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Association of Muslim Professionals announces its 3rd Governing Council and Office Bearers

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Mumbai: Association of Muslim Professionals a pan-India social welfare organization recently announced the formation of its Governing Council and election of its new office bearers for the third term.

AMP is a registered Non-Profit Organization and has grown exponentially in various cities across India. It is registered under the societies act and has its members located not just within India but globally as well. The present term of two years of the current Governing Council came to an end on 31st of March 2013 and having grown at an exponential rate across the country it became imperative to formulate the Governing Council with a national representation.

AMP Governing Council is the highest executive body of AMP looking after all the Policy decisions of AMP. The new 15-member Governing Council with 2 Special invitees to GC has been formulated for a period of 2 years from April 2013 to March 2015. It has a composition of stalwart professionals from various walks of life who are very strong and influential with their network spread across the country. The new composition was formed also taking into consideration representation from various states across India as well. With its new strong GC team in place AMP now looks forward to focus on its expansion drive and take up its various projects even more aggressively and spreads its presence across every town and city in the country.

The new GC elected its new office bearers as well who are elected from among the GC members. The choice of GC was unanimous with Amir Idrisi being elected President of the organization for the third consecutive term and Syed Najeeb-Ur-Rahman (who is also the PR & communications Head of AMP) being elected its General Secretary.

Speaking on the occasion Aamir Idrisi said, “It is matter of great honour that the Governing Council has placed its firm faith on my abilities and approved of my leadership. More than a matter of pride it is a great responsibility on me. Having been elected for the third consecutive term has put even bigger responsibilities on my shoulders which I need to take care of and live up to the expectations of not just my organization but the entire community. With a team of such strong and influential people in the GC we hope that their rich experience and network across the country will help AMP to reach all over India and have strong presence everywhere.”

On his being elected as Gen. Secretary Syed Najeeb-Ur-Rahman said, “With every responsibility comes a great degree of accountability. These appointments are not just laurels but accountability to the faith the highest executive body of the organization has placed on us and it comes as a bigger responsibility to live up to their expectations and never belie the faith bestowed upon us. It is not just the organization or the community we are responsible towards, we are accountable to ourselves and our conscience as well. There are still lots to be done for the community. With such a wonderful team of professionals I am sure we can achieve our objectives and stand up to the expectations of not just the community and the society but the entire humanity.”

The President in consultation with GC will now decide about the other Key positions to be filled within the organisation which includes the administration, Finance, Projects etc.

The new resolute team of the Governing Council include various stalwarts from different professional fields. The list includes Aamir Idrisi, a Software Engineer turned Businessman and Social activist from Mumbai [President], Syed Najeeb-Ur-Rahman, Sales & Marketing Professional, Mumbai. [Gen. Secretary], Mohd Shahanshah Ansari, Sr. Software Engineer from Bangalore, Soheb Selia, Senior Manager - MIS & Analytics, Mumbai, Javed Mohammed Syed, Entrepreneur and Designs Professional, Mumbai, Ms Naaz Khair, Social Development Professional, Delhi, Dr. Shaesta Abdul Aziz Mehta, MD (Medicine) & DNB (Gastroenterology), Mumbai, Ms Shamina Shafique, Political, Educational and Social Activist, Lucknow, Abdul Rahim Ahmed, Civil Engineer and Project Technical Manager, Chennai, Ms Asira Tarannnum, Senior Correspondent, MIDDAY, Indore, Mohammed Fahad Alam, Telecom Engineer, Gorakhpur (UP), A.K. Mohammed Azad, Entrepreneur, CEO, REACH ICS and Managing Partner VEE Connect Systems, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, Syed Mubasshir Hasan, Project Manager, Hyderabad, Ms Arfa Khanum, TV Journalist, presently working as Senior Anchor with Rajyasabha TV, Delhi, Abrar Syed, Research and Development Professional, Pune. Special Invitees to Governing Council includes Ms Rubina Jawed, Advocate, Supreme Court, Delhi,  Aatif Naseem Ansari, Area Manager & Sales & Marketing Professional, Mumbai.

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