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Peace Foundation condemns the cowardly attack on Buddhist holy sites in Bodh Gaya

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IMO News Service

Patna: Peace Foundation, a body of Muslim intellectual of Bihar, has condemned the terror attack on the Buddhist holy sites in Gaya on July 7, 2013 morning.

Peace Foundation General Secretary, Naushad Ansari, described the brutal and cowardly terror attack on Buddhist holy site of Bodh Gaya as strongly condemnable. The gruesome incident is most inhuman and highly provocative. These attacks cannot be justified under any pretext and violates all norms of decency and morality and are, indeed, a matter of grave concern, no matter what the religion, community or social class of those engaged in it. Terrorism is also a total antithesis of religious teachings. All the religion propagates mercy and peace. Hence, any terrorist activity contradicts the basis concept of all the religions, he stated.

Mr. Ansari said that, in particular, Islam has advised mercy for all. The Holy Quran lays down that the enmity of any community should not cause the believers stray from the path of justice and peace. The Prophet said that God is merciful to those who show mercy to the mankind. Islam regards all creatures as members of God's family. In short, Islam calls for peace and justice and mercy. Under no conditions does it legitimize strife. This is why terrorism can have no link whatsoever with Islam, he emphasised.

Mr. Ansari asked the government to take serious note of continued terror tactics in India with an open mind and to make sure that the patrons of such ghastly acts are held accountable.
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