grant
Publisher: LID Publishing, September 2013
Available: Hardcover
Price: £19.99

John Grant's thoughtprovoking book "Made With" a wake-up call to the Western world. Brands from non-Western cultural tradition are changing and influencing the world of business and branding.

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“Made With” by John Grant is a thought provoking book and a wake-up call to the Western world, about how brands from a non-Western cultural tradition are changing and influencing the world of business and branding. The new Muslim majority countries account for many of the fastest emerging economies and have the potential to create tomorrow’s lifestyles, concepts and brands. The West and the spread of its products, culture, media and influence will not continue to dominate the world like it has for the last 100 years and “Made With” gives us a glimpse into the “Made With” exposes how the countries in the so-called Islamic “Interland” have long been undervalued culturally but that it is now harder to ignore their economic momentum.

According to Pew Research Center, one in four people alive today is Muslim and the Muslim population is growing at double the rate of other populations. These emerging markets are starting to develop powerful alternatives, taking on the prejudice that emerging markets are just playing catch-up when it comes to brands. “Made With” contains interviews with leading brand creators in locations that includes Istanbul, Beirut, Dubai, Jordan, Jakarta and many others across the Middle and Far East. All highlighting to the West, what it can learn, and apply to its own markets.

The book captures how this region has one of the world's richest aesthetic and cultural traditions to draw upon, and a distinctly non-western mindset; for instance how the region values craft and community (the 'Made' and 'With' of the title) ahead of individual personality, which dominates western branding ('Made By'). Therefore, as these economies gain momentum and confidence, their different values naturally emerge within their brands to create challengers. “Made With” is bursting with fascinating stories - from the producer of a TV show that was a hit in 53 countries, to Obama’s State Representative to the Muslim World; from pioneers of the Arabic Web scene involved in $100m+ deals, to government politicians and social activists, secular democrats and hijab wearing fashionistas.

John Grant, the author, marketing expert and leading thinker explores the ideas and views emerging from the new Muslim world, and interviews first-hand the leading creatives, entrepreneurs and marketers driving these extraordinary developments. John Grant has written five other significant books on brands and trends.

John Grant has written five other influential marketing books – including The New Marketing Manifesto and The Green Marketing Manifesto (1999).The New Marketing Manifesto was named one of the Ten Best Business Books of 1999 by Books Online. In the 90’s John was co-founder and head of strategy at creative agency St Luke’s (as featured in the Harvard Business Review and Fast Company magazine). John advises global and local clients on brands, marketing, behaviour change, strategy, sustainability and innovation. His clients have included Amazon, the BBC, Cisco, Ernst & Young, HSBC, IBM, IKEA, ING, innocent drinks, LEGO, Microsoft, Nando’s, Napster, Natura, Nokia, O2, Philips, Unilever and various departments of the UK and Swedish governments.

Book launch event will be held on 19 September 2013 at Pentagram, UK. “Made With” has already been endorsed by some of the most prominent and influential names in thought leadership and media:

"Just as when Japanese brands began to go global in the 1960s and 1970s, the rise of emerging-market brands is destined to change the world. John Grant has given us a terrific field-guide to how to understand those brands and how genuinely different many of them are." – Bill Emmott, former Editor of the Economist

"Simultaneously an ode to emerging companies in what John Grant calls the geography (and mindset) of 'the Interland' and a wake-up call to the brands of the West, Made With provides not only keen insight but also the most unique model I've ever seen. It will guide you in appealing to the authenticity people increasingly seek." – B. Joseph

Pine II, co-author of The Experience Economy and Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want

Every now and again a new book comes along, that is a must read; a Malcolm Gladwell ‘Tipping Point’ moment or a Seth Godin’s “Tribes”. “Made With” by John Grant is that book and moment.

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