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Abdul Gaffor Qureshi develops world’s first hi-tech electronic salah time indicator

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Achievers – Innovator
Abdul Gaffor Qureshi
Founder & CEO – Abdullah’s Electronics Centre, Mumbai
Invention – World’s first hi-tech electronic salah time indicator

“When we use sophisticated machines in our houses, why not use the technology for Allah’s houses too?” This thought paved the way for the development of world’s first hi-tech electronic salah time indicator. In an exclusive chat with Muallim, 44 years old Abdul Gaffor Qureshi, Founder and CEO of Abdullah’s Electronics Centre, Mumbai discusses about his invention.

Give us your profile.

I started my schooling from Municipal school in Marathi medium till SSC. A diploma holder in Electronics Engineering and Advance Diploma in Computer Software and Programming,
I could not study further due to financial constraints. I gave up the idea of pursuing masters and thus took up a job.

I tried my best to excel in whatever task was assigned to me and soon was promoted to the highest possible position. I was reporting directly to the owner. After 10 years I excused myself from the post to start my own venture.

How Abdullah electronics and its products come into existence?

I used to watch that the caretakers of the mosque would manually change the salah time after every prayer, I used to wonder while we have used sophisticated machines in our houses, why not use the technology for Allah’s house too? However, at that point of time I never thought that I will be the founder of the manufacturing unit in future that produces automated salah time indicators, hi-tech equipment for the masjids and madrasas.

In 1997 I registered Abdullah’s Electronics to carry out my own business, but not the salah indicator but something else in the electronics field. Again finance was the issue, I could have easily taken a loan but I was determined that In Sha Allah I will start my firm which will be free from the evils of interest.

Thus finally in 2002, I myself ventured into manufacturing Salah indicator units for masjids and then for the Madrasas, Homes, offices and now have recently invented rakat counters for Masjids.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

I am of the belief that opportunities camouflage in challenges. I am of the habit that whenever
I come across a challenge I pray to Allah and try to overcome it to the best of my ability.
In College English language was a problem. With Allah’s help and sheer planning and determination became master of the English language. In the initial phase of the Abdullah’s Electronics, people rejected my products; I struggled for almost seven years, but never gave up. I used to run English coaching classes to support my dream project of developing a hi-tech machine for our mosques. A loss for continuous seven years and all against me and my decision never deterred me from giving up and finally my patience and perseverance paid up.
Alhamdulillah now the salah indicator of Abdullah electronics has market all over India and abroad.

Kindly brief us more about your English Classes?

Islam teaches to think positive and negativity should never crop in a believer’s mind. During my college days I worked hard to master the English language, so to generate finance for my venture I started coaching people in spoken English. My students were doctors, officers, engineers, lawyers, graduates, students, etc. I gave up teaching to focus completely on my dream. Even now I get calls from my students asking to start it all again.

When did you decide to keep a beard?

During my job tenure, I used to offer my salah in an office where my boss, the owner of the company was a Jain. He never objected because he was more than satisfied by my work.

Any negative experience you faced due to your sunnah or Muslim identity?

No in fact never ever faced such situation.

What are the product variants?

As of now we produce, salah time indicator for masjids and madrasas, Rakat counter for masjids and madrasa and Salah time indicator for homes and offices.

Future Plans?

I faced language problem and came up with a solution for many.

I dreamt of making a hi tech product and came up with automated salah counter.

I tried to get finance on pure shariah parameters but could not find any, Insha Allah, I don’t know when but I will surely work on it so that others may benefit from it.

(Courtesy: Muallim Magazine)

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