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Shakir Ali awarded with “Best Upcoming Digital Marketing Academy in Andhra Pradesh”

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Hyderabad: eMerchant Digital Academy, an enterprise of eMerchant Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd has been awarded with “Best Upcoming Digital Marketing Academy in Andhra Pradesh” for the year 2013 in Education Excellence Award Ceremony organized by Brands Academy on 13th of April 2013 in New Delhi. Shakir Ali, CEO eMerchant Digital Academy, was honored with this prestigious award by AdGuru Prahlad Kakkar in the presence of many globally reputed identities on an international platform for his contributions in education sector. The ceremony was organized at ITC Maurya in New Delhi.

Brands Academy is one of India’s leading brand management and consulting firm which organized Brands Academy Education Excellence Awards Ceremony on April 13th to felicitate India’s leading autonomous and private educational institutions that have displayed exemplary excellence as education providers to the young generation of India. The awards were based on a comprehensive market research study and opinion surveys considering various criteria, but are not limited to infrastructure, faculty, placements, strength of students, annual growth, student’s feedback, and industry feedback. This award is a medium to recognize the achievements of people who dedicate their lives to young generation and showcase the valuable work and innovation in Indian classrooms.

Shakir Ali has been awarded with Education Excellence Award for his initiation with eMerchant Digital Academy which is first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh to train students as well as small and medium scale industries for their economic growth and business expansion in the digital world. The academy aims at enabling people and enriching them with skills that is required for successful ecommerce today with untapped competition on the web. This academy gains an edge over other institutions being led by Shakir Ali who was recently awarded with “Award for Eminent Educationist” by one of the globally recognized firm. Further adding to his credibility, this award declares eMerchant Digital Academy as the best amidst the rest in this category and geography.

The recognition of eMerchant Digital Academy as the best upcoming digital marketing academy in Andhra Pradesh is a cornerstone in its history and an inspiration for many other institutions which will aim for even higher standards.

Shakir Ali taken away by this honor, acknowledges the commendable efforts made by Brands Academy in motivating private and autonomous institutions in promoting excellence in professional education in India. His out-of-the-box approach in running a professional institution has led him harvest these sweet results, their recognitions, and demand even much beyond his expectations. “Heading an Academy governed by values and one that aims at imparting practical knowledge rather than distributing certificates of completion is my aim which is slowly taking shape with even bigger promises for the future” are the words of Mr. Shakir on this milestone of his achievements.

By organizing seminars, attending conferences, and meeting people of different fields and professions, Shakir Ali has always welcomed new ideas, inspirations, and strategies which get reflected in his Academy that invites all willing to bring a difference in their businesses. It imparts knowledge and enables everyone to learn from big corporate houses to a small start-up company, from a big marketing strategist to an individual willing to run his own marketing campaign. This diversity, yet an approach of equality for all interested in learning has probably brought eMerchant Digital Academy to such a huge platform. With focus on quality education and a service to Indian educational sector, eMerchant Digital Academy has to march a long way serving more states in India and abroad.

For more information visit www.emerchantacademy.com or call Shakir Ali at 09849256286.

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