Published On:23 July 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Scholar cautions youth against indoctrination

By Muhammad Mujahid Syed

Jeddah: A visiting Indian scholar and journalist has said the Muslim youth need guidance to remain on the "correct path."

Ubaidur Rahman Qasmi, editor-in-chief of Muallim magazine, was speaking at an Iftar party organized by Molana Hifzur Rahman Academy in Jeddah.

“We, the Muslims, have differences like any other community on this planet, but we should unite for a common cause. This is the main objective of the Muallim magazine. Our present generation prefers English medium schools but the drawback is that the youth are being brain washed by an alien culture,” he said.

According to Qasmi, his English-language magazine provides Muslim youth with lifestyle guidance and portrays Muslims as productive members of society who want to live peacefully with followers of other religions.

“Islam is a religion of peace and a perfect system of life for humanity. A Muslim cannot be called a Muslim if he is not adopting the path of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Keeping this point in mind, our magazine helps English readers in this regard.

“We are aware of the challenges in the field of media and we try to adhere to the rules of professionalism and quality. We need our own English media to highlight our real condition,” he added.

Qasmi, who hails from Sultanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, is also the managing director of Blossom Media Pvt. Ltd, which he said is the only media, advisory and consultancy firm on the emerging Muslim consumer market in India.

“Differences, if not corrected on time, eat away any community like a fire,” said Bahjat Ayyub Zinjani, founder of the Hifzur Rahman Academy, Jeddah, and host of the event.

“The ulema should come forward to unite the Ummah that is suffering from divisions,” he added.

Zinjani praised Qasmi for his efforts and appealed to the audience to help him in his noble cause.

(Courtesy: Saudi Gazette)

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