Published On:30 April 2013
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Aligarh Muslim University bans motorcycle for hostel residents from next academic session

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Aligarh: The Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah has taken a policy decision that motorcycles will not be permitted in University hostels from the next academic session.

Shah said that “motorcycle has become a major menace” as criminal elements were operating “motorcycle gangs” and using these vehicles to indulge in crime and then get away. He said that he was writing to all parents of boarders “not to permit their wards to bring motorcycles to the campus”. He said that the “motor bike culture” was exacerbating class-conflicts between the rich and the poor students at the campus.

In an open letter to all faculty members and students, the Vice Chancellor stated that if a student can afford a motorcycle, he can also afford to live outside the University campus as Non-resident student and he should vacate the hostel accommodation for his less wealthy brothers who cannot find a place in the Halls of residence. He clarified that this restriction will not apply to female students.

In another letter to the parents, Gen. Shah urged them not to permit their sons and wards to bring his motorcycle to the University during the next academic session. In case a male students brings a motorcycle or scooter to the University campus, he will be shifted to NRSC and will not be provided hostel accommodation.

Gen. Shah observed that the main stumbling block on our way forward was the presence of non-student criminals being given shelter by a small proportion of University students in the hostels. These criminals were armed, they supported illegal issue and intimidated other students who only wished to be left alone and pursue their studies.

The Vice Chancellor has decided to get all hostels fully vacated during the period from July 1-15, 2013 except medical interns’ hostels. He said that special arrangements will be made to safeguard students’ belongings and baggage which will be stored centrally by hall provosts. He made it clear that the Research Scholars will also have to vacate their rooms during this period. They should re-plan their research and academic activity accordingly, with their supervisors.
AMU Vice Chancellor said, “I intend to give more opportunity for interaction. Students who wish to meet me in the office will be dressed in Sherwani”. He said that he would be delighted if he sees students dressed in Sherwani on Fridays and during University functions. It will only enhance the prestige of the University. He also requested the female students to dress according to the customs and traditions of AMU.

Gen. Shah urged the faculty members and students to restore AMU’s past glory.

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