Published On:14 July 2013
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Bodh Gaya Serial Blasts: 'Hindutva terror forces trying to derail investigation, pressurizing agencies to implicate Muslims'

Even for those who advocate Myanmar-Muslim angle in the blast must know local Muslims of Gaya have hardly any feel for the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims.

By M Shamsur Rabb Khan

The timing of nine low intensity bomb blasts at Mahabodhi Temple is crucial. And the selection of the place is also crucial. But what is the motive behind the blasts? In the absence of any claim, we have usual speculations on mainstream TV channels and newspapers: Indian Mujahedeen (IM) is considered as suspect. This is the red herring. This means at the very outset we are trying to derail the investigation or pressurize the agencies to look into a particular direction. This is a nasty politics, not a genuine security concern. Ever since the onslaught of terrorism, vested interests have used the weapon of terror strikes to castigate blame on a community, prosecute innocent people and grab power in the name of saving the country.

Well, a place of Lord Buddha, a place of peace and a place of international tourists’ destination as the target of bomb explosions, the selection of Bodh Gaya means to allow analysts to create Myanmar-Muslim angle, with an added emphasis on IM. There is no denying the fact that the perpetrators have definite design of killing two birds with one stone: gains to someone, blame on someone. And since public opinion, due to incessant propaganda, is likely to believe in certainty that IM, which is an obscure outfit is behind the blasts, the objective is nearly fulfilled, if there is a communal divide in a state progressing on the path of development. The people of Bihar in general and Gaya in particular must understand this.

But who are the beneficiaries? The opponents of Nitish Kumar, of course. And yes, opponents of peaceful coexistence of communities. Interestingly, Prem Kumar, the former minister in Nitish Kumar cabinet, staged a protest against the visiting Chief Minister with ‘go back’ slogan at Bodh Gaya.

How, in few days’ gap, politicians change colours to become foe from friend! We can understand the BJP is fuming with anger for vengeance. Power is such a lust that politicians can go to any length; they can stage horse-trading for a political coup, they can order fake encounters for political gains, and they can hire goons to trigger large scale pogrom for the government chair. All these have happened in India. If the people of Gujarat could side with Naredra Modi, a man who presided over the killings of thousands of innocent people, then the people of Bihar must side with Nitish Kumar, a man who showed how to take a state towards progress.

Even for those who advocate Myanmar-Muslim angle in the blast must know local Muslims of Gaya have hardly any feel for the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims. And if killing of citizens of Myanmar is the motive by local Muslims or IM it should have been carried out during Annual 9-day Buddhist Congregation when the casualty could be huge. But that does not seem to be the purpose. Rather to create an atmosphere of lawlessness and insecurity – the two vital issues Nitish Kumar have handled very efficiently – is the prime motive. Linking six-seven months old intelligence report to the current blasts is also a wild conjecture, which creates an opinion that the plot was hatched well before the current political breakup.

The use of crude bombs shows the small players acted on behalf of their local masters. This means fewer casualties and more publicity to vitiate the peaceful environment. Unfortunately, we, as in many cases before, will never be able to see the behind-the-curtain masters even if small players are prosecuted. Bomb blast, like the divide and rule policy of the erstwhile British Raj, in many instances has been an excuse to corner a government, sideline a community, create a global order and divide people to garner votes. And like the US, the BJP, a party in search of an issue badly, has been busy in creating a monster. Muslims, via IM, is the monster for the public that they have to defeat by voting for the BJP.

No doubt, Bihar is simmering on the political turf. And the able Nitish Kumar seems vulnerable. He faces tough time. He has to silence his opponents. He has to maintain the law and order. Right now the biggest challenge for him is to contain the divisive forces ready to spread their tentacles in order to create general disturbance in the state. The CM has to deal with a party whose dictum is: ‘either your are with us or against us’. Nitish Kumar has had much of the bonhomie, now is the time to face the music. Winter will certainly be hot if the CM fails to nip the villains in the bud.

Apart from condemnation of bomb blasts, let there be a fair investigation. The perpetrators must be handed over the maximum punishment. But there is a request: no L K Advani or Rajnath Singh should stand up in support if any Assemanand or Sadhvi is named, or no Mohan Bhagwat should announce that Hindu cannot be a terrorist if a Hindu is chargesheeted.

[M Shamsur Rabb Khan is a native of Gaya and currently based in Saudi Arabia. He is a Writer and has extensively written articles for newspapers, magazines and websites. He can be reached at samsur.khan@gmail.com]

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