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“Muslims most Civilised, yet not Enough”: Interview with Dr Javed Jamil about his forthcoming book

By M. Assad

Dr Javed Jamil has a well earned reputation as one of the most innovative thinkers of modern times. He has already produced more than a dozen of hard-hitting books and hundreds of articles to prove how disastrous the New World Order has been for the mankind. These works have virtually led to the development of a new discipline of Islam dealing with the application of Islam in various fields, which he calls Applied Islamics. His latest book, “Muslims Most Civilised, yet not Enough” is now set to launch. When some chapters of this work had been serialized last year on several social forums, it had generated an intense and lively debate. Several commentators had described it as a revolutionary piece of work that would destroy the claims of the votaries of the modern civilization. It will also help Muslims in coming out of the inferiority complex in which they are being perpetually kept, both by friends and foes, and will also help them in overcoming their deficiencies. We talked to Dr Javed Jamil about his latest book.

Recently your roadmap about Indian Muslims attracted huge attention. Now you have come up with an entirely new kind of work. What made you write “Muslims Most Civilised, yet not Enough”?

I decided to write this book because a false and vicious propaganda about Muslims being uncivilised, violent and backwards is being purposely run throughout the world by certain forces, mainly in the Western world and India. I wanted to counter this propaganda and present the truth. The purposes of this study are:

1. To contest the claim of the Western propaganda of its being civilized and Muslims being uncivilised;
2. To highlight the issues that are largely buried under the carpet by the motivated interests despite their playing havoc with the peace and security of human beings as individuals, families and society;
3. To bring Muslims out of inferiority complex in which they are being perpetually pushed by both friends and foes;
4. To make them realise that they need not blindly follow the Western models; and that qualities like education, good health and comfortable life are not the monopoly of any ideology.

There are people who would say that Muslims have many weaknesses. Do you not agree with them?

As the title itself suggests, I have not merely portrayed the positives of Muslims; I have also discussed in detail about their shortcomings. The purposes of this book is also to make them realise that despite their many qualities and admirable achievements at various levels, there are still many shortcomings, some very big, which they have to understand and address; they have to find their solutions within the parameters of Islam.

The first question that immediately comes to mind is: what does civilisation mean. How have you defined it?

Civilisation carries different meanings for different people, ideologies and forces. But the definition, which is acceptable to the forces that rule at a particular time, usually gets the popular approval. If the forces are selfless, the civilisation assumes meanings that favour the mankind as a whole; if the forces are self seekers, it assumes meanings that cater to a minority of the mighty. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where the forces that dominate are not merely self seekers but are also mighty and ruthless. To them, civilisation means nothing more than a state of affairs that helps them sustain and expand their power. Their hegemony continues to be unabated because they have not been adequately challenged. The glamour of their “civilisation” has been too overpowering to allow its hidden dirt to unveil itself. Consequent on this, mankind continues to suffer.

To me, civilisation includes peace and prosperity, and it is a comprehensive state of affairs where individuals, families as well as society live in peaceful and comfortable conditions. If a country or society does not give security to the individuals and crimes abound, if it does not have a peaceful family system and if it does not safeguard its members against dangerous and life threatening practices, and it is recurrently engaged in destructive wars across the world, it cannot be called civilised.

Presumably, you have argued that Western world has no right to claim itself as civilised. Is it true? And considering the fact that they are most advanced in terms of power and technology, how can you say this?

West can certainly claim that it is the most developed part of the world in terms of scientific and technological advancement, quality of infrastructure within their countries and prosperity and power. Had these attainments resulted in any appreciable freedom from violence, within and abroad, righteousness among people with clear distinction between beneficial and harmful practices and attitudes, respect and loyalty to relationships, value of human life, particularly of the other people, and just and sympathetic behaviour towards smaller nations, West could definitely have also laid its claim to civilisation. But ah! Its economic, political and military power was not only achieved through genuine as well as wrongful ways, it has also misused them with colossal destruction of human lives and desecration peaceful family and personal peace. Within about 200 years, the “stars” of the horizon of Westernism have all degenerated into black holes – Democracy into Corporatocracy, Secularism into negation of religious conscience and morality, “freedom” into license to commit evils and “human rights” into defence of criminals and perverts. Despite its success in achieving prosperity and power, West has been responsible for

• most of the wars in last century and most of deaths in those wars, consuming more than 160 million lives;
• most invasions; including colonisations at a massive scale;
• most attacks on countries including attacks on civilians;
• the only nuclear attacks made on the surface of the earth;
• destruction of aborigines in big numbers;
• most deaths in Muslim countries including more than 1million in the last decade;
• deaths of at least 500 million foetuses in last 10 and about 1 billion in last 25 years;
• huge number of murders (about 20 million in last 10 years);
• rapes (one fourth to one half of women having experienced rapes or attempted rapes) within their countries;
• huge numbers of alcohol and gambling related deaths (more than 40 million in last 10 years);
• rising number of deaths related to AIDS; and
• several million suicides (highest in the world).

Western system has also led to behaviours leading to total disintegration of family system with

• up to 50 pc of abortion rates;
• up to 50 pc children born out of wedlock;
• at least 30 pc children living in single parent homes; and
• ever increasing number of gay couples.
Western system has also been responsible for
• huge increase in business related to sex, alcohol, gambling and organised violence; with huge destructive effects on health, family and society;
• maximum damage to environment, causing massive damage to health;
• maximum economic disparity within the countries and among the countries;
• monopolisation of world resources; and
• stockpiling of weapons of massive destruction.

Can anybody deny these facts? How can then West make even any claim to civilisation? How can you say that Muslim World is Most Civilised?

In absolute terms, civilisation is almost absent. But still Muslim World can be regarded as most civilised because:

1. Most of them are not known to have attacked any other country or invaded any land;
2. The level of violence in these countries has been extremely low with lowest rates of murders, rapes and abortions in the world;
3. They have not been threatening any nations;
4. Family system has been extraordinarily strong with problems like children born out of marriage nonexistent, relatively much lower divorce rates, very few children living in single parent families, low incidence of abortions and child abuse;
5. The common people are not indulging in vices like alcohol, gambling, which are creating markedly less social problems than in West; (if as alleged the elites do indulge in certain vices they do not let it affect the public; and the record of the rulers of these countries is certainly much better than Sarkozies, Clintons and Berlucossinis;)
6. Most of these countries are enjoying almost as good comforts of life as Western people;
7. Despite democracies not being there in many of them, people in general are happy. Life Expectancy at birth and literacy rates are almost comparable with the best and life expectancy at conception is far better than that in West.

Why should then these countries not be called the Most Civilised Nations of the World?

There has been a debate in India recently on a Kamal Hassan problem that deals with the issue of terrorism. 

Have you discussed the issue of international terrorism?

I have discussed terrorism as a part of the violence. Terrorism is not the only form of violence. Al-Qaeda’s terrorism has killed hardly around 5000 people. American war on terror has killed more than 2 million innocent Muslims. Why there is no discussion on America’s role? I condemn all forms of violence. That being the principle, if I have to condemn al-Qaeda 5000 times, I will have to condemn America 2 million times. Moreover, in Indian context, people must know that “Muslim” Terrorists have killed much less number of people than “Hindu” terrorists (Tamils) in Sri Lanka, and Naxalites, Sikhs and Ulfa activists in India and “Hindu” Maoists in Nepal.

What has been your methodology in arriving at these results?

I have collected statistics related to crimes, impact of social vices, criteria related to family peace, wars and civil wars, criteria related to health and economic prosperity. I have used international sources for these statistics. The results speak for themselves.

Which part of the Muslim World do you feel concerned about?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and Somalia are some of the Muslim countries that have huge problems. Muslims in India also need to develop in terms of socioeconomic empowerment.

What are the major deficiencies of the Muslim world?

They are not militarily powerful enough yet to face the West. They have been late in adopting technology and have to improve very fast. They have to unite among themselves and have to develop a cohesive foreign policy.

You have also spoken about India’s relationship with Muslim world?

Yes, I feel, a close cooperation to the point of strategic relationship between India and Muslim World is the need of the time. It will be mutually beneficial for both. Muslim world can have technology from India, and India can have money from Muslim world. Together, they can become a big economic and political power capability of thwarting the designs of the West. The only obstacle is the strained relationship between India and Pakistan. If they both can understand the importance of cordial relationship, things will improve very fast.

What impact do you foresee as the result of your work?

This work is an attempt to show to the world the reality that is being purposely kept hidden from the public view. This is necessary because hopes of any appreciable change cannot be realised unless the masses recognise the reality.

I hope the world will receive this work with the attention it deserves. The forces that have been exposed in the work will surely try their best to dismiss this effort. I can only request the right thinking people of all religions and nations to study the work with the care it demands, realise the dangers ahead and come up with an adequate response so that the whole mankind bathes in peace.

I strongly believe that religions should unite against “Economic Fundamentalism” and must form an alliance against commercialisation of human susceptibilities, Economic Disparity and hegemony of certain nations in the world. This is a challenge that Muslim minorities all over the world must accept. If they are able to do it on ideological and not on communal foundations, taking all the right minded people of all religions along them, we will surely see the emergence of a new world order: a world order that will bring peace and security along with prosperity.
Any message for humanity?

Let the civilisation be freed of the mischief that is rapidly devouring it! Let the pigeon fly without fear of being shot or captured!

[Dr Javed Jamil can be contacted at doctorforu123@yahoo.com]

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  1. Jamil wildly distorts the issues when comparing the civilisations: for instance, the statistics on rape in muslim countries are notoriously innacurate as is well known (many countries either don't have the statistical infrastructure, or, because they are brutal dictatorships whose right to rule is based on a moral claim to authority - hence they don't keep statistics deliberately) These articles are nothing but ridiculous self-deception and nonsense written by a man with no training in the fields that he is writing about trying to frame his arguments in the standard 'decadent west' Islamic rhetoric. Which is not to state that the west is perfect either - its not - but to say that 'muslims most civilised' is only sweeping the islamic world's problems under a mat.

  2. Well stated - It is not surprising that "These People " are 200 years behind the times if they subscribe to Dr Javed Jamil's driffel.

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