Published On:19 July 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Burqa symbolises Piety, Mr Modi!

They think that till Burqa is on, Mother India cannot provide them what they want.

By Dr Javed Jamil

Burqa symbolizes piety and purity. Secularism is indeed a burqa for our great nation which embellishes it and safeguards it from the piercing eyes of the enemies of its unity and integrity. But for those who want to sully the integrity of someone, burqa is an obstacle. This additional piece of cloth is to be torn apart if the piety is to be ravished. Narendra Modi and his party and the organizations that sustain him are having an eye on the Burqa of Secularism. They have been trying hard for decades to snatch the burqa and bare Mother India. They think that till Burqa is on, Mother India cannot provide them what they want.

It is truly unfortunate that the Election scene is witnessing such a shameless behaviour of a Prime Ministerial aspirant. Muslimphobia has damaged his spirits beyond repair. If “daarhi” has not yet hit his tongue, it is because he himself sports it. Otherwise, by now he would have used “Chor ki daarhi men tinka” idiom to hit his opponents.

What has started unnerving me however is that his crazy outbursts can disturb the mission of Muslims, which is to bring to the fore an agenda that favours the development of the whole nation, that empowers the deprived majority of the country including Muslims, that brings moral and security issues into focus and that ushers in a new phase of all Indians irrespective of religion, region or caste together for a strong and united India. Muslims must make sure that they set the tone of the debate rather than simply keep reacting to what the others are saying. What irks me is that Muslim organizations and Media too want only to discuss some emotive issues and cannot debate their vision of the whole country.

This is high time a high power committee of Muslim analysts be set up to guide the Community to the elections. This is also high time we finalized the Manifesto for 2014 and beyond, which presents not only Muslim specific demands but also presents Muslim Perspective of the National Development. As I have said in my “Muslim Vision of Secular India” document, Muslims in India have three statuses. They are constitutionally a minority with guarantee to rights that make them equal citizens. As an ideological bloc, they are the second largest majority, which must be in a position to influence the direction of all the policies of the country. And socially, they are part of the deprived majority. All the three statuses deserve equal attention. Right now, we are concerned only about the first, and this can only give in our hands a begging bowl. If we want to play a meaningful role in the national affairs as an empowered community, we need to focus on the other two as well. And this is the biggest challenge for the Elections 2014.

[Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including his latest, “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” and “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map”. He can be contacted at doctorforu123@yahoo.com or +91-8130340339]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on July 19, 2013. Filed under , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

1 comments for "Burqa symbolises Piety, Mr Modi!"

  1. “Burqa” were very harsh metaphor of Narendra Modi. NaMo Is losing steam he is rehearsing forfeiture. The other days analogy NaMo’s was “Guajarati Muslims are Roadkill Dogs”. That’s how Narendra Modi described Massacring Muslims in 2002 Riots. NaMo ain’t Hindu Nationalist or imbalanced Psych neither. NaMo is a Coward Political animal and Rabid Scavenger. Chaos manor is NaMo’s ticket to get Delhi next year. Talk is cheap Narendraji. If he is a man of his word I love to see NaMo repeat poppy rhetoric before Muslim Crowd. Then the underworld will be more than happy to place Billions of Dollars on NaMo’s head not only to take away Delhi from him next election but to have him a Roadkill at-large. Call 1-800-Salman-Rushdie. In this case NaMo’s Bloodmoney merely $25K. NaMo is declaring communalism war that Hindu endangered species ain’t afford neither finish nor win. NaMo is exploiting Hindu Chaos Manor to get Delhi. Let’s see how long he can go daydreaming. Back to NaMo’s nightmare Food Security Bill. Transcript is about eduqualification and the video narrative about Olympics handicap. Has deranged Narendra Modi lost his mind exposing his South Korean and Hong Kong sponsors? NaMo must sack his pollsters who’re digging his grave by luring him into stooopid imprudent stunt shows. Nateejah Tan Tan Gopal. Narendra Modi chickened-out to take such escapade venture, he knew that his tailgate will be blown-up and his corpse will be charcoal; for that reason he sent his Strabismus Morbidly OBESE Chamcha Amit Shah there to promise Deranged Hindus: ‘if we, BJP ever get Delhi next election; we’re gonna rebuild the Doomed Temple”. Even Mangeshee Baboons knew that he’s deceitfully lying chaos manor scavenger. Idiots never learn. Yesterday I noticed Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's right-hand man Amit Shah visited Ayodhya and offered prayers at make-shift Ram Temple in disputed area he prayed for construction of grand Ram temple in Ayodhya and sought blessing to free India from Congress misrule. Today Terror struck Bodh Gaya in Bihar, as 13 serial explosions rocked Mahabodhi Temple complex. Kabooam in Bihar. Quit BAGWAS Tun Tun. Go get them boys. Wow. We have Hindu Mujahideen now. Muslims are like their camels they neither forgive nor forget vice. War is decent business as Medicine. The obsequiousness is that War kill 1% [one percent] of what stooopid Doctors, Scavenging Lawyers, Seigniorage Banksters jointly murder your love ones at your expense as we speak. Terrorists ain’t murderers no mo. They ain’t wasting innocent souls no mo they just terrorize corporate urban cowards. Time is up! Standup like a man or die like a coward 1000 times [unknown]. All that is necessary for triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. [Edmund Burke]. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win [Mahatma Gandhi]

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