Published On:21 January 2013
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Sharia Law - the only deterrent to stop dastardly crimes and rapes in India

By Shaik Abdul Sattar

As India emerges from yet another futile year covered in shame, it continues to aspire to build a secure and crime free foundations for the people one day. Incidents such as the Delhi rape case and the sexual assault on the two year old girl are still haunting fresh on the minds of the people. Unhealed and unraveled, they have left a deep scar on the face of India. The bus which spread ignominy whilst moving on the roads of the capital, has kindled a kind of fire in every thinking Indian’s heart, which cannot be easily stopped until justice prevails in the society.

The preponderant outrage which is being witnessed in the entire subcontinent is a clear indication of a dramatic change in the perception of the people. The masses have come to the notion that rigorous laws are the only deterrent to stop crimes in India. Especially rapes, which nowadays has entangled India like an epidemic. And unless a strong immunity to counter attack its deadly widespread is not engaged, many a life’s of our mothers and daughters are in serious vulnerability. Overwhelmingly, the only solution which is by enlarge visible and appealing to the masses, in trying to impede this atrocity is the adoption of a leaf out of the Sharia law.

The Sharia law has predominantly been proven to be as great deterrent to sexual assaults, rapes, drug abuses, child molestations and providing ample security to women in majority of the Islamic world. The law has been abstracted from the Quran which is the essence of the sharia law and absolute manifesto during the time of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The Sharia looks into all endeavors of the crime and orders a stringent sentence based on the seriousness of the crime committed. A death penalty is usually the central aspect for one who commits rape or fornication if proven guilty.

According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) report, counties like Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, which are considered to be strictly Sharia based and in some ways to the democratic world to be autocratic in nature, apparently happen to be among the safest countries for women to live in, where the combined rape cases of these five countries between 2003 to 2010 are 910 opposed to a staggering 141,713 in India alone,. A recent face book discussion regarding the security of women in Saudi Arabia led to an astounding reality to know that majority of the non-Muslim expatriate women feel much safer living under the umbrella of the Sharia law than living under the law of their own countries.

It’s so quite intriguing for a world to know that countries which have always been criticized of being oppressive towards women can provide security like no other country of the world has done. America and Britain apparently are the top ten worst rape afflicted countries of the world. India, which has traditionally been a land to different cultures, customs and religions, where people have always lived together acknowledging each other’s faith and values; sharing the positive aspects of every religion can be inspired by the Islamic Sharia law.

The whole nation today is mourning for a system and law which can strongly punish these sexual predators who are causing this atrocity on women and bringing shame to the nation. The law, on the other hand is vehemently impotent, in neither stopping the influx of rape crimes taking place in our society nor resolving the pending cases, which are rotting in the courts since decades. Take for instance the case of the girl from Hyderabad Sonal who was sexually assaulted by her relatives when she was 8 yrs old, and now at 16 she is still battling it out for justice. And it’s so pathetic that in the last 8 years, there has been no justice which has been done to her.

Abreast to the episode which has shaken India there are innumerable diabolical incidents mushrooming up of late. Recently a girl as young as two years was raped and murdered, and a 6 year old girl was lured by a chocolate to carry out a rape on New Years Eve, reveals the darker side of India. Where, pedophilic misogamists are haunting in our society ready to pounce on every opportunity. A strong feeling of dismal parody subjects the mind with the world looking alike a jungle and humans as animals strangled in the ever so archaic law of the Jungle, “Only the strongest survive”. How can a country which is not leaving any stone unturned in adapting to new accomplishments and wanting to stand tall in the global foray of latest technological advancements be confined to crippling laws? It’s high time that we need to think of a serious reformation in the laws, and events like these are apt platforms to bring in new revolutions.

Many people who want to impose tighter laws like Sharia in India have to remember one thing that the objective of the Sharia is not just confined to putting people to death when they commit rape or sexual assault. But the punishment is actually a lesson for others who pacify their lusts by unlawful means. As Sharia does punish the culprits as to him being an ordinary man, military personnel, a minister’s son or an actor without any preconceived prejudice or animosity against anyone; it also does nullify the catalysts of crime to the very grassroots irrespective of the gender.

Women living under the Sharia rule should actually dress modestly in public and should not become the medium to instigate a crime. Much of the countries which have implemented Sharia have a code of dressing in public, have legally banned drugs, prostitution, pornography though all means by magazines, DVDs or by internet. To a certain extent one can argue that our very own film industry is also a major accomplice in hypnotizing the minds with sexual thoughts and lacking moral responsibility. Most of the movies which are being made today can easily be labeled as 15+, where erotic rape scenes and the exploiting of a women’s body is used to the best possible effect, and constantly being shoved down on the screens in theatres and home. Although, the film Industry is filling their pockets; but on the other hand they are polluting the minds of the masses and specially the younger generation.

So, Sharia is a mechanism, where its innate nature is to stop the crime in the budding stages itself rather than answering to the consequences later on. It acts as a deterrent by addressing to the very crux of the problem. It would be too early to comment if the government can impose a law like sharia fully fludged, but strict laws can be a good start for something good and specially when the whole nation is craving for one.

There are some decisions that are to be made by political correctness and there are some which are made on instincts, and India today is on the verge of falling down and we don’t have enough time to fiddle about. Every single second lost in trying to impose a rule; a mother, a daughter is being put to death. And the stains of blood will be on the faces of the people in power.

[Shaik Abdul Sattar is an Engineer by profession. He can be contacted at sas_beck@hotmail.co.uk]

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1 comments for "Sharia Law - the only deterrent to stop dastardly crimes and rapes in India"

  1. Dear Brother Sattar,
    Many compliments for writing a nice article, presenting a case for imposition of Shariat in India. At least for those who believe that Shariat is tyrannical; the data that you have presented must be an eye-opener. Probably it is better to stone a thousand (910) men to death for committing rapes, rather than to allow this dastardly act to happen to nearly 1.5 lakh sisters. But to impose this kind of punishment we need a ‘just islamic system’ based on the fear of Almighty God, and not the kind of present judicial system. You have made a nice attempt in spreading right kind
    of awareness amongst the majority community about Islamic Jurisprudence. Further, you have balanced the article by creating awareness about the proper dress code, pornography etc., for nipping the crime in its bud. Jaza-kal-lah

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