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IMO EXCLUSIVE: Bangladesh Nobel Laureate Mohammad Yunus' nephew Syed Islam ditches Americans, becomes Fly-By-Night operator

[The Indian Muslim Observer is presenting a stunning revelation in the own words of an American woman Susie Mann, a Bridal Wears Designer, who says that Syed Islam, the Nephew of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh, had terminated his business after hiring many women and a designer to design and create a line of wedding gowns. According to Susie, he tried to sexually harass her on several occasions, gave bounced checks for her services, owes money to several workers in the U.S. and has now left for Bangladesh along with his wife Yasmine. Susie is clearly distressed and perturbed, and says this makes Americans view Bangladeshis as people having low status in life. She goes on to say that Muslims are represented by corrupt and dirty businessmen and that is how Christians and Jewish Americans will look at them. She says that pigs are cleaner than they are. After receiving three emails from Susie, I also got perturbed and promised her that I am going to publish all that she has to say regarding the misdeeds of the illustrious Nephew of Bangladeshi Nobel Peace Laureaute Dr, Mohammad Yunus, warn other people from falling into the trap of such crooks and allay misconception that all Muslims are definitely not like this atrocious, disgusting fellow. The Indian Muslim Observer is presenting all that Susie wants to reveal with slight editing for language clarity. -- Danish Ahmad Khan, Founder-Editor, IndianMuslimObserver.com]

By Susie Mann

Syed Islam, the Nephew of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Mohammad Yunus of Bangladesh, is now known as a liar and thief in New York City, where he recently terminated his business after hiring many women and a designer to design and create a line of wedding gowns. Syed Islam was incoherent of all American business laws, payment of taxes and Labor laws.

Syed Islam made me move to New York Area to work in New York City. I am a professional Designer who worked for other leading Bridal Manufacturers as well. I left my home and friends in Massachusetts, to work for Syed Islam at 240 West 37th st. My concept was to design wedding gowns for full figure women in Silks and French laces. This concept is brand new and was highly praised by American Stores. However, Syed Islam, then thought he did not need my services and of production manager and terminated me and my staff comprising 10 women, of which 5 of the women were Muslims.

Syed Isam after taking his decision to terminate our services, however, continued paying the male employees who worked for him. When it came to paying his female employees he wrote checks which bounced. I was made to sign a contract to work for Syed Islam is also due 60 days of salary upon termination. The total amount that Syed Islam owes me is a little under $25,000. For other female employees that Syed Islam owes runs into thousands of dollars.
Not only this, this crook Syed Islam, who cheated us and swallowed our money, also did not pay months of rent and was kicked out of this location. A person like Syed Islam is a high risk to be in any kind of business. Syed Islam's company "Yeasmine Bridals" with which I worked was name after his co-partner and wife Yeasmine. He named the Wedding gown company after her even though she hadn't a clue about wedding gowns. This was the second company. He had other companies as well called "OPERA" and "Persona".

Bangladesh Nobel Laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus
This man Syed Islam has become a well known crook among the bridal industry and is losing all credibility in all the American New York Business world as a "FLY BY NIGHT" operator. This is a great deterrent for the Muslim world in finances. By being corrupt and a thief, as well as, sexual harasser, a Muslim businessman will be known to bankers and to the American public as a company not to be trusted.

I have had my own business as a bridal apparel designer as well as an import business. This Syed just used us. I moved 200 miles at his insistence to have an office in New York city. His uncle started the Micro Credit Bank in Bangledash as well as won the Nobel peace prize. Hillary Clinton bought the Nobel Peace Prize for Dr. Yunus instead of their Beautiful Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina. This Syed is dishonest and cheats on his wife as well. Many times he hangs out in Hotel lobbies. He used to send me sexual harassment texts as well which I am still in possession of and can show whenever required as a proof. This is obscene and shows other Americans how crude and low life status the people from Bangeldash are.. No wonder it is a third world country... Pigs are cleaner than they are. And purer in heart than Muslims.. Muslims are represented by businessmen and if these businessmen are corrupt and dirty...then that is how Christian and Jewish Americans will look at you ALL. If I was a Muslim businessman, I would stone this Syed Islam and His wife Yeasmine ... Both are the same caste system...lower than swines.

Syed Islam lied and cheated the government in taxes and labor laws. He illegally wrote payroll checks , knowingly he was going to bounce them. I even have an email telling me that he is going to bounce my payroll checks. He used my staff of 10 women and me to make wedding gowns. After we finished the line of gowns, Syed Islam decided he didn't need us anymore. He had decided to make the gowns in Bangladesh or China. He owes me 5 weeks salary and my staff 2 weeks salaries. He paid the men but not us women. This is discrimination in THIS COUNTRY! and A felony to intentionally write bad checks. This Syed Islam is a snake and dirtier than a Swine's pen.

DO NOT TRUST HIM in any kind of business or with your daughters and wives. I have two texts of his sexual harassments. This is the second company Syed Islam has lied and cheated his employees. IN the UNITED STATES we have labor laws. And we have the IRS who will go after businessmen who do not pay their taxes. SYED ISLAM didn't take out ANY payroll taxes or unemployment taxes.

Syed Islam never intended on having a business. He just wanted to be a big shot Muslim businessman in New York City. His ego is bigger than his manhood. We will never trust another Muslim man or woman in this country. We dont' want your low life mentality and corruptions. I had moved here and spent thousands of dollars to do so, I invested in the business to keep it afloat while Syed Islam vacationed in Bangledash...trusting this Liar and dishonest man. He is not a businessman at all. Has no ideas about Modern business. Lied and said he had a business degree. If you ever meet this man, Syed Islam, do not shake his hand, because, if you are wearing a watch or ring, he would steal it from you.

Dear Sir, I find your interest in my heartache very inspiring. I agree that it doesn't matter what religion or nationality one is, corruption and dishonesty is unnecessary. I have many friends who are from India and in my heart, they are family to me.

My late husband and I were treated with great respect and kindness throughout India and Asia, so, I didn't think I should be leery of a person from Bangladesh. However, this was the first time that I did have any contact with a Muslim businessman. I have had conversations with Iranians and dated a Muslim man for a while in the 70s .

But never have I been involved with someone so corrupt and blinded to United States laws. That to think because you are from another country, you can ignore our laws. We have strict Labor laws. The first draft of our contract together, Syed Islam said I had to work 60 hours a week. I thought he was joking or he was just ignorant.

Syed insisted on the Wedding gowns be finished for deadlines for our Chicago and New York markets.

Because Syed Islam had no credit in this country, he used me to get a showroom. We hired a professional business consultant who has had 50 years in the bridal industry. This person was an older man but very much attuned to the bridal business. I have known and worked with him over the years from 1972. Right before the markets opened in Chicago and New York, Syed Islam who had said this man was too old, made it impossible for him to continue with Yeasmine Bridals. Instead of being his employer, he just made him quit. Showing me and others that this Syed Islam has no idea about being an executive businessman. While finishing up our line of wedding gowns, I was thrown into organizing the shows and models. I had 10 women who have never made couture wedding gowns sewing for me. (I learned couture when I was Product developer and assistant designer for Priscilla of Boston in Boston Massachusetts.) Before that, I had designed 15 years or more for Bridal Originals (in the 70s and 80s, became the largest Bridal manufacturer in the world). I have had my own bridal business as well, YST Originals.
My husband had 22 factories throughout Asia making jeans and jackets and I also produced wedding gowns in Taiwan and China. So, I am very experienced with off shore production and associating with many foreigner manufacturers and businessmen. While I was designing for Syed, I was renewing my contacts in China and Vietnam for production.

So, I took Syed Islam on face value as we say in the United States....meaning, I accepted him for what he showed me to my face as a decent businessman. I grew to really like this man. However, I didn't really get much time to know him too well because his work days consisted of coming in the late afternoons , maybe two times a week.

My Staff of women included 5-6 Muslim women who had zero experience in sewing professionally. They understood very little English but we all fell into a good professional relationship. I taught them as much as I could. It did cost money to train them but they worked hard and long hours. My other employees were Spanish, 2 Hindu, Buddist and Christian. They had very little experience in the Bridal manufacturing business and professional sewing. But, I worked hands on with them and long work hours and finally we created 13 wedding gowns for our first week of Bridal Market. Syed, then wrote us checks for our labor. He then informed us that he was going away for a couple of weeks and we would continue when he got back from Bangladesh. During this time, Syed Islam had taken on an investor who had invested $100,000.00. The man was from Bangladesh and a nice person. However, later on, I realized that Syed had deceived him as well. Out of no where, Syed accused me of spending $600,000 of his money. I had every receipt that I had spent and it came nowhere near that amount. I figured that Syed had told the investor that he had put into the company more than he actually did in order to have complete ownership and control of the business. He also told this man that I had stolen from him this money.

Another bad thing happened, Syed, not wanting to work more than a couple of hours a week, wanted a business manager to run his New York Office and all the many other businesses which he was planning on developing. He hired a woman with very little experience in wedding gowns. This woman saw how inept this Syed Islam was and cheated him out of thousands of dollars. She stated to me and others, that she had no intention of selling our gowns until she knew where she could have them made. I was not only hired as a designer but a production manager. I had two factories lined up for production in China and Vietnam. One of them one of the top manufacturers in the Far East. Not only wedding gowns but computers and one of the wealthiest companies in Taiwan. I knew that this woman would use overseas productions in getting commissions on top of her salary. I expressed these concerns to Syed. I also knew this woman had no credibility because I had her checked out. But Syed, ignored me now, because now, I was finished with the designing and he was going to use her and pay her a cheaper salary. This woman had never imported anything from anywhere, nor knew anything about wedding gowns.

But the whole corruption came when his accountant whom I suggest Syed to hire to keep track of his money and payroll.

He wrote us checks for our labor, knowing they didn't have the money in the US banks. Over the past months, he took out our taxes and unemployment and Social Security taxes. But, he never paid the Government those taxes. He kept it.

He does have a period of paying the government. However, he created fraud by writing bad checks of over $20,000.00. Syed and his accountant insisted that we do not go to unemployment. Syed even called some of the women and me that he was going to pay us. So, we put off from going to the police and the State Labor Department. When I did go to Unemployment, it was then that I discovered that he was cheating the US government.

As it stands, none of us have been paid. I do not know, if he is still in business with Persona, a business he started with a man while involved with Yeasmine Bridals. He also had another company called Opera who he claimed stole from him. But I now doubt it. He invests in money and thinking it will have overnight returns and when it doesn't , he pulls out, leaving the companies out to dry (American slang), and the designers and employers stranded. This man has no heart.

This Syed would call me or text me at all hours of the night. I would laugh it off but when he text me that he wanted to see me on the beach in a bikini. and another time, he text me while I was alone and working late that he had video cameras watching me because I am such a beautiful lady. He claimed he wanted to sit at home and watch me work. I told him that was creepy and not appropriate between employer and employee. These are considered sexual harassment in New York State. If I was 20 yrs younger, I would had quit, but I considered him as a very immature man. But it did bother me enough that I told my neighbors to watch out for strange men. I showed others the text as well as kept them for the police.

When Syed left for Bangladesh this summer, he left us with no money. He was gone over 6 weeks. I took out my savings to buy fabrics and laces. I paid for lunches and train fares for my some of my staff because they had no money to come to work out of my own money. I loved my staff, working so diligently into the late night hours. A couple of times, they would work until 1 am in the morning, not getting home until 3 am. We had faith in Syed.

I had every receipt which I paid out of my savings. I did not charge him for the train fares or the lunches. Syed wrote me a check for $4,000. He bounced the check. Now, because I used up my small savings, I have no more money. I must now leave the East Coast because I can no longer afford the rent but move in with my family. Because of my move, I will now have to break up with the love of my life. I have lost more than money!

I have lost respect for a man who claimed he was a religious Muslim. I have been cheated, used and betrayed. Not knowing that being A WHITE WOMAN and OLD would go against me. Now, I know why Bangladesh will always remain poor from it's dishonesty. There is no honor or self respect for themselves. And because of this lack and limitations, this keeps the populace in filthy poverty. Using their gutter- business practices on honest and ambitious American women, I will not allow it to spill over into our culture or work ethics.

Their Prime Minister, she should be ashamed, being that she is a highly loved and respected leader.

Dr. Mohammad Yunus should also be ashamed. His own Nephew, Syed Islam cheated poor, widows, and helpless women out of their hard earned money. This is unforgiveable!

I am not a "FLY BY NIGHT" as Syed Islam. I have designed and developed wedding gowns since 1972. Making millions of dollars for my employers. I always gave it my all.

So, this is my story. What is so very sad, I have a small dog whom I love very much. His name is Jasper and Jasper is really ill with heart disease. When he gets any sicker, I will have to kill him because I have no extra money for the hospital bills. This is what my savings which I gave to Syed was for. To keep Jasper alive for a year longer or more. I think this upsets me more than moving to a shack. I am a widow now, and must depend on myself for food and clothing and rent.

We all worked so hard and long hours for this Syed, and he spit on us! He thinks he has gotten away with all of this, but he hasn't. God will punish him. In reality, it wasn't that much money. He owes me $15,000 and $10,00 for breached of contract. He owns two ladies around $2,000 each. The sweet Muslims ladies probably no more than a couple of thousand dollars in all. It is the principal of cheating us not only for our work but for our sacrifices from spending holidays with our families. We loved this man and he showed us no mercy! Americans, we have a strong back bones! I will continue looking for investors for a Bridal business. But I want the Muslim world to understand this, we do not bend to you nor to any other religious culture. Not even to Christians or Jews, do we bend. We have laws and we will fight for these laws and freedom from oppression!

Dear Sir, I must admit, I got quite emotional in my letter to you. It is mostly because of the fears of my little dog getting sick and sicker and I wont be able to pay for his hospital bills. And I had moved from Massachusetts , costing me 3 thousand dollars. My best friend and I will now have to separate because I am moving away to Missouri.

I do not have a picture of Syed Islam. I have his address which he did live with his wife's family. He has moved everything out of the showroom.

The address is 41-25, 73 rd st., Apt D 30, Woodside, New York , NY. 11377. I think his Bangladesh number is 1-866-459-9173 785 831. His US cell phone number is 718-709-1127. I do not have a picture of him.

But you can see the entire wedding gown line on Facebook. Yeasmine Bridals. If not, He started a web site ..and you can see one of the featured gowns.

My concept was to design a line of couture wedding gowns for plus -sized women. ( Average prize started at $3,000. As well as a line for Mother of the Brides and Bridesmaids. I had actually did multiple business plans for him to consider and to have his lawyers and accountants to go over. I had a 3 year contract with him which he signed. Then all of a sudden , he wanted me to sign another, which I did, but later found out , this was a ruse. He never signed it, he admitted this to me. But my first Contract is signed by both of us. I think he was creating a business to get his citizenship and to bring over relatives. A man who worked in his office told me that he had multiple names that didn't work in the office on his payroll.This is also illegal. If you would like a copy of the bounced checks , I can fax them to you.

Than you for your concern.

Respectfully yours,

Susie Mann

[Emails received by Indian Muslim Observer from Susie Mann on March 24, 2013 at 2.06 AM and on April 2, 2013 at 2.41 AM & 11.13 PM. She can be contacted at Ssuiemann@aol.com]

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