Published On:19 March 2013
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5-15% school-going children experience dyslexia, says Dr. Vivek Sharma during a lecture

Jaipur: A lecture on dyslexia was held at Hemlata Durlabhji Sabhagar, SDMH Campus on 12th March 2013. The programme was conducted by a Jaipur-based Umang, an NGO dealing on issues related with Disabled Children.

On this occasion Jaipur based consultant pediatrician Dr. Vivek Sharma said that 5-15% school going children experience specific learning disability called dyslexia. He said unlike other disabilities such as paralysis or blindness dyslexia is a hidden handicap. This disability creates a significant gap between the true potential and day to day performance of a child in school. The trauma of not doing well academically, often leads to emotional trauma, causing an aberration from normal behaviour outside school as well.

Dr. Sharma said the criteria most commonly used in assessment is the Disparity between a child's intelligence and their actual achievements. If a child speaks and listen normally, Yet they are unable to read and spell, then there may be more to check out.

Dr. Sharma emphasized that dyslexia is not brought about by poor parenting.

Individual parents have persisted in pointing out their children's school that something must be wrong when a child of apparently normal intelligence fail to learn, to read and write.

Dr. Sharma said children suffering from dyslexia will answer correctly orally but cannot do so in writing, they have got difficulties with directions and keeping organized.

Dr. Sharma asserted that early identification and intervention is much easier than remedial education and any medical treatment in late years. He said the problem is not lack of motivation or low intelligence. It is hidden disability that needs accommodation and special help in the classroom along with the focus on strengths. These children need caring and support, not humiliation and intimidation. They need accountability and reasonable expectations. They need positive affirmations, accurate assessments and respect for their learning style.

Dr. Sharma pointed out that some famous people who allegedly experience or experienced dyslexia and who did not let it stand in their way are Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise, Henry Ford etc.

Dr. Sharma added Dyslexic people are visual, multidimensional thinkers. They are intuitive and highly creative, and excel at hands on learning. Because they think in pictures, it is sometimes hard for them to understand letters, numbers, symbols and written words.

They can learn to read write and study efficiently when the methods used to gear to their unique learning style.

Dr. Vivek Sharma is a consultant pediatrician based in Jaipur. His news views and articles have been published in leading national and international daily newspapers. He has conducted more than 200 workshops on dyslexia in children throughout the country and few in abroad. They all have been conducted all free of charge and sometimes at his own expense.

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By Indian Muslim Observer on March 19, 2013. Filed under , , , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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