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Electronic Version of Book on Allama Mashraqi Released in USA

“Allama Mashriqi is the great man of the present age. He has given India* a new outlook and a new way of life." ─ The Radiance (Aligarh), February 06, 1943

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Scholar & Historian Nasim Yousaf’s book, “Government of British India on Allama Mashraqi and Khaksar Tehreek (Movement): A Select Chronology” has been released in electronic format by a USA based publisher, AMZ Publications (New York). The print format of the said book was published in 2010. The new e-book / digital version can be downloaded (on Kindle, computer, or other reading devices) in many countries, such as Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK, and USA. This will allow researchers and historians on South Asia based around the world to gain easier access to this important publication.

This extensive work is a great contribution toward literature on topics surrounding the independence movement and the emergence of two sovereign states — Pakistan and India — in 1947. This book presents a timeline (focusing on the 1930s and 1940s) of the Government of British India’s materials as well as historically important events and news relevant to Mashraqi and his Khaksar Tehreek. It contains descriptive information on the secret and private correspondence of the Secretary of State for India, Viceroy of India, Provincial Governors, and other high officials. It also includes descriptions of classified and confidential documents and intelligence and Provincial Governors’ fortnightly reports. The book is among the most comprehensive chronologies ever created on the subject and is a vital resource for faculty members, researchers, students, film/documentary makers, and general interest readers to learn about Mashraqi, his ardent fight against the British Raj, and his pivotal role in bringing freedom to British India.

The said book is complementary to the other chronologies already published by Mr. Yousaf and should be used in conjunction with those works: (1) “Pakistan’s Freedom & Allama Mashriqi: Statements, Letters, Chronology of Khaksar Tehrik (Movement), Period: Mashriqi’s Birth to 1947” (2) “Pakistan’s Birth & Allama Mashraqi: Chronology & Statements, Period: 1947 – 1963.” For additional information and updates on the legendary Mashriqi, visit the website (http://www.allamamashraqi.com) or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/allamamashraqi) dedicated to him.

The author, Mr. Nasim Yousaf, has been in research since 1996 and is a well-known scholar and historian. His works can be found in top research and academic libraries around the globe. Thus far, he has written ten books, out of which six are related to Allama Mashraqi and his Khaksar Movement and Dr. Akhter Hameed Khan (world-famous social scientist and pioneer of micro-credit). Indeed, Mr. Yousaf’s works have created an impact on the history of the Indian-sub-continent and there is a sense of realization among writers and intellectuals that the history of the Indian sub-continent is distorted.

In Pakistan, programs have been held on various television channels in the recent past regarding the falsehood and fabrication of history. It is now being realized that a balanced account of the history of the Indian sub-continent needs to be written, and this cannot be done without presenting the point of view of leaders like Allama Mashriqi, who vehemently opposed the partition of India.

Additionally, it is a matter of interest to academics and mainstream public (interested in the history of South Asia) that Scholar Yousaf is working towards publishing additional works. Among his forthcoming books and articles (all titles are tentative) are: “Mahatma Gandhi and My Grandfather, Allama Mashriqi” and “Men Like Allama Mashriqi Are Born Once In Centuries.” He is also working on number of research based articles such as “Allama Mashriqi at the Famous Caliphate Conference in Cairo -1926,” “Air Commodore Mohammad Zafar Masud,” and “Allama Mashriqi: A Founder of Islamia College, Peshawar, Pakistan.” Information on the author’s published works is available on the internet, including on YouTube and his page on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/nasimyousaf.26).

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