Published On:16 June 2013
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Designer burqas catch Muslim girls' fancy in Patna

By Anisha Anand

Patna: "Veil in, but in style," this seems to be the latest slogan of city's Muslim girls whose newest choice is designer 'burqas' or 'nakaabs'. To get some extra points for their style quotient, they are ready to shell out extra bucks.

Recently Rahila Badar, in her mid-20s, got for herself a designer burqa all the way from Kanpur to attend a cousin's wedding here. She did not rue even for a moment the Rs 8,000 she spared for a gown which would actually cover completely her equally expensive dress inside.

"We cannot flaunt our dresses, so we desire that the burqa speaks for the value of the dress inside," said Badar, a resident of Anisabad. In fact, there are many like her in the city who go for designer and expensive nakaabs. Whereas Rahila's fancy is for plain black gown with rich thread embroidery, Aisha Nasreen, who was spotted at a garment shop near Sabzibagh, chose a burqa with heavy stone work. "While going to a wedding, if I wear a sari worth Rs 10,000, the nakaab should at least be of Rs 5,000," said Nasreen.

In fact, till some years ago, burqa was mostly used by women belonging to a particular age group, but now young girls too have developed a fad for this dress, particularly designer burqas, available in the market in plenty. "At my place, wearing burqa is mandatory, but I dreaded doing so as a teenager. But now, when I have choices galore, I happily don one, which I got from Saudi Arabia recently. They give me a graceful look," said Ambreen, a college goer.

The market is catering to the fashion quotients of the likes of Ambreen. At Mushtaq Ahmad's shop located at Sabzibagh, one may get burqas of various designs and colours ranging from Rs 300 to Rs 2,500. "Burqas are not manufactured here. We get them from Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Kanpur, and even the expensive ones are in great demand," said Ahmad.

Their prices vary depending upon material and pattern, explained Mohib Ul Haque. "The one with zarkan work is liked mostly by women for its sheen, but one with light American Diamond work is a favourite of young girls," said Haque. At his place, around two to three expensive pieces worth Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 find buyers every day.

Though the local market has choices galore, a Kankarbagh resident, Nishat Afrin, prefers placing order for burqas from gulf countries. "I have five burqas, three from Dubai and two bought locally. Those bought from Dubai are very elegant and comfortable, for they are specially designed for hot climate," said Afrin.

(Courtesy: The Times of India)

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