Published On:13 April 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Senior AMU alumni demand healthcare and modern schools facilities in most neglected Okhla minority cluster in Delhi

By Parwez Mohammad & Mohammad Aslam

Okhla (New Delhi): A group of senior alumni of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) based in Delhi region has demanded that the Ministry of Family Welfare and Human Resources Development Ministry, Government of India, take effective steps to set up a well equipped central hospital and two central schools in the most neglected Okhla minority cluster in the very backyard of corridor of power in Delhi.

The Okhla minority cluster has a dense population of more than 1 million, and is without any basic facilities of healthcare and good school education. This neglect despite the fact that healthcare and education are a very high priority sectors for the Government of India.

There are enough UP Government land available in their neighbourhood, and if the Govt. of India is sincere then both the ministry can write a letter to UP Govt to transfer this land for these vital services. Any available govt land in any neighbour of a population has a right to demand for the very basic services. These vast tracts of available land within the irrigation ministry of UP Govt have no use for any irrigation department purpose and this is matter of willingness for the Central Govt of Delhi to demand this land for their optimal use.

The Group of AMU has taken a responsibility to further pressurise the Govt of the day in UP to transfer to the both the ministry once the ministries will write a formal letter to the Govt of UP with full plan of utilization of lands for the purpose of creating health and education infrastructure. The majority of the population of this Okhla region is the lower middle class rural migrants from UP and there is no reason for denying this legitimate demands by the Central Govt in Delhi to provide these basic facilities for the migrants population of the UP.

This group of AMU Alumni is going to meet Health and Family Welfare Minister Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad and Minister of Human Resource Mr. M. M. Pallam Raju soon to place these formal demands with clear time-line for implementation and would like to invite both these minister to visit this region to understand the worst conditions of the people living without basic health and education infrastructure facilities.

This group of AMU Alumni has firm view that younger generation of Muslim Indians are only concerned about Modern Education, Health, Employment and Rule of Law and we are no way interested to invest all our energy in Babri Mosque, Personal Law, Triple Talaque and Urdu etc.

[Parwez Mohammad and Mohammad Aslam can be contacted at parwez.mohammad@gmail.com]

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