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02 June 2013

Pew survey finds Muslim internet users have more favorable view of Western culture

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Washington: The latest international Pew Research survey released Friday found that Muslim internet-users abroad had a more favorable opinion of Western culture but did not impact their faith.

The poll across 39 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East found a median of 18 percent of Muslims respondents access the world-wide-web at home, for work or during school. But internet use varied widely geographically, ranging from just two percent in Afghanistan to almost 59 percent in Kosovo.

The poll honed in closely on the views of Muslims in 25 countries and found those that go online were more likely to enjoy Western entertainment, including movies, music and television and "somewhat less inclined to say that Western entertainment is harming morality in their country," according to Pew in a statement. These findings remained constant regardless of age, education or gender.

The difference between internet users, who tended to be younger and higher educated, and non internet users were significant in countries like Kyrgyzstan, Senegal, Russia and Indonesia, with Muslim internet users at least 30 percent more likely to have a positive view of the Western entertainment.

While the poll found the internet did not make much difference in Muslims' interpretations of their faith, the internet-savvy "somewhat more likely" to see common ground between Islam and Christianity.

(Courtesy: KUNA)

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