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eMerchant Academy chairman Shakir Ali with “Awards for Excellence” in two categories for 2013

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Hyderabad: Mr. Shakir Ali, the Chairman of e-Merchant Academy and MD, eMerchant Digital Solutions has been facilitated with prestigious “Awards for Excellence” by Dr. GVG Krishnamurthy, former chief election commissioner.

The valedictory function was organized by a globally recognized voluntary organization “Friendship Forum of India” and the award function was a part of national level seminar on “Economic Growth and National Unity” held on 7th April 2013 at Indian International Center, C.D. Deshmukh Memorial Auditorium in New Delhi.

The function was attended by union ministers, state ministers, intellectuals, and industrialists from all over the country where selected prominent VIPs and entities were facilitated with Gold Medal and certificate of Excellence for their contribution in social, cultural, and economic domains on the national level.

Mr.Shakir Ali has been awarded certificate and gold medal for “BHARAT EXCELLENCE AWARD” and “RAJIV GANDHI ARCH FOR EXCELLENCE AWARD” for his special contribution in digital media marketing in Andhra Pradesh and achieving greater excellence in service industry that enhances Indian image in different ways. The drive of eMerchant Academy to train and equip small and medium scale industries for economic growth and business expansion has been recognized as an effort for national cause which is enriching digital India and taking it to the next level. The decision has been made by the selection committee of Friendship Forum of India after detailed and systematic analysis of all the nominations under given criteria. It truly comes as an exciting moment for Mr. Shakir Ali who feels greatly honored for his contributions in the industry and its recognition on a national platform.

This Award for Excellence aims at recognizing, promoting, and sharing professional, educational, industrial, and personal achievements of people of Indian origin and brings them to a common platform where they can exchange their views and move towards national and international friendship. The forum organizes conferences, seminars, and exhibitions and enjoys active involvement of Indian experts from diverse fields like economists, journalists, socialists, industrialists, scholars, engineering experts, member of parliaments, and retired judges as well. The awards are meant to inspire the next wave of national contributors and innovators who can add value to society and empower others to create a better future.

Coining Mr. Shakir Ali for the award bestows much deserved honor to him for bringing qualitative impact, new opportunities, engagement into continuous innovations, and a high degree of accountability in his work area. With a great history of awards and honors in different fields, finally Mr. Shakir has proved himself a man of stuff who is bringing a difference in digital world through his continuous innovative endeavors. Enriching digital marketing industry with an out-of-the-box approach and enabling corporate houses and SMEs run their own digital marketing campaigns, Mr. Shakir has added a new dimension to the IT service industry where quality of service runs ahead of profitability. This award is a true value for the struggle and hardship he has endured and the gradual achievements he has harvested over a long time.

On this touching moment, Mr. Shakir feels exhilarated as well as motivated to serve the industry and country with more such acts that really brings a difference at social and economic level. He really appreciates and expresses his gratitude towards the initiative of Friendship Forum of India in his words--“Being a part of this Seminar really evokes the Indian out of us and makes us mingle with each other to share ideas and inspirations and bring more creative and progressive changes in the field we are working.” Getting a laudable name and honor on such a high level is really a commendable achievement on part of Mr. Shakir Ali.

For more information visit www.emerchantdigital.com or call Jeevan at +91-9550980199/ 9849256286

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  1. It is Ni e to read About The award and thanks to indianmuslimobserver.com for carrying such news. Back In Mumbai - muallim - Muslim magazine in English on lifestyle has also published Achievers list, whcih Indianmuslimobserver is also running on thier website.

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