Published On:30 June 2013
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Deifying Narendra Modi: Miscalculations of the Coronation

By Dr. Amna Mirza

The applauses and celebrations at the BJP national executive meeting at Goa indeed sent vibrations all throughout the nation as the polity gears up for 2014 elections. Right from conspicuous absence of the right wing stalwart who led the party from a mere figure of two seats up to 182, alias L.K.Advani, and others like Uma Bharti, Yahswant Sinha owing to several reasons, the meeting caught up the attention of the masses in terms of the new brigade to watch out for. The much awaited decision finally came on the holy Sunday where Goa once again proved lucky for the incumbent Gujarat Chief Minister Narendre Modi (who was given charge for Gujarat in 2002 at Goa only) was made the chief for election campaigns in five states and at Union level.

The purpose of this writing is debate the iconization of Modi which needs to be contested. As far as it is an internal party matter to augment the vote share, the much hyped elevation of Modi sounds fine, but translation of it at realm of management of affairs of the nation is something which lacks logic and acumen.

Modi has seldom refused to talk about the contentious infamous Godhra riots which were by any standard a stigma on humankind. He often claims that he is misjudged by the media and civil society.

Though he may proclaim to be a leader which appeal to the global for a, one cannot also overlook instances where he was denied visa on pretext of his utter disregard for respect for communal harmony in the past. Development cannot be only plank from his armoury to shield him against this crude reality of being a mute spectator in process to destroy the united fabric of the society.

In the course of time, one may expect Modi to apologise and express remorse over the massacre of several thousand innocents. However, one citizenry is wise enough now to differentiate between honesty and opportunistic stunts to garner votes.

It is expected for the opposition to criticise the government. However, to locate the cause of all ills of the nation at the door of Congress, constant scorn and humour at office of Prime Minister and United Progressive Alliance chairperson smacks of absence of critical analysis. At his coronation speech, there was no word about his vision is for the nation. It is easy to criticize but herculean to present a solution. Further, looking at colossal problems facing the country which are of varied nature, it will be foolhardy to assume that a magic wand in one’s hand shall rectify them over night.

At the start of his fourth term, he voiced out his desire to rule over the nation so as to serve the motherland. The contentious problem with this ambition is that he is a polarising factor. The Sangh Parivar is against him. He seems to have subordinated the party so as to reach out at the top.

When one cannot contain the own house in order at the micro level as seen from abstaining of the dissenting voices at the Goa meet, the agenda to call the shots at macro level smacks of a shortsighted approach. An ambitious boy from a humble family, but today his invincibility seems to be the weakness.

The aura of Modi was about tough decisions and straight talk. However, today we need to contextualise Modi in a realm away from Gujrat. If the beginning of Modi is being dubbed as end of Vajpayee-Advani era, then one has to factor in that whether Modi be able to nurture consent amongst the varied nature of demands. If he cannot carry the entire team at the beginning, the remaining part of the story to come presents a bleak picture. This raise serious doubts and concerns that whether the staunch Modi identity is diluted in this process.

He may be first amongst equals at the state level. One has to prevent oneself from committing the fallacy that what may be applicable at particular shall apply to the general at large. Today India is way much heterogeneous than ever before. Coalition bargaining is a tough game. The brand Modi is yet to test the taste of the time- vis-à-vis other regional steadfast like Nitish Kumar in Bihar, Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu, or match up to the likes of resolute allies like Akali Dal in Punjab, Shiv Sena in Maharashtra to be the face of the government. There are states like Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, North east where his aura of the urban rising Gujarat may not cut the ice, owing to differences in customs, terrain amongst others.

In the limited way that one saw Modi as the face of the main opposition party in India, the analysis is far from away from giving him brownie points. He has been using a ‘pick and choose’ approach which may not work now. For instance, at the time when Uttar Pradesh state elections needed a leader, he did not campaign. In states like Himachal Pradesh where he was at front, the party had to concede to defeat. In recent Gujarat assembly elections also, there was increase in vote percentage share for the Congress.

So, as the electoral battle lines are being drawn, let us sit back to chalk out the errors of judgement in this anointment.

[Dr. Amna Mirza is Assistant Professor at University of Delhi. She can be contacted at amnamirza2002@gmail.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on June 30, 2013. Filed under , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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  1. "another article full of "non sense"....MODI WILL BE THE PM, ANNA, YOU WILL NOT STOP HIM NO MATTER HOW MUCH DIRT YOU THROW AT HIM....

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