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The Infinite Light Contest 2012-13 on life of Prophet Muhammad to be held

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Indian Muslims have chosen the positive action against the provocations and insults to Islam and its Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) by organizing a contest to awaken youth about Prophet’s life.

The protests across the Middle East were sparked by a once-obscure, amateurish movie called "Innocence of Muslims," which ridicules the Prophet Muhammad. A 14-minute "trailer" for the movie, dubbed into Arabic, was posted on YouTube.

Largely violent protests has swept 20 countries and US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three other embassy employees were killed after a barrage of small arms, rocket-propelled grenades and mortar fire tore into the consulate buildings in Benghazi on Tuesday, setting the buildings alight.

Prominent Muslim organizations in India, like Darul Uloom Deoband, Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Muslim Education Social and Cultural Organization and eminent Islamic scholars like Shaikh Salim Qasmi, Syed Rabey Hasan Nadwi, Sajjad Numani, Syed Hayderali Shihab Thangal and Maulana Hamidullah Lone have called upon all Muslims to act positively and get lessons from Holy Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) life. They formed committee to organize an all India contest on the life of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) from the book “The Infinite Light” a Prophetic Biography book which is originally in Turkish, written by Turkish Islamic Scholar Muhammed Fethullah Gulen and translated in to dozen of languages including English, Urdu and Hindi.

Now, approximately 110,000 people, mostly students in India, are preparing to enter a contest in which they will be asked questions about “The Infinite Light”. The Infinite Light Contest 2012-13 examinations will be held in two stages in all over India: In the first stage, high school and university students will answer questions on “The Infinite Light” on Jan. 15. They will move on to a final round of questions on Feb. 9 which will be held in selected state capitals.

Owner of the Adam Books Publishing Company, Sajit Ali, whose company printed 110,000 copies of “The Infinite Light” in just two months, said he is very proud to participate in such a project.

Ali said there are many books about the life of the Prophet Muhammad in India and that he had expected “The Infinite Light” to sell between 5,000 and 10,000 copies initially, but added that the entire first printing of 110,000 books has already been sold out due thanks to the promotion of the contest and the interest shown by young people. He added having printed more of the books, they continue to sell on a daily basis.

Dr. Fakruddin Muhammed, spokesperson of the organizing committee of the contest, said that “It is necessary for today’s youth to learn Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) character and mission to gain necessary moral values which will lead them to the straight path and success here and here after”. The committee unanimously selected “The Infinite Light” because they considered it a book that would explain the life of the Prophet to young people in the easiest way and also engender a love for the Prophet Dr. Fakruddin added.

Darul Uloom Deoband Rector Shaykh Maulana Mohammad Salim Qasmi, said he very much appreciates the contest which aims to promote Prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) life and His character among youth, and also aims to introduce His life to younger generations. Qasmi's deputy, Maulana Sufyan Qasmi, said he and a delegation examined English, Urdu and Hindi versions of “The Infinite Light” and were very impressed with the book. Sufyan Qasmi also told that the number of the books sold till today shows the interest and love of the younger generation towards Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).

The questions for the contest have been prepared in English, Hindi and Urdu by a team of people including academics from leading universities of India, theologians and Islamic Scholars.

The winners of the contest will be presented with awards during the Week of the Holy Birth, which marks the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

About the Infinite Light Contest

The Infinite Light Contest is organized by seven important opinion makers, intellectuals and institution leaders of Indian Muslim Community. The organizing advisory committee:

Syed Maulana Mohammad Salim Qasmi (Darul Uloom Deoband Waqf)
Maulana Mohammad Sufyan Qasmi (Darul Uloom Deoband Waqf)
Syed Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadvi (Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama)
Sayyid Hyderali Shihab Thangal (Panakkad, Kerala)
Khalilur Rahman Sajjad Nomani Nadwi Naqshbandi (Mumbai)
Moulana Hamidullah Lone (Kashmir)
Dr. Iftikharuddin Mohammad (MESCO, Hyderabad)

The first elimination of the exam will start by 15th January 2013 and those who have been successful in this exam will go for the final round which will be held on 9th February 2013. A distinguished group of examiners has already started preparing questions from The Infinite Light Book in English, Urdu and Hindi which will be directed to the participants in a multiple choice paper.

The Infinite Light Contest is first of its kind in India by an independent and collective initiation and the large number of the participants who has studied a single book in three different languages.

About the Book and Author

The Infinite Light Book is originally written in Turkish as “Sonsuz Nur” means Infinite Light as a Prophetic Biography on the character, daily life and time of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) by Turkish Islamic scholar Muhammed Fethullah Gulen who has been named as World’s top intellectual by an international poll conducted by Foreign Policy Magazine of US.

Fethullah Gulen, the popular Turkish author, educational activist, opinion leader, and preacher emeritus whose commitment to tolerance and altruism has inspired millions to work for peace in Turkey and abroad. He has been worldwide known with his statement in NY Times newspaper after the 9/11 attacks in US as he pointed out that ”A Muslim cannot be a terrorist and a terrorist cannot be a Muslim”. Gulen lamented that there are people who commit violence and suicide bombings, emphasizing that they don't know Islam well. He said suicide bombings are actions tantamount to barbarism and are not related to Islam.

Contest website: http://www.infinitelight.co.in/
Book website: http://www.infinitelight.org/
Author website: http://www.en.fgulen.com/

For details, kindly contact:

Bilal Acikgoz
Mobile # +91 9167132275

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