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BOOK REVIEW: Da’wah – A theological response to global disorder, reveals mystery of an Occult

This book follows how Shaheed suddenly find himself confronted with strange and curious occurrences that turned his ordinary life around

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New South Wales (Australia): The occult forces are ruling the planet. Humanity is on the brink of complete destruction being influenced by these antagonist forces. In Muhammad Inam Al-Haqq’s new publication, Da’wah - A Theological Response to Global Disorder, Shaheed finds himself flooded with odd happenings one after the other. His once normal life isn’t so normal anymore.

…..Finally, he was brought before the FBI in the form of a non-uniformed officer. Shaheed’s first impression of this person was that he appeared likeable. He was not aggressive or angry like the security officers; rather, he had a surprisingly friendly nature. Having concluded the initial introduction and chatting on unrelated matters, Shaheed felt this officer might give him the benefit of the doubt, instead of treating him like a potential terrorist. To Shaheed’s astonishment, the officer even offered him a cup of coffee, which he gladly appreciated and accepted…

It all started when Shaheed took a trip to a famous island. His local friend introduced him to a miracle stone which a thousand-year old legend stated that if a person touches this stone and wishes for love, his or her prayer will be miraculously fulfilled. A month later, he met a young, vibrant girl over the Internet. The girl, however, has this weird belief in astrology. She believes that if she proceeds with her current affair with Shaheed, she will end up marrying twice. They went on separate way, but emotional Shaheed progressively developed a belief that the event of meeting this girl was not merely a romantic adventure. He began to conduct research about astrology which opened a door to occult world.

Shaheed realised that the mystical journey he had started with the aid of astrology now appeared to be a part of his life which kept unveiling numerous mysteries surrounding him. Having completed his project, Shaheed sensed a mysterious power beginning to communicate with him through various means. He began sensing how thoughts could become entities. Sometimes he would hear something out of the blue; sometimes he would receive strange emails that narrated his past, present and future.

This odd and puzzling event keeps unfolding in Shaheed’s life, and more than ever, he wants to dig in into this mystery and find out why. He believes this occult rule must come to an end. Da’wah, a theological response, has all of the merit and strength to challenge this, forcing the occult to reveal its true character.

…..Indeed, changes did occur in Shaheed’s personal life. His lifestyle began to be in order. He remarried and was endowed with wonderful children. He engaged once again in a stable job and established a productive social network. He felt free from the influence of an occult power in his individual life. He often worried, however, that this freedom may only be temporary and that the giant was already out there, roaming around freely. Every day, innovative mechanisms are created to lure humanity fall into the trap of this evil power.

Moreover, in his research, he was quite convinced that the current global community, altogether, was under the spell of an occult power, which had brought this humanity to the brink of an eternal destruction. Shaheed had become restless again and undertook a project on encountering occultism. He was convinced that in order to challenge this occult power theology was an appropriate antidote however a sound theology which was tested and empowered with right merit and strength…

Highly intriguing and thought-provoking, Da’wah - A Theological Response to Global Disorder, will get the readers curious and eager to find out the mystery surrounding the occult, as well as race awareness on the potential destruction that it may bring to mankind. This book is a distinctive melting pot of love, occultism, politics and theology.

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[Muhammad Inam al-Haqq is a passionate researcher of Islam and politics. He completed graduate diploma in Islamic Studies from University of New England and earned his Masters in International Relation from University of New South Wales. Also he holds Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business Management. He lives and works in Sydney. This is his first novel. He can be contacted at enam1@yahoo.com.]

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