Published On:06 April 2013
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Solidarity in Muslim community: The Spirit Of Islam

By Shaukat M Zafar

Social solidarity is one of the principles that Islam has established to enable man to lead a decent life. Solidarity among Muslims is a Shari‘ah-based obligation, enjoined by Allah Almighty in the Qur’an and in the Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace and Blessings Be upon Him). The greatest obligatory duty in this time is to work for the Islamic Unity. The Islam has brought important duties and rules which result in Mutual Assistance. Islam is a religion of brotherhood, kindness, cooperation and solidarity. Social Solidarity in Islam is one of the bases of society through which it can achieve its permanent happiness, goodwill, security, unity, and peace. Simply, each member of society should help those in need so that they can lead even the least decent life and meet their basic needs.

Just as loyalty and sincere devotion to Allah, brotherhood and solidarity are the important attributes of believers. In order to preserve this brotherhood and that mutual love, Islam introduced matter that maintains the human dignity of the society by imposing the amount by which the poor’s need could be met. Each male and female Muslim should take into consideration the fact that the whole Muslim Nation, both individuals and Governments, have the responsibility of solving the crisis of poverty, corruption, and iniquity suffered by millions of Muslims all over the Islamic World. We should take the initiative and encourage one another to enhance social solidarity. Thus, we would be able to be absolved by God on the Day of Judgment as we exert every effort to enhance donation and justice, which is the least of faith.

The Qur’an tells that all believers are brothers; they are the people sharing the same feelings who strive for the same end, adhere to the same book and struggle to reach the same goal. 
The Prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “He is not a believer who goes to bed having eaten his fill while his neighbour remains hungry and he is aware of that fact.” Also, He (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “If someone grows hungry among residences of a town, God and His Messenger will reject them.” Simply, each member of society should help those in need so that they can meet their basic needs. The Almighty Allah says: O ye who believe! Spend out of (the bounties) We have provided for you, before the Day comes when no bargaining (will avail), nor friendship nor intercession. Those who reject Faith- they are the wrong-doers (Al Baqra Verse 2:254).

As a servant, any Muslim possesses true sincerity and helps the poor and needy, even if he himself is in need, even giving up the things he loves (Surat al-Insan: 8). In Surat adh-Dhariyat: 19, which reads, “And beggars and the destitute received a due share of their wealth,” Allah has revealed that rendering assistance, helping others and doing good are all incumbent upon Muslims. Today the world of Islam is in an exceptional situation. There are about one and half billion Muslims having unique environmental, geographical, natural and human capacity could form a great and united group, but are divided. Muslims are facing persecution and subjected to killing like what is happening to the Muslims in Myanmar, and Palestinians. Western colonial powers are still looting the riches of the Muslims.

All Islamic nations must be united. Strenuous efforts should be made to help upgrade religious solidarity and dialogue among Muslim nations across the globe. Excellence in knowledge, research and innovation is imperative for the Muslim world to reclaim its rightful place in the international arena. Islamic world must defeat injustice and counter extremism through a unified solution and urged all Muslims to embody the values of Islam. Our Religion, our nation, our countries can only be protected from all kinds of dangers and enemies through the enormous Power generated by the religious brotherhood and solidarity of Muslims.

(Courtesy: Pakistan Observer)

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