Published On:10 August 2013
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'No concept of Hajj Badal in Islam, Mullahs misguiding Muslims'

By Moulvi Saeed Siddique

Nowadays a craze is being built up to send Ajmi Muslims on Hajj and Umra with stay of up to 10 days i.e. five days at Makkah and five days at Madina with hotel, food, transportation facilities etc. accompanied by a commercial Mullah. This has become a good business. Our Ajmi or Desi Muslims as usual always show their over-love for Islam and want to over take the Arabs also in all religious matters and rituals. All this excesses take place because we lack Quranic knowledge due to reading, Tilawath and Hifz of Quran without understanding. We should therefore read the translation of Quran in our own language to understand and practice Allah's Guidance to avoid all misguidance, exploitation, excesses in rituals and relgious matters, Shirk, Bidah, sins and evils, un-Islamic customs and practices etc.

Hajj is Farz once in a life time (3:96-97) and our Prophet performed only one Hajj to set an example for his followers against excessive performances. There is no concept of Hajj Badal for some one else dead or alive and even for parents and relatives as wrongly being projected by the commercial Mullahs to make a living and misguide us on the basis of weak and unauthentic tales and stories etc. The dead neither listens or hears nor can be awakened until the Judgment day (23:100/27:80/30:52/35:22). None can bear the burden of others (17:15/35:18). Allah's words are unchangeable (10:15,64/18:27/33:62) nor challangeable. Hence all Hadiths, tales, stories, traditions sayings and practices etc. should be in conformity with the Quran. Follow Allah not Mullah.

The Mullahs also wrongly preach and confuse us that after Hajj performance all our sins are washed off automatically nowhere mentioned and supported in the Quran as such. This results in commiting more and more sins and going to Hajj repeatedly. Allah clearly say repentance (TAUBA) is not repeatedly accepted when a person continue to commit sins (4:18). There is also no concept of staying for five days or more each at Makkah for repeated Umra performance and at Medina for prayers and acceptable Dua etc. All such excesses and over-acting in religious matters and rituals due to misguidance are prohibited by Allah (4:171/5:77) but this is deliberately promoted by our vested Mullahs on the basis of weak and unauthentic Hadiths etc. which should be avoided. Allah has prohibited priesthood (57:77) as it results in exploitation of our complete Deen (5:3).

All our Muslim brethren and sisters are cordially requested to divert their funds to performing good deeds and social welfare and community work to help the poor, orphans and the needy as this will earn them reward from Allah (2:177/3:114/4:40). Follow Allah not misguiding Mullah.

As for Qurbani this is attached with Hajj performance only subject to affordability and those who can not afford are required to fast for ten days ( 3 days during Hajj and 7 days after reaching home). Please read: 2:196/22:26-37. The Hajis don't pray Eid Namaz and hence it is made a Wajib Namaz with no Azan and with no binding of Qurbani. Avoid misguidance.

Read Quran or its translation with explanation/Tafsir to underdstand Allah's Guidance on way of life to be lead by us including all the rituals etc. and follow them strictly. Allah directs us to follow only such persons (Alims, Imams, scholars, Maulanas etc.) who are righteous and following the right path of Allah and never ask for any PAYMENT/WAGES. (36:21).

[Moulvi Saeed Siddique can be contacted at trueislamss@live.ca]

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