Published On:19 July 2013
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Sawt Al Noor: Interactive Quran App released

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For the Ramadan, the first interactive learning of the Holy Quran based on
Voice Analysis is coming on mobiles and tablets.

Lille: Studio Redfrog in partnership with Saudi Telecom Company
STC and Intigral are proud to celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan with the release of Interactive Quran - Sawt Al Noor, the first mobile and tablet application for Tajweed learning, based on its unique and major technological innovation, Voice Analysis.

Through Voice Analysis feature, a technological innovation deployed for the first time for the Holy Quran, Muslims from all around the world will be able to enhance and improve their recitation of the Suras through exercises guided by the most renowned reader of Tajweed, Sheikh Abdul Basset Abdassamad. Tone and rhythm are detected and analysed by the application Interactive Quran - Sawt Al Noor and a percentage score detailing the right or wrong pronunciations is given at the end of each Sura.

Interactive Quran - Sawt Al Noor also offers an evolutionary teaching by explaining the main rules of Tajweed to achieve a better level of understanding. Users of the application will discover the Tafseer, or exegesis of the Verses, for a better interpretation of the Holy Quran. By a simple click on a Verse, the full explanations and detailed comments will pop up. Muslims will listen to all 114 Suras recorded in Arabic and in full HD audio. More recordings of Qaris will be available soon to listen to different versions of the Texts of the Holy Quran.

The application also allows Muslims to meet other active users via the community of Interactive Quran - Sawt Al Noor on the website and on the main social networks. They can compare the results of their Tajweed exercises, share their thoughts and tips, and discover cultural and religious
themes allowing them to grow within a community of enthusiasts.

Interactive Quran - Sawt Al Noor is available worldwide on many smartphones and tablets, for Android through Google Play, for Nokia through OVI store and on Blackberry through Appworld…. And is coming soon on Apple Appstore. Menus are available in English, Arabic and French.

For details, visit at https://www.sawtalnoor.com/

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