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Provisions of RTI Act should not be misused: Dr. Samdani

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By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: “Right to information Act is meant for the weaker sections of the society especially dalits, minorities and the backward classes of the country. It is very beneficial for them and due to this Act the poor and backward sections of the society are in a position to get more and more information and become aware of their status in the society”.

The above observation was made by chief guest Dr. Shakeel Samdani of Department Of Law, Aligarh Muslim University, while speaking in a workshop on Right to Information Act, 2005. The Workshop was organised by Aligarh College of Education and Aligarh College of Engineering and Management, Chherat, Aligarh, a Press release said.

Dr. Samdani reportedly said that India is a democratic country and in democracy every citizen has a right to know that how and where the public money is being spent by public representatives and government officers. Whether this money is being used properly or misused by them? By just spending Rs.10 a citizen can obtain information worth millions of rupees. This is a revolutionary Act of 21st century and it should be used and respected by everyone living in this country, he added.

He further said that due to this Act many scams are being unearthed and corrupt persons are being exposed. The days are not far off when the corrupt people will be exposed fully.
While discussing the weaknesses of the RTI Act, Dr. Samdani said that in addition to public authority the Act should cover private bodies also, because in the era of globalisation and privatisation the private sector is also playing a significant role in our country. He said that some dishonest and corrupt people are trying to misuse the provisions of RTI Act posing themselves as RTI activists and harassing and blackmailing dedicated and honest officers. This should be curbed by the concerned authorities. He explained in detail various provisions of the Act and their impact on public authorities. He appealed to the audience to use the provisions of this Act for needy persons and start undertaking social work.

Prof. M. Muqimuddin, the director of the college, said that in future also such type of activities will be organised by the college and he thanked Dr. Samdani for his brilliant and excellent lecture. The workshop was conducted by Syed Umair and Dr. Serajuddin welcomed the guests. Dr. Abida Ghaffar, the principal of Aligarh College of Education, proposed vote of thanks. Dr. M. S. Khan, Dr. Dharmendra Sharma, Dr. Chhabi, Naqvi, Sufiya Anjum, Pooja Gupta, Surendar Kumar, Wasim Ahmad, Mohammad Subhan, etc. participated, the release added.

[Pervez Bari is a senior Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is associated with as Bureau Chief (Madhya Pradesh). He can be contacted at]
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