Published On:30 June 2013
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SPECIAL REPORT: Land mafia in Bihar out to grab land of Muslim widow, family members slapped cases under SC/ST Act

By Our Correspondent

New Delhi: In a shocking and heart rending incident, the land mafia in Bihar along with the support of district administration and police are making all efforts to grab the land of a Muslim widow Zahida Khatoon wife of late Abdul Gaffar, village Mahua Mukundpur, Thana Mahua district Vaishali Bihar. Her family members have also been framed in false cases and SC/ST Act slapped in order to compel them to voluntarily leave the land. And, all this is being done under the so-called secular government of Nitish Kumar.

Ms. Janvi Sharma, National Secretary & Office Coordinator of World Human Rights Protection Association (WHRPA), recently staged protest demonstraton along with her colleagues at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. "The 'secular' Chief Minister should immediately order an inquiry into the incident and punish the culprits including those in the district and police administration involved in harassing the Muslim widow and her family members and shielding the land mafia. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should also protect the interest of minority Muslims in Bihar," demanded Ms. Sharma.

According to Ms. Jhanvi Sharma, the heart rending story of Muslim widow Zahida Khatoon is as follows:

Widow Zahida Khatoon has been living on aforesaid address for last 50 years. She belongs to a poor family and has been still cultivating the land to fend for her living and those of her family members. A number of buildings have been constructed all around her land. Now, land mafia is targeting her as the land in that area has become costly.

For last six months the land mafia has intesified their efforts to grab the land. Failing to gain success in their motives, they have now sarted constantly harassing her, beating family members and threatening to kill them.

Widow Zahida Khatoon have been reporting the incident to district administration and Bihar Chief Minister, but no action is being taken. On 9th Febuary 2013, she wrote a letter to the DGP Bihar and SP Vaishali in this regard.

On 21 March 2013, the land mafia along with their goons and the support of Thanedar came on the land and looted Widow Zahida Khatoon's home and destroyed the cottage and attempted to kill the family members. In that course, goons beat all family members and stabbed Zahida's son Mehtab Alam and daughter-in-law. They were hospitalized.

After some days her son and daughter-in-law were granted leave from the hospital. Her son's injury was serious.

After several denial from the police, FIR was lodged. FIR No. 74/13 dated 21 March 2013 under Mahua Thana. The police was completely reluctant in filing the FIR and naming land mafia.

In the case Abhishek Chaoudhary, Rajesh Soni, Mukesh Rai, Suraj, Manto Choudhary and Amit were named under IPC, 147, 447, 341, 323, 307, 379, 427, 504, 506, and 354. But no arrest was made and the culprits are hovering around them freely. The police is completely hand in gloves with land mafia in the district.

After registration of FIR, when land mafia saw that they will be caught, on the very next day, they brought Sudhir Choudhary son of Narendra Parsad Choudhary who belongs to SC/ST community and lodged a false case of brawl between the sons of Zahida and Sudhir Choudhary. They case was lodged with the support of police and under the complete supervision of high ranked officer against them.

In his statement, Sudhir Choudhary says that he was beaten by Mehtab Alam, Mohd. Ladle and Khusbu Khatoon and others. He also alleged that they abused him.

On March 24, 2013, police registered a case under SC/ST Act-3 under secssion 389, 147, 149, 341, 323, 427 and 148.

The case was registered against Zahida's sons and family members to bring them down as to make them week financial and morally.

Police made the case true and arrested Mehtab Alam and Mohd. Ladle in the wee hour on 10th June 2013 and produced in the court and sent them to jail till now they have not been grated bail and police and land mafia is putting press on Widow Zahida Khatoon to leave the land and get her sons bailed. In this regard, several complains were written to SP Vaishali, but he is not heeding to them.

It is extremely painful that when Zahida sons were beaten and stabbed, no arrest were made and when a false case was registered, their sons were arrested and put behind the bar. It is done to grab her land.

Ms. Janvi Sharma has demanded that this case should be investigated by a sitting Judge of High Court to know the facts and bring the real culprit who is playing the game to snatch the land of Widow Zahida Khatoon. "The fact of the matter is that for grabbing the land SC/ST law is misused," she said.

Ms. Sharma said that the inquiry will bring out the facts and effective steps be taken to take strict action agains the land mafia in the district and bring them under control.

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