Published On:11 August 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Aligarh Muslim University drops its dupatta compulsion for students

Lucknow: Under allegations of moral policing, the Aligarh Muslim University withdrew its order making it compulsory for female students to wear dupatta with salwar kameez on the hostel campus as well as outside on Saturday.

As per the order, violation invited a fine of Rs 500. Besides prescribing the dress code for girls, the order also told girl students to use only one mobile phone whose number was known to their parents as the authorities believed students used their cell phones to stay connected with their male friends. It also barred them from activities such as going for a movie or eating out. The list of restrictions was put up on the notice-boards of all six hostels that make up the Abdullah Hall area of AMU. Some 1,300 students of AMU's Women's College living in these hostels were to follow the orders.

Provost of Abdullah Hall, Ghazala Parveen, confirmed the order had been revoked. "The order, with all its provisions, has been withdrawn," she told TOI. She refused, however, to speak about the reasons for its withdrawal. "I don't need to explain," she stated. The students were allowed to go out for essential shopping or meeting their family members on Fridays and Sundays. They were allowed to have a male visitor on designated days but were told not to bring them inside the hostel.

The order invited criticism from students and teachers in AMU. A female student believed that the order was suggestive of the male-female inequality inside the university. "If there has to be a uniform dress code, it should be for both boys and girls. I don't mean to say boys should wear dupatta. The order could be in terms of wearing formals," said the undergraduate girl.

Prior to the controversy, the provost defended her order stating that it didn't reflect a conservative mindset. "I am a liberal person but orders have been issued to inculcate a sense of discipline among students. They should be seen as measure to avert any indecent incident on the university campus," she told reporters. Regarding the use of cell phones, she said the university had ample proof suggesting that girls keeping more than one cell phone were using it to chat with their boyfriends. AMU spokesperson Rahat Abrar said the order was not mandatory. "It was simply an advisory for students of Abdullah Hall. It was also not issued by the university as such. But after we found that many provisions were being misinterpreted, we decided to withdraw it," said Abrar, adding that the restrictions on going out for movie or eating out have always been there and are not new.

(Courtesy: The Times of India)

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