Published On:06 April 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Aga Khan - the fraudulent Imam and a lover of Dajaal

By Gulshan Aalani

I don't think there is a single Muslim who doesn't know what is in the Quran, and what is halaal (permissible) and haraam (forbidden).

Even though, Arabic is not their language, but they read in their own language and listen to the Khutba (Friday sermon) and the lectures by men and women and are fully aware, yet some prefer to follow the old pagan ways and commit shirk, may be due to their dire and difficult situations and trying to find the cure by any means. According to Islam and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), we are supposed to correct such in the best of manners, if they follow the advise it is good and if they don't then leave them alone.

Also, let us count our blessings that there are some willing to teach Quran reading, free or by fees charged. As a convert I would have given thousands to learn to read the Arabic Quran. As I (and all followers) paid millions to god Aga Khan for silly home made rituals with thousands to go to Paradise and forgiveness of sins and to have a baby boy etc. Moreover, forgiveness of Islam and the practices by the payment of cash that has commercialized the cult in the name of Islam, that would make one shiver.

Islam is not at all commercialized. In Islam there are no home-made religious rituals but all ordained by Allah and so none of the Muslims are wasting time in practicing them. In fact not practicing is kufar or hypocrisy if one is using the ID of Muslim.

Some are charging for Quran teaching due to their own financial problems, which is not haram. It is better to have an honest earning than to steal like Imam Aga Khan.

You are too quick to criticize others but are using the most hateful childish language of calling the Mullahs / teachers 'bigots.' Is this Islamic way?

Even the so-called educated Mike hateful of true Sunni Muslims and a lover of Dajaal Aga Khan the fraudulent Imam, using the hateful childish language calling "Saudi bigot Imam". He should know that because of such today we have the original Islam otherwise we all would be floating in the cults and pagan practices. You don't like Imam Kaukab because he stands up for the truth, which you are the denial of.

Your way of Islam is not Islam at all. It is merely hypocrisy.

However, the situation of Ahmadiya, 45 sects of Shia and all other sects, is very complex and difficult to declare them as non-Muslims or Muslims.

There is no doubt that they all have made a mistake by adding innovations in Islamic belief and rituals. If only they would believe the Prophet SAWS was the seal of Prophets as well as the seal of all the teachings.

Though, all above sects have in common with Sunnis and Islam: One Allah, Messenger Muhammad SAWS, the Al-Quran, 5 major Pillars of Islam and faith.

If they would have studied the original Islam given by the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and practiced by Caliph H. Ali (RA) and the Ahlayl Bayt, then they would not have made such major innovations, which is like going against Allah and Rasool SAWS.

Ironically, some of the early century Ahmadi claiming that Mirza Ghulam was a Prophet and the other official claim is that he was the Mahdi and Messiah.

Their confusion is quite laughable as they don't know the difference between the Mahdi and Messiah, they are both separate figures.

If they do not believe he was a Prophet and just the later belief of M.M. then I don't think the true Muslims would object much.

Thus, let us educate them and then leave them alone as they are not anti Islam, anti-Quran, or anti-Allah and so let them use the ID of Muslims. Except the Aga Khan and his followers cannot use the title of Islam or the ID of Muslim as they are anti-Islam, anti-Allah, and anti-Quran.
Following are the details of recent public program by Ahmadiya. Sadly as Ismailis we were never introduced such remarkable details, not even the name Allah or Quran. So those who hate Ahmadiya should think twice and know whom should they hate more or rather declare non-Muslim.

[Email received by Indian Muslim Observer on April 2, 2013 at 10.43 AM. Sent by Gulshan Aalani. He can be contacted at pardah52@hotmail.com]

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5 comments for "Aga Khan - the fraudulent Imam and a lover of Dajaal"

  1. Dear Gulshan,
    Who told you that some Allah came and gave all those stories to Mohammed? Mohammed himself! If you can believe rumblings of an epileptic men who had hallucinations & gave incoherent mix of Judaic & X'tian stories, then why not believe Ahemadiyas /Mirza

  2. Morphed photoshop pictures, no evidence, no quotes and no in-depth understanding of Islam's variety of followers do not make for credible stories or journalism, its a shame for this website too!

  3. This is irresponsible and goes to the credibility of your website. The picture is photoshoped and nobody from the editorial board bothered to fact check it.

    As Muslim, I am ashamed of individuals like Gulshan...

    Here is the original..


  4. Lol those images are photo shopped - any fool can see that. I'm no Ismaili but the only fraud being purported here is by this news article.

  5. Yeah this pic sure looks like an Imam doing his Imam Stuff!! Awesome.. what can I do to get his job!!

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