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Risalat Holding company to take active part in Euro-Asia Expo 2013 international trade fair

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IMO News Service

The Risalat Holding company led by Hizbula Asuyev, the Director of the "Risalat Kadry" held a meeting with the Organizing Committee of International Trade Fair EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013 on August 19. The meeting was also attended by Irshat Yunusov, Executive Director of Non-commercial partnership “National Association of Halal industry” (NP “NASIH”) and Marat Nizamov, Chairman of Halal Standardization Committee.

Opportunities and prospects of cooperation between Tatarstan and Dagestan in the field of Halal industry were discussed during the meeting.

Representatives of Risalat Holding are interested in Halal production promotion on the market of Tatarstan. They are going to take part in EUROASIA EXPO 2013 allowing them to present production and services from the Republic of Dagestan at Trade Fair and to find new sales markets.

Irshat Yunusov said that strengthening of relationships between Tatarstan and Dagestan in a segment of Halal is a priority task; in turn NASIH can act as the general platform for development of the bilateral relations in this field between two regions.

Tatarstan and Dagestan unite common interests, and first of all in development of Halal production, noted Marat Nizamov. The important direction of cooperation between regions is development of mechanisms of production and services certification.

The Organizing Committee of EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013 hopes that cooperation between Republics of Tatarstan and Dagestan will promote Halal industry development on Russian and international market.
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