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Women inherently dominated by men due to caste system in India, says Sharad Yadav

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New Delhi: Sharad Yadav, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and President of Janata Dal (United), has lambasted at the prevailing caste systems in India and said that women in our country inherently have been dominated by men since centuries only because of this. Mr. Yadav recently addressed mediapersons at the party office at 7, Jantar Mantar Road, here on January 7, in the aftermath of gang-rape in the capital and thereafter demonstration all over the country.

In a press release received by Indian Muslim Observer, Mr. Yadav said that a new debate has started regarding change in rule of law for crimes like gang-rapes in the country. While condemning the despicable act, Mr. Yadav said that the real and main issue of the dominance of males over women due to the prevailing caste systems since centuries is missing in the debates currently going on in the media through TV channels, articles in newspapers etc.

"What happened to Draupadi in Mahabharta who had five husbands? Gender disparity manifests itself in various forms, the most obvious being the trend of continuously declining female ratio in the population in the last few decades. Social stereotyping and violence at the domestic and societal levels are some of the other manifestations. Discrimination against girl children, adolescent girls and women persists in parts of the country. We all come in the system which is in existence in our country whether it is Executive, Judiciary or Legislatures and media also. Lingayat in Karnataka is an example in our country in so far as caste system is concerned. Lingayatism, also known as Veerashaivism, is a distinct Shaivite tradition in India, established in the 12th century by the philosopher and social reformer Basavanna. It makes several departures from mainstream Hinduism and propounds monotheism through worship centered on Lord Shiva in the form of linga or Ishtalinga. It also rejects the authority of the Vedas and the caste system. The adherents of this faith are known as Lingayats," Sharad Yadav said.

Mr. Yadav further said, "Our great spiritual leaders including political leaders like Shri Guru Nanak Dev, Daya Nand Swami, Shri Jai Prakash Narain and Ram Manohar Lohia had debated on the issue of women slavery and their status and rights in the society. We the politicians have been fighting against caste system. Because of caste system and disparity, the women in the society are slave since several decades and for giving dignified status to women in the society, the Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-78) onwards has been a marked shift in the approach to women’s issues from welfare to development."

Mr. Yadav expressed his desire to appear before Justice Verma Commission which has been constituted for change in the rule of law for such crimes in the country. He said, "I would present my views in which the stress would be the disparity for women in the society is due to our caste system in the country. We will have to first understand as to who is more involved in such crimes, and whether our system is faulty and whether change in law is acceptable to the society in general. In my opinion, this issue is required to be debated in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies where representatives from all sections of society are available to offer their views and traditions prevalent in different parts of our country. In the last, I would urge that the debate should be initiated and structured in such a way which incorporates the views and ideas that were debated on caste system by our great leaders since several decades due to which disparity has been widened. The main crux of the problem is caste system which has been missing in our debates which are going on in the country."

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