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17 May 2013

NHRC acts on Mission Bhartiyam appeal, seeks report on communal riots from Rajasthan government

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IMO News Service

New Delhi: National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has finally acted on the appeal of Ravi Nitesh on behalf of Mission Bhartiyam and asked Rajasthan government to sumbit a report on a series of communal violence. The NHRC has directed the Rajasthan gvernment to submit is report within a month.

Communal violence took place in Nimaj town of Jaipur in the last week of April after which curfew was imposed. It was reported that jeeps and bikes were damaged and set a fire, several houses and shops also get damaged.

"Though I do not have any doubt over the administration, but I also want to appeal to NHRC to look in the 'series of communal violence' taking place in Rajasthan. As per reports, case in Nimaj is the sixth such incident in April alone. Similar cases have been reported over the last three weeks from Sanganer, Makrana, Sarwar, Udaipur and Baran, " said Ravi Nitesh.

Mission Bhartiyam has demanded for a fair investigation and reasons of series of communal violence and compensation to victims.

"These incidents on one side responsible to loss of lives and materials, injuries and deforming social harmony, it automatically becomes the matter of human rights violations where responsibility of state matters to provide a safe environment for all, to provide justice to victims and to prevent such incidents," said Mr. Nitesh.

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