Published On:10 May 2013
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Pork found in halal school burgers in UK

The Federation of Muslim Organizations has expressed shock over the contamination.

London: Traces of pork have been found in halal burgers served in schools in Leicester, prompting Muslim groups in the UK to consider legal action.

Leicester City Council said the tests were carried out as a result of the horsemeat scandal and now the frozen burgers have been withdrawn from schools in the East Midlands city.

"The community will be extremely shocked and distressed to learn of the contamination that has taken place," said a spokesperson from the Federation of Muslim Organizations (FMO).

"The FMO is working closely with the local authority and calling on them to take legal action in respect of this contamination and would urge the local authority to instigate criminal proceedings against the company involved under the Food Safety Act.

"The FMO feel that such a prosecution would be in the public interest and would send a clear message to all businesses in this sector that contamination will not be tolerated," he added.
The test batch of frozen burgers were manufactured by Doncaster-based Paragon Quality Foods Limited in January and the company has not commented on the scandal so far.

"I am appalled by this situation. It is disgraceful that none of us can have confidence in the food we eat," assistant city mayor Vi Dempster, adding that letters had been sent to 6,000 families that could have been affected.

"We should all be able to have confidence in the food we are eating and clearly this is a particularly sensitive matter for the Muslim community and we recognise that," she added.
The Food Standards Agency and Doncaster Metropolitan Council have launched their own investigations and further tests will be taken of the remaining stock, Leicester city council said.

(Courtesy: The Times of India)

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