Published On:02 July 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

In the wake of Zafar Mahmood’s move: Modi or no Modi, BJP is not acceptable to Muslims

By Dr Javed Jamil

Dr. Zafar Mahmood’s move to present a case to Modi on behalf of Muslims is ill-fated. I couldn’t understand the logic behind the move. And more than the move itself, I am piqued by his sense of some kind of achievement that seems to be visible in his statements to the press. I know Dr Zafar Mahmood personally for quite some time. He was one of the guests in my book release ceremony of “Islam means Peace” way back in 2006. This function happened to be only a few days after the release of Sachar Committee Report. I found him a man of devotion to Islam as well as community. Since then I have been in touch with him, even if not on a regular basis. Recently we both were also part of a discussion on ETV Urdu on the Budget. In some of his articles published in Rashtriya Sahara, he seems to have positively forwarded my own concepts of “Fundamental Prohibitions” and “Applied Islamics” as discussed in my works including “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Roadmap”. My respect for him has been quite firm. It therefore surprised me when yesterday I started receiving some emails and phone calls about Dr Mahmood’s move. Initially I thought it was not a bad idea if he could tell Modi face to face about Muslims’ rejection of him and the reasons why there is absolutely no chance of reconciling with BJP unless it surrenders its ideological paradigm altogether. But when I read the news items myself, I really felt bad about the whole thing. He seems to be happy by the mere fact that Modi listened to him carefully and made some appreciative remarks. Did he expect Modi to reject his presentation in the middle of a conference at a time when there is so much speculation about his role in the coming elections?

In 1998, I organized a three-day workshop in New Delhi on “In Search of a Comprehensive Solution for AIDS”. Among the speakers was Mr K R Malkani the old BJP ideologue and the then Vice President of the party. While inviting him to speak, I made following remarks:

“Mr Malkani. You very well know what Muslims feel about BJP and why. And being a Muslim, I am very much part of the community and their feelings. But if I have still invited you to this conference, it is because I feel that your party too must be feeling concerned about the fast erosion of religious values, family system and morality in Indian society. And I felt that if instead of harping on the agenda of Hindutva, which is based less on love for Hindu Dharma than hatred for whatever Muslims do and feel, you stand up for the religious values, and against the influences of Wersternism in Indian culture, a definite change can occur in the way India is developing. But I’m sure that the forces that BJP represent will never give up their present agenda, and Muslims will never accept BJP as its party. This is no election times, and this conference is not about any political agenda. But still I will love if you give any hint of bringing all communities together against the common ills of the nation rather than pursuing the communal agenda.”

Malkani gave a powerful speech against the erosion of India’s culture, commercial sex and nudity. But there was no hint of any change in the ideological paradigm that I was talking about. Since then the BJP’s Muslim-bashing has not shown any signs of dilution. It continues to be guided not by the core elements of Hindu philosophy but by the ever increasing hatred for Muslim community and whatever they stand for. If Modi is what he is today, it is simply because he successfully presided over the massacre of Muslims in his state and could go unscathed out of it, at least in legal and political terms. Advani strengthened BJP through “Demolish Masjid” Movement, and Modi further strengthened it through “Scare Muslims Agenda”. A chance as Prime Minister, and he or someone else who may step into his shoes, would try to further step up this agenda. They know it that once they succeed in doing this, there will always be some corporates and bureaucrats who will help them in pushing a “Development” plan that will give BJP an image of an organization that works for the development of the country.

Muslims on the other hand must make it clear that, Modi or no Modi, BJP is not acceptable to them unless it openly declares a paradigm shift in its fundamental ideology of communalism. Whatever the positives of Modi, his one crime is too big to ignore. If he has any sense of pashchattap, which is a core concept of his religion, he should declare that “he will not accept any post in the Government of India till Muslims do not forgive him on their own.” And Muslims will never forgive him. But if he announces renunciation of politics, his party in future may certainly benefit from his supreme sacrifice.

I hope Dr Zafar Mahmood will clarify his stand in no uncertain terms. He must make it clear without wasting any time that he is not going to extend any olive branch to the party of hatred on behalf of Muslims. I am pretty certain his clarification will follow, and all right thinking Indians will feel relieved. If he does not come up with a clarification, Muslims of course are not going to listen to him.

[Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. He can be contacted at doctorforu123@yahoo.com or 91-8130340339]

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1 comments for "In the wake of Zafar Mahmood’s move: Modi or no Modi, BJP is not acceptable to Muslims"

  1. Dr. Huma Yasmeen

    would like to thank javed for this piece of writing.brother Mr. Zafar Mahmood
    has more credits to his name.He shares very good relationship with All whom
    Community across glob hates. I m also journalist. i used to be there in every
    function held by Zafar Mahmood under the of many of his organisations in Delhi
    and out of Delhi as well. on many occasion i got surprised to see that some
    dignitaries had come to meet him.later on some friends told me about those
    persons who had come to meet Mr. Mahmood.He is in touch with every one whom you
    do not like. he is manager rather than social worker.in fact over the years he
    had gathered the confidence that Muslims have accepted him as their leader and
    invested money in his promotion. now time has come to capitalize on these
    opportunities.he is selling community in place of commodities.Muslims has
    opened the door to welcome all monkey and donkey to become their leader.now get
    ready to pay price. at least Muslim got an online news portal like Indian Muslim Observer to expose such bad eggs in the community.

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