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Security and Safety tips posted to over 2000 Mosques and Islamic Centers in the UK

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IMO News Service

London: Following the spate of attacks on British Mosques and Islamic centres after the brutal murder of Lee Rigby on the streets of Woolwich London, Faith Associates in partnership with the National Associates of Muslim Police officers (NAMP), will be sending Security and Safety Tips to all Mosques and Islamic centres in the UK.

With Ramadan fast approaching there are heightened concerns expressed by Mosque leaders about the level of security and support for Mosque congregations who will be using the facilities on a daily basis especially by women and youth.

The 10 tips and action points compiled by Faith Associates have been designed to support and protect Mosques and build awareness of measures to safeguard the centres. The document has been designed following consultation with Mosque leaders and advice from police forces.

Faith Associates as pioneers in Mosque governance and leadership development of faith leaders has been inundated with requests for help and guidance on safeguarding Mosques and Islamic centres. Its Director Shaukat Warraich who compiled the document said

“British Mosques are the symbols of Islam and British Muslims in this country, unfortunately they have come under attack following the brutal murder of Lee Rigby, however all faith communities have come together to defend and protect these places of worship which is heartening”

He also said, “The document will be sent to over 2000 Mosques and Islamic centers in the UK by post and via Mosque umbrella bodies such as the Bradford council of Mosques, Lancashire council of Mosques, UMO, West London Mosque forum, and MINAB who have endorsed this information and will use it with their affiliates”.
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