Published On:27 February 2013
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First Call Centre in India for Islamic Religious Queries set to open in Hyderabad

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The Hyderabad chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) is all set to reach out to the youth working in the IT and ITeS industry in order to ‘dispel preconceived notions of Islam’ by setting up a call centre which will answer queries pertaining to the faith.

The initiative called The Islamic Information Centre (TIIC) will operate from the bustling and uptown neighbourhood of Banjara Hills and will have a staff of at least 10 people.

According to JIH central advisory committee member Syed Sadatullah Hussaini, the city will be the first among other metros in the country to have suchasetupwhereamodernapproach of disseminating informationonIslamhasbeenadopted. “After conducting a study of the common questions asked by the educated people in metros, four important issues came up on which people seek clarity – Islam and terrorism, rights of women, the purdah system and education. We needed a modern approach with modern technology to reach out to people and clear the doubt as a growing number of people want to know more about Islam,” he noted.

The call operators which the JIH has employed are graduates and post-graduates who have also been trained in comparative religion and are fluent in English, Hindi and Telugu. Tariq Muneer, secretary of TIIC said,

“We are open to all kinds of questions. Scholars, students, professionals etc can call the toll free number round the clock. The call centres will be operational in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore soon.”

A library is also being set up at TIIC which will cater to requirements of research scholars in addition to a consultancy for Islamic banking. TIIC is expected to be operational from March 15, said Muneer.

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