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National Flag of India designed by a Muslim Woman?

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Our national flag was designed by a Muslim woman of Hyderabad namely Suraiya Tayyabji, wife of Badruddin Tayyabji, and not by Pingali Venkaiah as is widely believed, claims the president of the Voice of Telangana, Captain L Panduranga Reddy. To substantiate his claim, Reddy cited quotations from the book, “The Last Days of the Raj” by renowned historian, Trevor Royle.

Reddy further added that no historian in early days has mentioned the name of Pingali being the designer of the tri-colour. Moreover, the book published on the centenary occasion of the year of Congress Party in 1985 has no mention of Pingali Venkaiah designing the national flag. It was Prof. Sarojini Regani of Osmania University, who in her hagiography, “Highlights of the Freedom Movement in Andhra Pradesh” (published in 1972) had written about Pingali Venkaiah designing the national flag. However, she does not cite any primary source to substantiate her assertion.

(Courtesy: Radiance Viewsweekly)
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