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13 May 2013

IMO EXCLUSIVE: Gujarat Muslim brothers invent Magnetic Fly Wheel for vehicles

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By Danish Ahmad Khan

New Delhi: In a remarkable achievement two Muslim brothers from Gujarat Ayubkhan Babi and Liaqatalikhan. Babi have invented a new magnetic device which promises to save the world from global warming and climate change.

The newly invented "Magnetic Fly Wheel", as the device is currently named, is also aimed at air pollution control as well as fuel efficiency.

Ayubkhan Babi said that he has already applied for the patent of "Magnetic Fly Wheel" vide Application No. 1397/MUM/2010.

Mr. Babi claims this invention to be the first of its kind in India, and probably the world.
The two brothers have electrical and mechanical engineering. They also have keen interest in the history of Islamic Science and Technology.

The invention is based on kinetic motion energy by rotating magnetic field. Mr. Ayubkhan Babi said that the invention would significantly help in saving fuel by 10 to 50 percent. It also helps in reducing pollution by 50 percent. The invention would also help save engine from warming and saves engine oil for a long time. The invention would also help save earth from global warming and climate change.

"The basic purpose of this invention is to save fuel, increase performance, increase average approximately 10 to 30 percent, pollution remains under control, reduces engine load and reduces warming of the engine," said Mr. Ayubkhan Babi.

The magnetic fly wheel device can be used in cycles, scooters, cars, buses, trucks, electric vehicles, electric motors, water pumps, handicap cycles, wind mills, generator sets, railways, earth movers equipments, agricultural equipments, and other kinds of movable machines.

The magnetic fly wheel device can be applied on either front or rear wheel without any changes in the model or engine. With the use of this device the vehicles have no jerks, are vibration free, gain extra pick up, and significant reduction in physical stress.

[Danish Ahmad Khan, a Delhi-based Journalist, is Founder-Editor of IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at indianmuslimobserver@gmail.com or on his Mobile # +91 9868778453]

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