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Association of Muslim Professionals launches its e-Newsletter ‘AMP Connect’ on Independence Day

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Mumbai: Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) launches its e-Newsletter on Independence Day, 15th August 2013. The objective of this e-Newsletter is to share key updates about AMP and its activities across the country and to motivate people to contribute with their efforts as well.

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), a fast growing NGO which aims towards working for Peace and Progress within the society, in a short span of 6 years, has already become one of the well-recognized NGO at the National level. The idea of launching the e-Newsletter is to provide key updates regarding the various projects being implemented by AMP and the various activities being undertaken by its different Chapters spread across India, so that people are not just informed but are motivated as well to contribute with their efforts for the welfare and benefit of the society by replicating these various welfare initiatives at their respective locations and bettering on the same.

The e-Newsletter was launched at a small but meaningful function at Dr. M. A. Patankar’s spacious residence at Worli, Mumbai. Dr. Patankar is a great philanthropist and a well-known social figure who is very much concerned about and committed to the cause of community welfare. The function was also attended by a select list of some other well-known dignitaries from the Social circle. Mr.Aamir Idrisi, and Mr. Syed Najeeb briefed the gathering about AMP and its various activities, elaborating on the groups’ Mission, Vision, Aims & Objectives.

Addressing the gathering during the launch Dr. Patankar said, “I am very committed to the cause of community well-being and available 24 hours for this purpose. I have heard a lot about AMP and have been observing the kind of good work they have been doing. The eNewstletter is a great initiative and it would be wonderful to have organizations such as AMP who are well spread on the National level to come and join hands with us to further the cause of community welfare through this initiative. Organizations such as AMP are a great asset for the community and the nation. My support is always there for AMP.”

Habib Fakih, senior leader in the political arena and a social thinker, said while applauding AMP, “It is good to see the kind of wonderful activities being carried out by AMP. Through their flagship program ‘SDL’ it would be great to see them create more awareness among the masses in certain fields such as judiciary, Public Services etc. where we have minimal Muslim representation. I am sure the e-Newstletter would also work as a great impetus to create such awareness as well and indeed a revolution.”

A very famous and respected figure Maulana Hassan Nadvi was also present during the event said, “It is wonderful to see these young professionals working selflessly for the cause of community welfare. The Almighty has chosen these young men for this wonderful objective and I am sure they will go a long way in benefitting mankind. My good wishes and blessings are always with them.”

Haroon Rakhangi, President of Ideal Education Movement, who was also present during the event said, “I appreciate the good work being done by AMP. We have an infrastructure of 37 locations available where we work for the welfare of students. All these are at AMPs disposal and we would like to see how well AMP can utilize the same and extent its benefit to more such students.”

Sarfaraz Arzoo, Chief Editor, Hindustan Daily said that, “The well-planned manner in which AMP is executing its task is a great way to benefit the community and do greater good to the society and the e-Newsletter is another feather in its cap and is a great source of creating awareness among people.”

Iqbal Munir Khan, Senior Manager with ADCB Bank who was also present during the event said, “It is great to know about AMP’s other flagship programs as well namely the Mentorship program and with the launch of this wonderful initiative ‘AMP Connect’ I can foresee how well it is going to benefit the community in the long term.”

Moiz Miyajiwla, Finance Secretary of Anjuman Islam said, “I have been following AMP and its activities since quite some time and now I am really impressed with this new initiative as well which can create a revolution. It is great to see organizations such as these which are a great asset to the community.

The gathering also included Dr. Imtiyaz Kondkari, Mr. Mobin Syed, Dr. Khalid and Dr. Aabid from Sai Group of Hospitals among other dignitaries who applauded AMP and its work.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Aamir Idrisi said, “Our Independence Day is always a very special day for every Indian and we have deliberately timed our launch on this day. What better day to reach out to the public than this honorable day and we are surely proud to have the eNewsletter launch coinciding with this wonderful day. This will be a great medium for us to make not just every AMPian but every individual we reach, realize his rights and duties towards the community and the society and work for the betterment of the same.” He declared further, “Our forefathers have made huge sacrifices to gift us a free country, and through our humble and sincere efforts we intend to pave the path to create a better society.”

Syed Najeeb-Ur-Rahman, said,” As a responsible organization, we have always believed in the importance of reaching out to people and keeping them connected with the kind of constructive and fruitful work we have been doing and some interesting activities we have undertaken over the period of time. People around have always been fascinated by AMP and have wanted to be kept apprised of various developments taking place.” He further emphasized, “And mind you it is not just people within India but quite a few Social welfare groups abroad who have continuously shown interest in us and the kind of work we have done and shall be doing in future, Almighty Willing! And through this endeavor we intend to not only keep the people informed but also motivate and encourage them to do their bit for the welfare of the society.”

‘AMP Connect’ is presently being published as a Quarterly eNewsletter which will be published monthly over a period of time. The AMP eNewsLetter is being designed and created completely in-house. It is being compiled by a very hard working and efficient team of AMP members led by Ms. Fouzia Khursheed Ahmad, an educationist and researcher based in Delhi and having Dr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan, Associate Professor from Jalna, Ms. Asma Khan, Asst. Professor from Solapur, Ms. Mehek Kazi, Co-Founder, Astin Studios, Pune, and Habib Siddiqui from Doha, Qatar ably assisting her as part of the editorial team. Javed Sayed, AMP’s Design Head will oversee the creatives and designs.

Through the e-Newsletter, the group will apprise people about the exciting events that have keep on transpiring within AMP from time to time. It will also include details about AMP and its milestones achieved and further educating the reader about its various projects. The ultimate objective is to create better awareness and to galvanize more and more people to work for the benefit of the community, the society, the nation and the entire mankind.

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