Published On:10 May 2013
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Funding For Higher Education in England For 2013

By Sarah

London: The government of the United Kingdom is committed to transform higher education in the country by increasing its funding. The year 2013-14 is the second year of the great transition to new funding arrangement in England. The major aim of the transition is to improve in all areas of higher education.

The body responsible for the funding of higher education is the Higher Education Funding Council for England that is HEFCE. With the new funding arrangement with the council is committed to strengthen the teaching and the learning environments in higher schools. It is also determined to enhance wider participation and bring about quality assurance in the tertiary education system in the country.

The authorities fully understand the great role research could play in the transformation of the society.

That is why it is encouraging investment in research. The high emphasis paid by the government in the funding of higher education in 2013 is because of the key role education especially higher education could play in the economic and social growth. The industrial and development strategies of the government could be best achieved through effective support and better funding for higher education.

In 2012-13 fiscal years the government showed its commitment to higher education funding. In 2013-14 the government is doing better. The council is going to distribute more than four billion pounds for higher education in England. Teaching has continued to receive the attention of the authorities as more than two billion pounds are invested in teaching. The amount is slightly below that of 2012-13.

This is because of the decline in the number of students who entered higher education through the old regime. Many of those who entered through the old system have completed their studies. The funding arrangement under this new regime is beneficial to the students because their income would increase from what it was last year. Sufficient amount of money was mapped out for the widening participation and for student retention for 2013.

The teaching allocation is extended to postgraduate students. This is helpful for those students who are not qualified for the public tuition fees and loans. This is to make things easier for everybody in high schools in England.

The attention of the authorities is focused on research funding. More than one and half a billion pounds were mapped out for research this year. The same amount was given out last year. The aim of the funding arrangement is to sustain research. The focus would be on several areas of research such as the mainstream research, research degrees, charity research funding, and business research funding as well as the national research libraries. All these areas are receiving the government attention with an increase in funding.

A substantial amount of money was spent on knowledge exchange in 2012. More than the amount that was spent last year would be spent this year. This is the way the government would stimulate the economic growth in the country. Growth would only come through the exchange of educational ideas.

There is improvement in the funding of higher education in England in 2013. The learning environment has greatly improved. More funds were made available for research. Many students are gaining from the system as their incomes have increased tremendously since last year. There is an increase in the support extended to postgraduate education and to the Europeans studying in the country after obtaining the UK passport.

[This article has been written by Sarah, a professional blogger. She is interested in finance and politics and she has been writing articles on several such categories. Her hobbies include painting and reading, during free time. Her interests are researching on passport and visa services and writing reviews on them. She can be contacted at sarah.cromptongp@gmail.com]

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